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So, I have a player that is playing a rogue and plans to use the Minor Magic rogue talent to gain the use of a cantrip. When casting the cantrip, he doesn't want the rest of the party (and to a certain extent those around him) to know that he is casting a spell.

This idea is also of interest to me, as I intend to play a bard in his campaign and would like to do something similar.

I've seen this idea discussed in a couple of different threads with various proposals...but would like a little feedback on two options that I am currently debating.

Note that in neither case are we trying to be completely silent or motionless, the intent is to mask the spell casting by making it look like something it's not.

Options that I've seen elsewhere are:
Ultimate Magic's Spellsong Feat - It works, but it burns a feat as well as other resources for the bard, and is unusable by other casters. It doesn't really work for our situation because he can't take it.

Hidden Spell Skill Trick from D20 PFSRD - I really like this idea...but auto denying the attack of opportunity on a success seems a bit much.

My solutions then...please provide feedback on whether you think these options seem balanced, viable, etc. and which you think is better than the other.
Subtle Spellcraft (Skill Use)
Prerequisite: +5 bonus (not ranks) in Sleight of Hand, Bluff, or Performance, +1 bonus in spellcraft
You are skilled at masking your spellcasting in other actions (everyday gestures and speech, performance, etc). Your chance to mask the spellcasting is opposed by the observer's Perception (or Sense Motive) check. The observer is still entitled to an attack of opportunity if they would normally receive one since the actions you are using to mask the spellcasting still make you vulnerable to attack.

Coerced Caster (Basic Trait - Magic Category)
You grew up in a household or society were the use of magic was frowned upon and learned to hide its use through the art of of misdirection and subterfuge. You may mask your spellcasting using a Sleight of Hand, Bluff, or Performance check versus an opposed Perception or Sense Motive check. A success masks your spellcasting, if you succeed by 5 or more you deny your opponent an attack of opportunity if they would normally have received one.

This looks like a good idea! I'mma dot this.

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