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Are you still looking for more players? I have in fact played only the first before and would like a chance to play the rest. please let me know so I can make a character and apply officially.

Thanks for letting me know about the further style feats I didn't think to check them out i'm doing that now. And thanks for all the help with this you guys, I am trying to make a character that gets everyone 1-2 extra attacks per turn using AoO. Well at least the melee people in range.

Archon Style wont work ether due to it being a standard action and BWG needing an attack to activate. And my dm is stating that due to the enemy not attacking the creature just happening to hit him BWG does not trigger for in harms way.

It was to what Scott said. He was saying that pared opportunist would trigger due to bodyguard.

Benefit: When an adjacent ally is attacked, you may use an attack of opportunity to attempt the aid another action to improve your ally’s AC. You may not use the aid another action to improve your ally’s attack roll with this attack.

I'm not sure its actually triggering an AoO. It looks like you just have to spend one of your AoO to make an aid another roll

OH I just thought that the AoO from Bodyguard would all have to be spent on ac boosts (still awesome really). But your right it does not say that other AoO have to be spent as such.

I plan on making the six nipple terror who barks in the night...DOGLIN!
By day a mild mannered goblin who only wants to help but can't seem to do anything right. But at night he becomes The Doglin! Striking fear into every monster. Growling at the most fearsome foe!

That's what I was thinking as well sadly.

But a huge part of if this build will work needs this question answered xD

I also plan on having a 18-29 keen (15-20) crit weapon and the Outflank teamwork feat so when I crit it will provoke from my pet and then everyone else with the Paired Opportunist.

Well no. Only me and my pet would have broken wing gambit, I'd be giving everyone the teamwork feat Paired Opportunists:

Benefit: Whenever you are adjacent to an ally who also has this feat, you receive a +4 circumstance bonus on attacks of opportunity against creatures that you both threaten. Enemies that provoke attacks of opportunity from your ally also provoke attacks of opportunity from you so long as you threaten them (even if the situation or an ability would normally deny you the attack of opportunity). This does not allow you to take more than one attack of opportunity against a creature for a given action.

using the Holy Tactician paladin's 3rd level Battlefield Presence aura.
So if my pet takes the attack and then enemy provokes then everyone in reach of that enemy would get an attack.

can In harm's way work with broken wing gambit?
In harm's way:

Prerequisite: Bodyguard.
Benefit: While using the aid another action to improve an adjacent ally’s AC, you can intercept a successful attack against that ally as an immediate action, taking full damage from that attack and any associated effects (bleed, poison, etc.). A creature cannot benefit from this feat more than once per attack.

Broken Wing Gambit:

Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks.
Benefit: Whenever you make a melee attack and hit your opponent, you can use a free action to grant that opponent a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls against you until the end of your next turn or until your opponent attacks you, whichever happens first. If that opponent attacks you with this bonus, it provokes attacks of opportunity from your allies who have this feat.

My issue is the wording, I've already gotten confirmation that the creature has to use the bonus and can't choose not to. What i am worried about is if lets say an animal companion uses broken wing gambit then uses in harm's way to take an attack would it provoke? See with the wording I am not sure because the creature didn't attack the animal companion but it did hit it and would probably still get the +2 damage.

Hello, I just started using your program and I was putting all my NPC's and PC's into it and I was wondering if there was a way to make the feats and spells links like you did so I can just press it and it will tell me what it does?

I am past the part where they do the funeral, so what I am thinking is to have them find the body of Father Grimburrow which with a heal check they can find out that the body has been here sense about a week after the professor died. When they get back to town they will find out that the person they thought was Grimburrow is now gone. I am planing on having the priest actually be AA with an illusion on himself to look like the father. Also I am thinking about having AA actually show up after there adventure as a late arrival and is here to pay his respects to the prof. and he will have a long talk with the PCs about what they have been doing in town so that he can be a character witness in the next AP.

They could find a female prisoners outfit and masterwork fuzzy handcuffs in the wardens house. To imply that him and his wife had some role-playing fun ;). Might also help to "humanize" her a bit too. As a ghost I feel its hard for the players to connect with her. maybe even have a side quest to bring her some of her old belongings, some of which could have been stolen by the towns folk. That could give her added strength to slow down TSM. maybe do something like each item pushes back by one day the next time a letter appears.

One of my players is a Changeling Inquisitor of Iomedae, she was actually raised by her Hag mother (in Ilmarsh) till she was about 14 where upon she ran away and was rescued and after many years of trained and such is now a hunter of evil supernatural creatures. Naturally I am going to use this plot hook when they reach Ilmarsh ;)