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Name: Inazo Hideyoshi

Concept: Technical Pacifist Samurai

Backstory: Inazo spent several years in the Fire Nation Army, but retired from a promising career because of a drunken duel with another soldier. After he left the army he spent some time at the Western Air Temple, in the Sout Pole, and Earth Kingdom. However, he found his way back to his old master who had taught him the way of sword and who has now pointed him in the direction of The Order of the White Lotus as a way to redeem himself.

Personality: Inazo is stoic after spending the past few years learning to control his anger. He seeks peaceful solutions to problems, but will use non-lethal means to defend himself or those who can't defend themselves. He still carries his sword, and he will draw it as a last resort.

Description: Inazo is a tall man standing at 6'. He has the lean face and lighter skin of a fire nation citizen. He wears his hair in a top-knot and keeps a well manicured goatee. His typical dress is a gray kimono and a white paddy hat.

Complications: Doing Good, Responsibility, Honor(Bushido), Temper

Strength-4, Agility-6, Awareness-4, Stamina-4, Dexterity-6, Intelligence-0, Presence-4

Toughness=18 (Defensive Roll 4)

Acrobatics= 16 (10 ranks)
Athletics= 14 (10 Ranks)
Close Combat: Unarmed 16 (4 ranks)
Close Combat: Sword=16 (4 Ranks)
Insight= 12 (8 Ranks)
Intimidate= 8 (4 Ranks)
Persuasion= 8 (4 ranks)
Perception= 12 (8 Ranks)

Equipment: Katana, Defensive Roll 4, Agile Feint, Redirect, Quick Draw, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Takedown 2, Improved Defense, Improved Disarm

Movement Safefall, Leaping:15 Feet, Nullify [Bending] 4-Extras: Effortless, Alternate Resistance Fortitude