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The other day I was playing a paladin of Torag in the PFS module In the Service of Lore. We were asked to do several menial tasks one of which was to investigate an orphanage that the Silver Crusade was helping out. Basically the Crusade wanted to know if the head of the orphanage was misusing their aid.

When we first got to the orphanage, after hearing several disturbing rumors about the orphanage and the lady who ran it during our trip, I used my detect evil ability on the old woman and discovered that she was in fact evil. I shared this information with my group, and then I proceeded to ask some of the orphans what it was like living in the orphanage. Through a little role-playing I discovered that this woman was finding sick children, healing them, and then extorting the parents with the well-being of their child for the right to rent the child out to wealthy members of Absalom society. She then kept all of the money for herself and used the wealth to fund her drinking habit.

Now I knew she was evil-aligned, doing evil things, and most likely breaking the law, so I took out my Earthbreaker, descended the stairs and asked her to surrender or suffer the ultimate penalty of her evil deeds. Mind you she was surrounded by the rest of the party and her escape was cut off. However, instead of surrendering she immediately began casting a spell, and I responded by striking her down.

At this point everyone at the table got upset with me. They said that what I did was horrible and the DM even suggested that I might need a spell of Atonement before I could play at his table again. In my mind I did exactly what a paladin, especially one of Torag, would do. However, the rest of the party held a different opinion. I just wanted to see what you guys thought. DId I do right? Or do I need to Atone?

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I live in Southern Missouri, and the closest gaming group lives about two hours away from me. I'd like to join the PbP community here on Paizo. However, I do not know how to roll dice in my posts. I looked through the FAQ and a couple other boards, but thought I'd post my question here as well. Thanks for any help!