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Maybe it's just me but I am not a fan of the extra wide Pact Worlds system. It throws off the page size of the rest of the PDF. Why would they do that? If they wanted to provide a map that wasn't cut in half they could just have included a image file with the PDF.

True, they could have included an image file with the pdf.

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I'm really hoping they change this. The fact that it's at the beginning and end of the book seems like it was an oversight, and it really does mess with the formatting.

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Apparently there were some problems with the final cooking of the PDF, an earlier version I got had a really messed up index. It's already an improvement. But I would really like

- This double-width page fixed, cuz it throws off "fit width" in most viewers.
- Index the spell descriptions to a per-spell granularity, just like the feats.

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