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A Nice Try


Wicked Fantasy Factory was a series of adventures where its gimmick to set it apart from other adventures was that it was XTREME!!!
It came across as lame in my opinion.

Maybe I am to old for the product...but the content of the adventure was kinda silly.

There is a new rule that gives the PCs the ability to do over-the-top finishing moves. The adventure encourages every player to invent their own colorful finisher such as firing off 3 arrows, one in each eye and one in the crotch or ripping off an opponent's arms and smashing his head to pieces with them.

The modual uses terms such as "Phat Lewt" to describe the most valuable treasure in the adventure.
The kobolds encountered are from the "Pissed Lizards" tribe.
You get the idea.

The main villian is actually very cool as far as his physical description (but I dont wish to spoil)..but other than that it's not that great of an adventure. But then again its a dollar so I cant complain to hard.

But really its so short and simple you really didnt need someone to write this adventure. If you want a fast session with no prep time any DM could put an adventure like this together off the top of his head easily.

Our Price: $39.99


Most Impressive


Pathfinder's first Garantuan miniature is quite a good start.
The detail on the figure is amazing. Its face is very intimidating and the runes along its arms are great. My only gripe is that it's pants are a flesh tone and look like bare legs despite being grey from the waist up.

D&D used square bases claiming that a round base on a gargantuan mini would leave the corner squares exposed. Though that is partially the case the mini's base takes up enough to make it clear that is part of the giant's space.

Another thing I love is the size of the box its stored in. The sword is removable so it all fits in a surprisingly small box unlike D&D Gargantuan figures. It definitly helps with mini storage space.

Very Cool Promo


When you first look at this mini it appers to be painted green.
Then you set it down in the light and the clear plastic glows.

Puting a dark wash on clear plastic worked with amazing results, something the D&D mini line never really did well.

Im also really pleased with how the mini's new name is on the base. Renaming the promo repaints is also another feature that is an improvement over the old line.

I eagerly await Beastiary 4 to see this guy's stats.