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Bad Story and Worse Encounters


I have played through and GMed this scenario and it was incredibly boring both times. First off the story is entirely forgettable with almost no RP and little in the way of player input. On the other side all of the combat encounters except the first are so easy that it is painful to GM because the PC's will be able to one hit kill most of the enemies in this scenario.Finally, the final confrontation makes absolutely no sense if the PC's succeeded on their secondary success condition, but the scenario basically says, "Too bad!" giving the baddies zero motivation to attack outside if the assumption that they failed earlier. The final confrontation was so forced and so lackluster that my players were baffled that this was the end of the game. Coming off the high that is completing The "Edge of Heaven" and the joy of playing "Defenders of Nesting Swallow" it is a shame that in the middle is something so forgettable that it needn't exist in the first place.

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Useless Even for the Low Price


I purchased this book, because I was looking for some new ways to use my Prestige Points and I wanted a little more information on the factions. However, there is not much in the way of expanding on factions, or on useful ways to spend Prestige Points. All of the information here should be included in the Guide To PFS. It shouldn't be an extra ten dollars of useless information.