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I know 'necro' threads is usually frowned upon, but I wanted to get a clear bead on this and this was the only thread that had the topic in question.

Enhanced Cures says it only works on Cure spells, meaning that, RAW, it doesn't work if you're using an Inflict spell to cure an Undead.

However, Safe Curing does say "if it cures the target of hit point damage", and thus would work on an Inflict spell curing Undead.

This seems to conflict a bit, since it seems like for any effect the Oracle is using for healing, it should apply whether it's Cure on living or Inflict on undead.

How safe would it be to ask the DM to let Enhanced Cures be on any spell that heals the target of HP? But not Combat Healer, since that allows you to cast Cure as an Undead-Damager as a swift.

My group's running a One Piece inspired pirates game, and we're not likely to use this since our group builds mostly 3rd party weirdness, but I do think having swashbuckler archetypes for certain classes that seem to fit different styles of swashbuckler would be cool. For instance, a nice Magus archetype.

Dotting to watch in the future, this is a cool thread.

Lord Foul II wrote:
Perhapse detect magic first

Yea, except then you have to concentrate and it's dumb.

Those Goggles should have some Arcane Sight on them. >.>

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We should collaborate with decent Minecraft mod-makers and MAKE a MineCraft Pathfinder servermod. Actually lets you set up certain things, lets the DM actually have access to moving all the monsters, etcetera.

The PDF is so very down.

The group I run with over Skype is always 5-6 members, this will be useful for all of us.

You could give the familiar clockwork fluff, then when he actually takes the improved familiar feat in the future, he can, you know, benefit from it.

The Slime guy seems cool. I'm dotting this.

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Da'ath wrote:

I tend to agree with Vamptastic. I'm not for "nerfing spellcasters," but I'm also not for rule changes that make their already spiffy life any easier. My opinion, obviously.=)

They're already much more resilient and vastly more sustainable in Pathfinder than previous editions. Lack of resilience and sustainability were previously used as balancing factors for their "phenomenal cosmic power".


Itty bitty living capacity.

149. The Potion Commotion, a book talking about the societal and economical outburst of potions into the world.


This looks like a good idea! I'mma dot this.

The Boz wrote:

Wizard/Magus/Rogue is a 3/3/3 level character, in a party of 5th level characters, with the health of a 9th level character?

It doesn't seem like you thought this through very well.

Now, if you were to incorporate some of those gestalt rules to say, like, 'You get the best outta five for each thing', that might help balance.

Extra unnecessary block about Gestalt:
Essentially that's how Gestalt works, you have x levels on one side, x levels on the other, and you get the best from either side instead of it stacking, though you do end up getting all the extra benefits of both sides.

I always suggest making either more monsters or making your current monsters take a lot more damage.

Alternatively, if you're really sore about having so many characters in a single fight but don't want to fudge any stats around, try knocking a few out. Maybe your BBG has a sense of honor, and he wants to fight your party's meleeist alone, in a duel. Maybe in the night two of the party got captured. Maybe a wall's sprung up pitting half your party against one monster and the other half against another.

The idea of multiple turns to the party's 1 isn't necessarily a BAD one, it's just one you have to implement with flavors attached.

I'm not sure how well-balanced it would be, unless you were to perhaps incorporate some extra rules.

If all else fails, you can always try running a gestalt game.

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I would absolutely love to play a Chaotic Good paladin of Cayden Cailean, hot dang.

There's that whole LA thing, I know I had someone in one of my groups play a succubus with those rules. Though I don't think racial hit die contribute to character level. The level adjustment accounts for that.


I think it'd be nice to be able to randomly generate monsters based on role in battle.

Having the formatted links would be right nice, but this seems wonderful!

Just from the initial paragraph of description this sounds like THE GREATEST THING EVER.

Besides, the penalty to their perception from not bloody LOOKING at you is a big bonus.

Alternatively you could have your goons just not have points in perception.

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120. The Incredible Edible Book!

Have you ever been stuck in a library overnight? How about for over months? Well this book's for you! With regenerating, blank pages, you can simply tear out the pages of this book and eat them! Easily survive for extended periods of time in a library!
... If someone hasn't already checked it out.

The Boz wrote:
Never read it. Is it really that similar?

In spirit only, the mechanics are QUITE different. You should give it a look though!

This reminds me of the Quintessential Chaos Mage but with less combining spell effects and more whoops other things happened.

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#315: A little girl wants to play! Yep. Just a little girl. Totally not secretly a demideity with a 5-year-old's maturity that plans on shrinking the party down to really freakin' tiny and toying terribly with them sending rats and bunnies at them or whatever a demideity little girl's creativity plans to be doing. Yep. Just a little girl.

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52. A collection of magickal tomes, each in a different language. Perfect for the adventurer who's good at pattern recognition but terrible at memorization and needing to speak in a language they're not all familiar with. Opening the page with the desire to find certain words will immediately bring up all the vocabulary pertinent to the situation. All you have to do is put those words together!

(Totally not inspired by my hatred of French class and the amount of failure on my final I just took because I hadn't memorized the effing vocabulary. I'm so good at grammar, just, ugh. x.x)

Haggling could also take place out of character, especially for those in the practice of crafting their own goods. The SRD page for Magic Items, in the pricing section, does state that, in estimating magic item prices, judgement calls should be made.

Example Given:
Fill the Sails is a level 4 spell, and given the pricing estimate guide, a 3/day, use-activated Fill the Sails mast on a ship costs about 76800gp. Now, if your campaign isn't specifically a high-seas campaign, but there ARE occasional sea-travel sections, this price might be slightly ridiculous. However, if you're running, say, a pirates game, where you're on the oceans 90% of the time, this is likely a good price.

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43. Theoretics on Evocation, Conjuration, and the Elements Therein, a study upon the arcane and divine magicks and the differences therein. A theory is provided: If an arcane caster can survive a month-long excursion to the Positive Energy Plane, enough study upon the subject, given all the current information available, may be enough to discover a means of simple arcane conjuration of positive energy. Of course, nobody has ever survived in the Positive Energy Plane for that long.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Joy X Baker wrote:

You should take a look at the pathfinder SRD and look at Magus, then compare to Manablade. They're similar ideologically, though very different mechanically.

Also, your format could use a LOT of work (perhaps post a googledoc) and... Chaos Dunk? For seriously? I do hope you might have less absolutely silly names in the future.

I think this is interesting, and deserves closer inspection by more expert individuals.

@Joy X Baker - the OP provided a link to a prettier format on another site...

Really? Peculiar! I must have missed it on my phone's small screen.

I'm just gonna pop in and declare my interest in this thread. Though my personal desires involve seeing more done, perhaps, with the Magus.

I suppose it depends on the style of fighting used, be it standard, realistic martial arts, or anime rapidstab. Its a viable house rule, though.

You should take a look at the pathfinder SRD and look at Magus, then compare to Manablade. They're similar ideologically, though very different mechanically.

Also, your format could use a LOT of work (perhaps post a googledoc) and... Chaos Dunk? For seriously? I do hope you might have less absolutely silly names in the future.

I think this is interesting, and deserves closer inspection by more expert individuals.

Butcher's Bladebasher, a double-weapon of a cleaver and a tenderizer hammer, growing in power based on the wielder's cooking skill.

The Tome of the Storyteller, a magic book allowing a character skilled in the art of oratory performances to create wondrous effects both beneficial and baneful, with mastery of storytelling allowing the wielder to control the battlefield to her whim.

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12. A multivolume series of books written by a collaboration of wizards and magi describing in detail rituals necessary to inscribe runes into armors and weapons and to empower those runes with legendary magicks. However, to prevent just anyone anyone unworthy from wielding the powers these runes provide, the actual sigils are absent from the books. In order to perform the rituals, one must discover the rune patterns themselves. The locations of these runes have been lost to time, but if one is always vigilant in their search, they may find these symbols appear in unexpected places.

Lacking the deep familiarity with the rules to help provide critique or feedback, I'm dotting this anyway because I think this would be important.

I personally think that Charisma should be repurposed, or split up a bit. Currently, it represents an ability to manipulate people socially, *and* your appearance. Perhaps I look really freaking cool, and I know how to pose to look cool, but when it comes to actually talking to people I look like an absolute dork. Maybe my presence is intimidating but I'm incapable of utilizing that diplomatically. Maybe your ability to talk to people shouldn't f*&$ing fuel your retarded ass magic. Maybe I'm angry.

Time to hide this thread, methinks.

A spell-storing sword with bonuses based on the level of spell stored.
A magic item granting the captain of a ship bonuses based on the size of her crew.

I wonder if it would be possible to turn this thread into a request thread. o.o

... Right.

So, is it a law that all spontcasters have to use charisma and have to have diminished spellcasting? It's a common theme I'm seeing whenever "spont magus" comes up and it's rather... I don't know.

I guess I just can't imagine spontaneous casting being such an immensely game-changing archetype. I mean, I KNOW archetypes don't have to be overhauls, Arcana Lord replaces all of two things, and...

Maybe this just needs to be a discussion about how it would or would no unbalance Magus would be if we just gave him spont casting without changing anything except modifying what already exists on the class to function with spells known rather than prepared spells.

I imagine they're made of wood and stone, slender and smooth.

There is this massive discussion I could try and hold about how wisdom is about understanding yourself which makes sense for spontaneous casters versus charisma is strictly social skills and makes no sense to base casting on for anyone except maybe the bard, but due to my intense bias against charisma I don't think it'd be a legitimate discussion

All the spont magi are so very specific to certain things and it makes me sad face.

That is a much bigger and much more invasive archetype than I expected. o.o

I guess, hmm. I guess I was expecting something much smaller.

Don't get me wrong, this is wonderfully well-made archetype! Just, less "magus wants to be a spontcaster" and more "Sorceror wants spellstrike."

If the Magus wasn't being granted the bloodline, and just wanted spontaneous casting, how would we balance that into an archetype?

mplindustries wrote:
modi wrote:
just some food for thought here i do recreative armored combat and i know a 18 year old girl that weighs about 120 lbs and she can hit as hard as one of us 200 lbs+ guys because she is fast physics says Force = mass x velocity squared so dex is just as viable for determining how hard you hit as str
Why would you think that speed is Dexterity? The speed with which you can swing a weapon is based on how strong you are.

Dextrous characters know how to swing a weapon to gain maximum velocity with minimal effort, but you can't combine that with the brute force needed to just smash a sword into the guy.

Based on that video, the twisting of his wrist is what provides his sword with the momentum he needs to properly slash through the bad guys.

I like this thread, though I'm not gonna use a damagedex feat on my magus. He doesn't really need it. o.o

An archetype for Magus based on having a familiar that turns into a weapon.

I'm trying to follow everything you're laying down, Quandary, but I'm having trouble. Could I bother you to format that in a way reflecting the usual archetype entries?

Considering my recent-found love of magi and my penchant to use a small selection of spells, I do find this archetype marvelous!

Though, the fact that they're casting spontaneously, rather than prepared, I personally don't think the Knowledge Pool skill makes sense for them.

Given that, I wonder how balanced turning that into an extra Arcana for this archetype would be.

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