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WOW!!! That movie was amazing.

Easily the best movie of the summer so far. I loved it.

I hope it does well woth world wide box office. I want my sequel!

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The Bloodbug is a great mini. One can never have enough stirges.

The vine choker is good. It makes for a good choaker (even though he has moss growing on him). Because lets be honest the D&D choker either looks terrible with the wavy arms and giant hands...or its the wrong size and is medium.

I keep saying please make every single gender/race/class combo. Especially the ones not done in D&D before. Many thumbs up for this mini. Please make more bards as D&D made like 2 or 3 at the most in all their time making minis.

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Now that the giant is available without ordering a whole case I finally got mine.

I read all these posts about how the paint job tricks the eye into making it look like he might have no pants. can't be that bad can it? There seems to be just as many people saying it looks fine. So lets see for myself.

I open the box and pull the mini out.....
What the? Are you kidding me? How can anyone with a straight face say it doesnt look like naked thighs? Yes he has grey skin...but it still totally looks like flesh tone legs. When you look at the bottom of the mini to read the figure's name it just looks like naked flesh under that kilt.
If the pants were slightly baggy, anything to make it look like pants. But no its like skin tight spandex pants.

I really wish it werent true. I was hoping I would be more mature and not see what people are seeing. But its unavoidable.

Chance of my players making no-pants comments and making fun of this mini when I place it on the table: Im gonna say 90%.
And for the record...Average age of my players: 35.

I'll show it to them and report back to you all. Hopefully its just me, but I cant imagine so.

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If Lost was cancelled after 1 season it would have been the next Firefly.
Everyone would still be praising it for being this brilliant show and cancelling it was a huge travesty.

The world would never have known how far it would fall and how terribly it ended.

I swear even Battlestar Galactica points and laughs at Lost for having a terrible finale.

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The beginning of Up destroys me every time.

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I just rented this movie on Netflix.

No Mars is a strange choice..but the special effects in the movie are amazing. The Colony architechture is a sight to see.

I am ressurecting this old thread to make an observation and wondered if I was alone.

-In the beginning Colin Ferral has a dream where he is runnign around with a brunette.
-When he wakes up a brunette in bed with him asks him about his dream and he said he was alone
-"Hmm why wouldnt he tell her she was in the dream with him" I asked myself.
-Later when the brunette is trying to kill him a car pulls up and a brunette is like "Get In!" and he does. Why is he getting in the car of the woman trying to kill him?
- Its only at this point in the film do I realize they are 2 different characters.

Am I the only one who was confused by actresses who look alike in this movie?

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Tinalles wrote:

Holy sticker shock, Batman!

After the 15% Pathfinder Advantage discount, Heroes & Monsters cost me $233.74 plus $16.68 shipping, for a total of $250.42. But a case bundle of this set is going to cost more than twice that, after the discount and before shipping.

It took nearly a month of deliberation before deciding to proceed with the Heroes & Monsters purchase. It was at the very outer limit of my spending range for a product that I will use once every couple of weeks at best. I appreciate Paizo's commitment to quality. If this had been spread out across two sets separated by a few months, I might even have gone for it.

There are a lot of sweet minis in this set. But at that price, all at once? No.


I am choked up to admit it (I honestly have a tear forming), but I just cant do it. I have to be realistic.

Between now and August I MIGHT just break down and get a standard case and a Rune Giant. But even that is over $400.

There is absolutly no way I can do a bundle and a giant.
I have no choice but to no longer be a Case Subcriber. :(

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My first reaction was "We had a lich and a succubus in the first set! What gives?"

But I love the lich. The fact that he isnt a skeleton and looks like an old king with a beard. I think this guy has just become my favorite lich miniature ever.

As for the Alu Fiend...I think I would have minded less if there wasnt a repainted Succubus in that upcoming encounter pack.
So we now will have 3 different succubus minis.
If there needs to be hordes of common ones in order to run Rise of the Rune Lords I guess I understand.

And as for the Yeth Hound...AWESOME!!
A monster from the 3rd edition Monster Manual that was never made in over 20 DDM sets. I LOVE seeing monsters that never have been made before. Bravo.

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The Glabrezu is amazing. I always hated the red waving DDM one. I know the paintjob we will end up with wont look as good as the picture but the sculpt has me drooling.

So this new set will have more minis, and have Huges in it? I know I cannot help myself. I MUST own a case....but I dread and fear how much this case will cost. And if one case isnt enough to get the entire set I'll really cry. I just aint that rich.

Forgive my ignorance...but I havent read RotRL yet. Is Malfeshnekor a Barghest or is he a unique Pathfinder thing?

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I made them roll 4d6 and toss out the lowest of the 4 die rolls.

Then I make them do that 7 times and they toss out the lowest of those 7 totals.

With the 6 scores you have you sassign them to what ability score you want.

I also give them the option to throw out the whole thing and do it again. But if they take that option they MUST keep the second time around even if its worse.

This makes pretty high score PCs without being that over the top.

Also when a PC levels I let him or her roll the die twice and they take the higher of the 2. If its snake eyes you get a 3rd roll.

Maybe Im to nice?