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lisamarlene wrote:

This morning I got on the trendy asshat bandwagon and made myself one of those "golden milk" lattes with ginger and turmeric.

It was a horrible thing to do to an innocent cup of coffee, and I feel so ashamed.
Don't judge me.

But I was going to use explosives! And cartoon caricatures!!

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Terrinam wrote:
Just a Mort wrote:
I didn't answer to Terrinam's question because I wasn't sure if he was a political thread poster who would post political stuff and get this thread locked. Some people were talking overnight about some people who posted political stuff on obama.
I assumed this was a pure social topic. As in, don't post politics period. I've been looking for one I would feel comfortable talking in.

Go nuts! We're not here to judge you.

Gets out fictitious scorecard, pulls out an imaginary pen, puts on "invisible" reading glasses, and adjusts an all too real (and incredibly expensive) powdered wig that was purchased on EBay.

Ha! Top of the page makes you Captain Yesterday. :-)

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It's four points for adults, after all they should know better.

It's two points for college students because binge drinking kind of takes the sport out of it. Except if they're running to class, if course.

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Just wait until he tries building a wall...

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Now I'm ready to judge.

Tacticslion, the feathers cover nothing when you wear them over your shoulders.

stamps forehead with red stamp that says "judged"

Wait... should I have stamped his forehead...