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The PCs are in a ruined abbey. A couple of the heroes trigger a trap that drops a massive net upon them. The shear weight of the net then drags the PCs off a ledge and into a murky icy pool inhabited by a type of worm that feeds upon human flesh. The weight of the net drags the PCs below the surface forcing them to both fight the worm spawn and face drowning!

The PC Wizard, not caught in the trip casts Mage Hand and attempts to deliver a Shrink Item spell upon the large and heavy net. This net is a big one! Covers a radius of at least 50 ft and is made of different items (rock weights, vines, and iron wire). Would Shrink Item work upon it?

I liked it. Read a book about Ed and Lorraine back in the 90's. Great read but scary enough to make you put it down after dark.

I think many of us have had campaign or even just sessions where all the players act up and refuse to focus on the game. Sure everyone likes a laugh but I can certainly relate the to passion of the DM character when evening after evening goes array.

I'm certain I will see myself in this movie.

I just read through the last and final playtest packet. I must admit that I was impressed. While not for everyone the rules set works for me.

I am interested in this also. Let us know how the use of the ships works for you! I like the idea that you can have junks and long ships using the Pirates of the Crimson Coast ships!

Okay next round of questions: Are the X-men currently on that island that rose from the deep (very Lovecraftian) in the ocean? Do they still have a hidden base in Australia?

It appears Beast is going to side with the Avengers... Why? Has the Beast returned from the cat-like visage (which I can not stand!) to his more ape-like visage?

Who are Hope's parents?

What is going on with Excalibur, X-Force, and the New Mutants?

From the look on the cover of issue 1 the Avengers roster looks a lot more deadly than the X-men. Not trying to start a flame war, just calling it like I see it.

The Minnesota Science Museum is currently hosting the "Real Pirates" exhibit. It features artifacts from the Wydah, a former slave ship captured and transformed into the flag ship of the pirate Black Sam Belemy. I find real history can often make for great RPG tie ins.

Okay I'm in the comic store the other day and see the new Avengers versus Xmen comic. Although I haven't followed either comic line since the mid 90's I figured I'd give it a try. I guess I've mostly lost interest in Marvel characters because of the horrible story lines and having characters do things that seem against there nature. I did dabble in the Civil War but never followed it seriously.

I have some questions that I thought maybe you good people could help me with.

Who is "Hope" and what happened to Rachel?

Is Jean Grey dead again?

I thought they were calling Wolverine "James" (which I hated). Now Captain America calls him Logan and he's running the school for gifted students?


I look forward to seeing all your Loremaster experiences. I too, want to run this game. My desire was further enhanced after seeing the Hobbit trailer over Christmas!

Hero Lab seems to get a lot of love. Anyone know if it is a one time purchase or pay as you play (how much is it too?)?

Can you build encounters and monsters with Hero Lab?

I agree that it would have been nicer to devote time and talent to a set of tools for Pathfinder rather that develop an MMO.

Thanks for all your help!

My wishlist for this product would have source book for pre-Hobbit adventures in the North West. I'm thinking a band of Rangers and Characters with campaign amid the ruins of old Numenor.

Of course a Hobbit timed adventure set on the eve of the Battle of Five armies could be fun for Players as the new movies release over the next few years.

I bought this game right away at Gen Con and loved it! I would like to run a campaign set in the English Civil War time frame (think Witchfinder General) and move it forward into the recommended time frame of the late 1600's ending in the Battle of Boyne.

Thanks and thanks!

Thanks friends! I think our Christmas gift is now a Roku box with Netflix for 2012.

Might I suggest the graphic novel "Okko" book of water by HUB? It has a Japanese feel as the main character is a samurai but touches on other themes. The tale might inspire you. It's available on Amazon.

It has been awhile and with all the new Pathfinder rules and classes I wondered if anyone else has created something helpful to creating PCs, keeping track of them as they level up, and generating a character sheet.

Have any of you tried a Roku Box and have a strong feeling about it? I am considering picking one up for my home because I feel it maybe a good fix for our household. I haven't read much positive or negative about the Roku Box and hope a couple of you kind posters may have some experience with them.

Has anyone checked out the new Lord of the Rings RPG from Cubicle Seven games? It has some nice reviews on Amazon?

Anyone have an idea how many new classes we will enjoy?

Has anyone tried to do a Steampunk blend with either the new Red Sands Space 1889 and/ or Deadlands? How do the settings mix with the Savage Worlds rule system?

Have any of you played All Flesh Must Be Eaten? How is it? I noticed it has dozens of splat books out. Thought it might be fun. Of course I'd rather do something more serious in a Zombie invasion, more like the Walking Dead than say Shaun of the Dead.

Is an oriental book confirmed?

If this is not true then the debate will have to wait...

I must add my name to the chorus who enjoyed all 3 LOTR films.

I know the goal was to have the Hobbit released 10 years after Fellowship. While I would like to see that happen I would rather wait a year and have a good movie than have it rushed.

So it appears that the Hobbit movie (which was supposed to start filming this summer) is on hold with no set time to resume. Looks like Peter Jackson will not hit his release date of December 2011.

Anyone know why?

Isn't Jason also doing a character in the Song of fire and Ice pilot for HBO?

Big Gemmel fan!

Thanks gang for the suggestions! A few of these I have enjoyed so it is nice to see that we are on the same page as far as "taste".

Any more?

Thanks! It does help. I liked the necromunda minis when they first appeared but assumed that they are out of production.

I have read just about everything GRRM has written, love Abercrombie and Lynch. Have not finished the Wheel of Time since Jordan passed (RIP). Read all the Tolkien and Howard. Dabbled with Fritz Leiber. And I have burned out on all the "Fast food fantasy" dished out by WoTC and TSR (don't get me wrong they have a few gems in those series). I have even visited China Melvile's collection.

I'm looking for something gritty and meaty.


Since I work 2 jobs I will savor the book for about 3 weeks. I will want to read more and most likely read a few times late into the evening when I should get to sleep.

Reading over the Cavalier I noticed just how many new little tweaks are in each PC. A character builder could make it super easy to not only make PCs for Pathfinder but add to the simplification of playing them.

Maybe you are that guy?

Scott you read my mind!

But a PC generator for Pathfinder is cool too. Perhaps with what WoTC did will inspire someone to follow suit for Pathfinder?

With a nick name like Black Dow you must be a fan!

And I like your ideas with the practicals!

The 4E character builder is more than just an electronic fill in the blanks PC generator... it gives you the stats of how a certain powers/ feats/ skills will work for your PC before you select it. It is a wonderful tool my friends.

I will explore your character sheet creators! If they work with Pathfinder they just might fill the niche for me.

I am hopeful that with the new Inquisitor class we can play characters as interesting and exciting as the Inquisitors in Joel Abercrombie's First Law Series. If you haven't tried these books I highly recommend them. Abercrombie is a former RPG table top gamer and his characters are wildly imaginative and different from your standard Dragonlance or Drow-angst ridden-Ranger styled fiction. One such character is a crippled Inquisitor/ Torturer who has 3 minions to do his dirty work. This style of Inquisitor is governmental and not religious. Closer to a police state secret service authority.

We all enjoy the Spanish Inquisition styled Religious background character but I think we can push the Inquisitor for Pathfinder further.

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I must admit that I love the WoTC Character Builder (I'm shameless). I downloaded the basic version and I find it to be easy to create and keep organized Player Characters. Even if you hate 4E you must admit that it is a great tool!

Of course Paizo doesn't have the capital that Wizards does and the creation of such a downloadable tool is a mere fantasy. Wouldn't it be nice to have such a wonderful tool?

I will devour the book much too quickly upon its publication and then have to wait again!

Heard rumors that the HBO TV series has finished filming. Wonder if GRRM will return back to his writing soon?

I own the rules but have yet to play. Beautiful book too!

Okay now I'm not trying to sound stupid (because I know that Warhammer 40K is a mini game) but has anyone found a good source for Rogue Trader styled PC minis? I think GW might have put these out in the distant past but what about today? Most 40K minis are in expensive blisters that don't look "Rogue Trader" to me...

Tome of Secrets anyone?

I love the cocky look on his face! Perfect!

Filming has started is excellent news! Now we need only wait until the whole experience is available on HBO.

A fine product! I hope we will see a sequel.

I plan to re-read the series again. One thing I want to watch closer is Bran focused chapters. The series starts with Bran so I think he has a major role to play. I imagine that he will be the next King of the North.

I will give you Cersi at NE. That is a better fit. I still see "The Hound" as N. He does what he needs to do not because he enjoys it. He stopped his brother from killing the Knight of Flowers at the tourney. His motive was loyalty until he was forced to go into the fire. Now he is a drunk, a killer for hire, and a oath-breaker but I don't see him as evil. Arya also seems to disciplined to be a Chaotic but I agree she is complex young lady.

Lynch does a great job of making un-heroic heroes. His back drop world is also vivid and exciting. I know he is/ was a gamer so perhaps that is how he envisions his rpgs.

Anyone pick this gem up yet? I think it was released at Gen Con.

Now we have the book and soon the Beasties. A DMG-ish book to help create adventures soon will appear. Then what is next? What is the next for the RPG?

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