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Thanks so much Ceanmaps! Much appreciated. Do you have a place to purchase your maps outside of Patreon?

John Compton wrote:

One of the strongest contenders for this River of Souls business is also one of the archipelago's most time-tested narrative elements: the hero-gods.

The Premise:
A new hero-god has risen—not through myth-speaking but by siphoning Iblydan souls. The other hero-gods are alarmed, and not just because this represents a threat to cosmic integrity; a Pharasmin advocate arrived recently informing several of the hero-gods that they have only a limited time to het their figurative house in order before Pharasma's forces intervene directly. The hero-gods of Aelyosos have mobilized, but most of the mortal troops are busy quashing undead uprisings and fending off opportunistic raids rather than aiding their demigod patrons. It's time for the PCs to intervene!

I really like this idea. I can tie the dead rising to the side effect of the siphoning of souls. I like the idea of the hero-gods failing or being slain if that's possible so the PCs can take on the new would be hero-god.

Now to figure out what the PCs can do about the Sahuagin. I think I want to them underwater for that part of the campaign. They could slaughter the Sahuagin or try to make peace. The Sahuagin are LE so I think they would abide a treaty but what would they want? What is their end goal of the attacks in the first place?

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
I mean the obvious question is: If souls aren't going to the River of Souls, where are they going?

The dead are rising as undead.

I am running a PF2 game set in Aelyosos. I have a PC that is a Dustwalker (Pharasma’s child) Witch that’s been sent on a quest to determine why souls from Aelyosos aren’t going to the River of Souls and Undead are rising. The idea is from Pillars of Eternity 2 and Jade Empire but I’m not sure how to connect it to Golarion. I have 3 big moving pieces. The dead are rising, Sahuagin are attacking Aelyosos and the two God-heroes are missing. Any help would be great.

I am currently running "The Rune Drive Gambit" and I may be replacing the starship battle after defeating Sardat Zolan Ulivestra with the Sardat riding some sort of dragon instead so that it would be a starship vs monster fight. I know there aren't a ton of rules for this sort of situation but I was considering building a ship that is reskinned as a dragon. It sounds like a cinematic battle to me. Anyone else have Ideas or thoughts?

HammerJack wrote:
Nefreet wrote:

Rebuilding one after destroying it would probably be a crafting activity with an expenditure.

Nothing should be free.

I would agree with that, but it may not be relevant. No one has said anything about destroying the robots first, and, based on the specific robots and scenario in question, there may easily be no need for them to be destroyed.

They want to use a terminal in the maintenance bay to hack them. I ruled that it would take hours and made it seem urgent that they moved on before getting caught but I would like to figure out how to handle it in the future because I am sure it will come up. Hacking robots quickly would step on the Mechanic abilities toes a bit and it isn't permanent.

Nefreet wrote:

Rebuilding one after destroying it would probably be a crafting activity with an expenditure.

Nothing should be free.

If they are crafting one, what would be the cost and difficulty to do so?

HammerJack wrote:
Just to make sure we're using the same words the same way, when I say "downtime" I didn't just mean out of combat, but over the course of days, after managing to get the inactive robots back onto their ship. I thought from the original post that they were trying to do this in Gulta. Is that not correct?

You are right. I meant more like 10 min rest.

They aren't trying to hack the robots mid combat. It is during downtime.

I am running the Against the Aeon Throne. I am currently in the "Escape from the Prison Moon". My players keep wanting to hack the security robots and the topic of permanently reprogramming the security robots keep coming up. I don't think that Starfinder takes this into account. How should I handle this situation? Can PCs permanently take control of security robots?

I fear that the PCs would quickly become overpowered with an army of security robots. Any help would be appreciated.

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Maybe it's just me but I am not a fan of the extra wide Pact Worlds system. It throws off the page size of the rest of the PDF. Why would they do that? If they wanted to provide a map that wasn't cut in half they could just have included a image file with the PDF.

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I would love to see what Starfinder vampires are like.

So far I am really liking the book but I don't understand why the new Themes are not in the Player Options section with all the other player options.

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Why are there no preorders or subscriptions for PDFs? I would totally preorder and maybe even subscribe if I had the options on Starfinder products. I am sure there are other people that feel the same way.

Metaphysician wrote:
Currently, you don't. An R2 like droid is far too alien from any other PC type. Its basically analogous to playing a non-classed monster instead of a PC. Starfinder does not support such. . . and I kind of suspect they won't support such in the future, at least not in the way implied.

The "Droid" would be an NPC.

How would you create an R2 like droid in Starfinder?

I prefer theater of the mind instead of using maps. The current Starship combat rules seem to be geared toward using maps and minis/ tokens. What advice can anyone give to people using theater of the mind only? Any changes to the rules?

StevenStag25 wrote:
FTL is a great game, if you are looking for PC games. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is based on the D20 system.

Either PC or PS4 or 3DS will work. I have Knights of the Old Republic. I was really thinking Sci-fi plus DnD like games. Maybe a JRPG? Any video game really.

I am really into Starfinder right now. Are there any video games that are Starfinder like worth checking out?

Spell swapping would be cool. Maybe a overcasting system like in the Wheel of Time RPG would be really cool.

I am curious, is there any plans to do a psionics book?

I really think the Wizard and Sorceror should have some sort of at will power that does atleast a D6, maybe something like the warlock. I think it really stinks that the wizard has to rely on any weapon other than his own power. A weapon should be an option not a requirement.