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Now Jojo has to save the president.

All part of Jojo's plan for taking over.

Dave Foley Bot is Jojo's muse.

I think I'm going with the run away route this time.

Jojo already has blood on his hands, no sense for little Billy Dead Horse to have it on his.

Jojo does the bad things so other people don't have to.

Jojo's seriously kicking ass.

And he gave what's her name his super heated saturnite fist.

Jojo helped baby Bighorner find it's mama!

Jojo isn't crying!!

Didn't even kill anything.

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Don't mind me, just passing through.

When did Dark Man become a cowboy.

We're attacked!

Stop blowing up you idiots!

Not to be That Guy, but Jojo has been carrying around 350 pounds for days now, I'm pretty sure I can make it to wherever you're going.

Jojo's rolling with Arcade (Fire) now, and ED-E which Jojo is only keeping around because Arcade (Fire) doesn't like it.

Lt Car name (Martin Astor, really?) in camp searchlight says he'll pay Jojo to bug legion camp he and Boone already devastated.

Uh, okay Mr car name, give Jojo a few minutes.

Now the NCR like Jojo.

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You've obviously never seen Jojo in his Stealth Suit armor.

Everyone's back side look good in that.

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Apparently Jojo convinced the Khans to martyr themselves at Hoover Dam.

This is why you don't let someone with an obviously serious head injury negotiate peace treaties.

Or whatever Jojo was supposed to do.

Jojo is 34th level! When the f&~! did that happen!

Jojo, Raul, and ED-E pillaged the f+@* out of Vault 34, couldn't figure out where the key to unlock the vents though and had to leave with all the weapons and ammunition.

They trained Jojo. Jojo looted their secret bunker.

Jojo also looted the Van Graffs.

Jojo isn't sure what he's doing next but he's packing some serious heat.

So wait, all Jojo has to do to get in with the Brotherhood is murder the Van Graffs.

Jojo was going to murder them anyway.

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Jojo, Raul, and ED-E went to visit the Brotherhood, they told Jojo to trust them.

Jojo was betrayed! Again!!

They put an exploding collar on Jojo!!!

Only one person put an exploding collar on Jojo, and he died in a hole in the ground.

It would seem Jojo senses a pattern... But first Jojo dupe them into giving him power armor training, something with a bit less sass back.

Jojo and the Boomers understand each other.

They stand with Jojo when the s*&# goes down.

Jojo made it out of there alive!

Not only did Jojo fix all his appliances, all the b@!%#&+ crazy brain people got to live as well.

Now, Jojo's grabbing his brain (even if it is an a!**!&!) and going home.

Jojo found the legendary botfly, or whatever.

After killing it Jojo decided it wasn't worth it and went back to a previous save.

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Don't mind me, just passing through.

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Now Jojo's armor is talking back.

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Jojo went wandering and found a cave temple to the toaster.

The toaster gets Jojo.

Jojo can't help but think if he'd met the toaster before fighting Ulysses then he might not have cancelled the launch.

For toaster.

Jojo has discovered on Big MT, armor piercing rounds are your best friend.

Besides the toaster.

Jojo hates robot spiders. >:-(

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Jojo decided since Benny was gonna try to run to Caesar, Jojo decided to use Maria on Caesar.

So Jojo burst into tent, sees Caesar sitting on his throne like an idiot. Jojo pulls up VATS immediately, aim at Caesar's head and fires off five shots, all 95% chance to hit.

Jojo missed! With every f+$#ing bullet!

Benny betrayed Jojo from the grave!

So, Jojo pulls out his Anti Material Rifle, doesn't f!$& with VATS. and gets er done with one shot.

Of course Jojo is swarmed by bodyguards but even they can't withstand Jojo, Rex, and Boone.

Now Rex has a brain and Jojo is learning to live without his.

Balance of the universe and what not.

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Jojo's going to the movies!

Surely nothing bad can happen to Jojo there.

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Jojo has choices for brain!

1) Old lady running junk yard, with only her dogs for company.

Jojo had part of his brain shot out, not his heart.

2) Sick f%#@ing meth heads with s%@&ty headgear.

Drugs are for Jojo, not Rex!

3) heavily guarded camp on a hill Jojo needs to take chip to anyway.

Already knocking on Boone's door to see if he can come out to rampage.

Sometimes, Jojo wonders why they gave him first two choices in the first place.

Jojo helped mediate between the kings and NCR.

Now Jojo help Rex find a brain.

Jojo has a new favorite weapon!

And several new addictions.

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They wanted Jojo to give up his guns if I wanted to get close to Benny.

They said Jojo would die if I didn't.

While holding his anti-material rifle(GRA)+, Jojo looks around the casino floor, while standing over Benny's headless carcass.

Jojo disagreed.

Jojo did all this!

Ulysses said so!!

Jojo is impressed with himself.

Why! Why can't Jojo have nice things!! And why does Jojo keep getting tricked!!!

Note to Jojo: When rampaging through the caves of despair it's easy to get carried away with Esther.

Which is why you should save often, because an errantly shot off mininuke kills Jojo instantly.

Jojo, Caves Of Despair: take four.

Jojo is glad he took the scrounger perk before going to The Divide.

So much ammo!

Poor Jojo, all alone and kneeling on top of Bonesaw's dismembered remains for 5 days.

I hope I find ED-E's therapy upgrade because Jojo is gonna have s##% to unpack after that.

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Don't mind me, just passing through.

Drops can of turpentine so Jojo can fast travel.

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Jojo's new dilemma.

What to do with 101 missiles.

Jojo's pretty sure he's got a children's book there.

Or at the very least, an adults coloring book.

Jojo walk the lonesome road.

People don't die as easily here.

Looks eagerly between Esther and Annabelle.

Now, Jojo is truly happy.

Jojo fixed Rhonda.

Wipes tears from his eyes.

Jojo isn't crying!

Now Jojo is Jay-Z rich!

Jojo escaped! In his underwear without any weapons all jacked up on Sierra Madre cocktails and Buffout and carrying 7 bars of gold.

F~#! Father A!$**+* M#~+!+~$@%*%!

All Jojo wants is to sneak past Father A!!&~!$ M~%!$%&*!#!%, is that too much to ask.


Lucky for Jojo, Benny must've shot out the brain part that tells Jojo 7 tries is enough.

Jojo just wants the gold, he doesn't care what happens to Father A&$~#%+ M*@#!#!*%~+*.

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It's a homage to Toot-Toot McBumbersnazzle from Gravity Falls.

Except, instead of his memories being wiped out by a twelve year old he was shot in the head and left for dead and woke up being pestered by some backwoods doctor asking his name so he said the first thing that popped in his mind, Jojo Applesauce.

In case you can't tell, I came up with it on the spot and Tiny T-Rex really liked it so it was established.

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Jojo's been practising his ABCs in the Sierra Madre.

Always Be Dying.

... Jojo's gonna kill Benny...

Jojo is jealous that the holograms can't die, but apparently Jojo can.

A lot.

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Oh thank goodness, Jojo made it to the casino!

Oh no! Jojo was duped!! Again!!!

Jojo can't help but think if he had the piece of brain Benny shot, Jojo might make better life choices.

Jojo is sick of stepping on f!%!ing bear traps.

Mostly because Jojo is almost out of Stimpaks.

Jojo is running low on resources!

It's a good thing Jojo's Cosmic Knife is still super clean, despite the fact that Jojo has stabbed more people than an episode of American Horror Story.

Jojo has been buying plenty of Buffout though, Jojo is thinking ahead.

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