Just have a few questions to ask about Dwarf Monks


Hello. Got some questions I'd like answered concerning the race and class combination of Dwarf & Monk

First question: How well do they hold up as a build.

Second question: would regular Monk or a unchained Monk work Better?o

Third question. What are they good At / what pzrty role do they fill well ?

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1) Fairly well for most monks. Dwarf gains a bonus to Wis and a penalty to Cha (good for traditional monks, not good for scaled fist monks). The monk class ability Fast Movement helps counteract the dwarf Slow and Steady racial trait.

2) It will mostly depend on if you want a particular archetype (or combination of archetypes). The unchained monk will have a higher BAB, but worse Will saves.

3) Unarmed combatant (although some archetypes/styles may also be good with selected weapons) and mobile anti-caster (grappling, etc.) are "typical" roles for monks. There are quite a few ways to create monks (including zen archer for ranged combat), so it's hard to get more specific.

@ Dragonchess Player

If I wanted them to Be a quarter staff user how useful would Master of many styles to add Ascetic Style & Stick-Fighting Style Together

I'm picturing him, Stunning his foes and Tripping them with a Quater staff.

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