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Shackled City!

WHOAAAAAA!!!!!! Thank you for making these!!!! :)

Same here. His hands should be bloody messes.

I got another one for you...if he lost is memory and doesnt remember what happened to him prior to Origins, why does he remember World War II?

It was a good movie...not great...just good.
In the X-Men francise I'd rate them like this:
X-Men 2
X-Men: First Class
The Wolverine
X3: The Last Stand
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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WOW!!! That movie was amazing.

Easily the best movie of the summer so far. I loved it.

I hope it does well woth world wide box office. I want my sequel!

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The Bloodbug is a great mini. One can never have enough stirges.

The vine choker is good. It makes for a good choaker (even though he has moss growing on him). Because lets be honest the D&D choker either looks terrible with the wavy arms and giant hands...or its the wrong size and is medium.

I keep saying please make every single gender/race/class combo. Especially the ones not done in D&D before. Many thumbs up for this mini. Please make more bards as D&D made like 2 or 3 at the most in all their time making minis.

The art of the box is great. Did you notice the characters are all wearing the Clue colors?
Regdar is in Green, Mialee is Scarlet, Tordek is Mustard ect.

Anyone who collects action figures, Logo sets or any kind of collectibles knows they dont produce and sell them forever.
The current wave of toys eventually goes out of production and new ones take their place.

The funniest part of the article is how when Jabbas Palace finally stoped being produced this Muslim group declared victory like it was them who stopped this Lego set from being made.

How awesome would it be if Carol Ann Ford played old Susan still living in The Dalek Invasion of Earth timeline, and as she is lying in bed dying the Doctor arrives and says "I told you someday I'd come back".
They share a few words, she dies, regenerates and becomes the new companion.

Classic Who fans would love that (I know I would).
But I think the NewWho fans would not like the new companion referring to the Doctor as "Grandfather". Especially if the regenerated Susan is the same age or older than the Doctor physically.

These figures are awesome. Love them.
Im embarrassed to say I though grindylows were made up creatures from Harry Potter books till now.

BTW were the final 2 minis from the We Be Goblins set ever revealed? Did I miss a preview?

I wish the magazine well. Good luck to those involved. :)

New Order of the Stick? You mean strips unique to this magazine like Burlew did for Dragon? If so thats pretty awesome.

You know....the more I look at the size comparison photo. The Dragon Skeleton looks like it should fit on a huge base.

Is that really a Gargantuan?

Im still excited to get a Gargantuan Dracolich...but compared to the Gargantuan Dragons D&D put out this guy is kinda small.

Does anyone own the G Blue Dragon from Shattered Star? How big is she compared to the G Black or G White that D&D made?

Its.....its a gargantuan Dracolich!!!!


I have not yet run Age of Worms. My players move along VERY slowly since we have a once a month game session. We are still playing Shackled City. Next will be Age of Worms, then Savage Tide, then Rise of the Runelords and so on.
So to say we are a bit behind is an understatement. :)

All I know is Im getting a Dragotha figure and I could not be more thrilled.

A+++ for today's preview....Espcially with a Scrag. Fastest way to my heart is making minis of monsters or race/gender/class combos not seen before.

Hey I wanted to pick up a print copy of Kingmaker Part 1.

Paizo Doesnt have it and Amazon is out of stock but has buying options starting at over $400 (?!?!?!?)

No one on Ebay currently is selling it.

Is the print copy of this REALLY rare or something?

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Now that the giant is available without ordering a whole case I finally got mine.

I read all these posts about how the paint job tricks the eye into making it look like he might have no pants. can't be that bad can it? There seems to be just as many people saying it looks fine. So lets see for myself.

I open the box and pull the mini out.....
What the? Are you kidding me? How can anyone with a straight face say it doesnt look like naked thighs? Yes he has grey skin...but it still totally looks like flesh tone legs. When you look at the bottom of the mini to read the figure's name it just looks like naked flesh under that kilt.
If the pants were slightly baggy, anything to make it look like pants. But no its like skin tight spandex pants.

I really wish it werent true. I was hoping I would be more mature and not see what people are seeing. But its unavoidable.

Chance of my players making no-pants comments and making fun of this mini when I place it on the table: Im gonna say 90%.
And for the record...Average age of my players: 35.

I'll show it to them and report back to you all. Hopefully its just me, but I cant imagine so.

TriOmegaZero wrote:

"Tell me I have led a good life."

"Tell me I'm a good man.
"You are."


I forgot about that. Thats definitly my #1.
Oh man it messes me up every time.

Oh how about The Bridge to Teribithia?
I cant imagine anyone seeing that movie and not shedding a tear.

Very cool. Im havent read We Be Goblins so I cant get excited about or request the PCs and NPCs from the adventure....

However....selling just goblins is something that fans have begged for since D&D prepainted minis were invented. Its so great its finally being done.

I hope the future will have the same format with single Orcs or Undead.

I have a question if you please:
You say the set is made up of 5 new sculpts and 7 repaints.
But by my count there are only 6 existing goblin minis.
G Warrior
G Hero
G Commando
G Warchanter
G Commando on G Dog
Warchief Ripnugget

I doubt Ripnugget is part of this set...Im not even sure if the mounted goblin would be part of this set. Am I missing something or misunderstanding what makes up the set of 12?

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If Lost was cancelled after 1 season it would have been the next Firefly.
Everyone would still be praising it for being this brilliant show and cancelling it was a huge travesty.

The world would never have known how far it would fall and how terribly it ended.

I swear even Battlestar Galactica points and laughs at Lost for having a terrible finale.

Nice!!! Thanks :)

Now that Shattered Star was released does that mean I can purchase a Gargantuan Rune Giant without ordering a case of minis?

These look great. :)

The set is a big thumbs up just for all 4 elementals in medium and large sizes alone. And its fantastic to hear you plan on doing smalls.

As for people screaming for a gargantuan green dragon....Why doesnt anyone ever cry out for a gargantuan red? There isnt one yet you know.
The only red we have is colossal and he is bigger than what a colossal red should even be so hes kinda worthless.

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The beginning of Up destroys me every time.

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I just rented this movie on Netflix.

No Mars is a strange choice..but the special effects in the movie are amazing. The Colony architechture is a sight to see.

I am ressurecting this old thread to make an observation and wondered if I was alone.

-In the beginning Colin Ferral has a dream where he is runnign around with a brunette.
-When he wakes up a brunette in bed with him asks him about his dream and he said he was alone
-"Hmm why wouldnt he tell her she was in the dream with him" I asked myself.
-Later when the brunette is trying to kill him a car pulls up and a brunette is like "Get In!" and he does. Why is he getting in the car of the woman trying to kill him?
- Its only at this point in the film do I realize they are 2 different characters.

Am I the only one who was confused by actresses who look alike in this movie?

I have wanted a Skulk miniature since the 1st installment of Shackled City.
I am estatic!

And I love the Grey Ooze. And no it should not be clear plastic. Grey Ooze is supposed to look like stone.

I am always a huge fan of the classic D&D monsters being made into minis for the 1st time.

Thank you.

That is amazing. Thats one of the coolest minis I have ever seen.

I gotta say...there are always those who will tell you that if a mini isnt versital its a bad choice for a mini. Orcs and Goblins can be used over and over....but a miniature that is good for a single encounter and then likely never used again is a bad miniature.

I couldnt disagree more.

I always hated to have all the right miniatures for the creatures the PCs have to face on their way to the "boss" of the dungeon, only for there to be no mini that suits the boss.

The boss fight is the climax for the adventure. To not have a miniature for that final battle is a crime.

I'll never forget the climax for the old Dungen Magazine Age of Worms Adventure Path. The issue even came with a miniature scaled map for the final battle. And the DM had to use a Nightwalker or a Blackroot Treant. Thats a travesty!!

Just keep on making minis that are unique to the adventures you publish and I will always sing your praises.

Bravo!!! :)

Man I want that Super Dungeon hardcover! I may not play computer games but I'm in.

So I can pledge $5....and then I have to go back in and pledge another $100? I want to make sure I do it right and I get the book and the flip mats.

And I dont have the money to get the miniatures...but the 3rd revealed mini is awesome. Is that a new sculpt? Maybe a repaint of an Earth Elemental?

Yeah I heard "The Grey" is why all the emo vampires live in Washington. They can be out all day and avoid being sparkly. :)

Ok seriously now. Grey Maidens are awesome. Love both minis.

I was really hoping you would do minis from older Adventure Paths. If you never plan on a Crimson Throne set...I'll settle for minis from the path sprinkled throughout other sets.

They are both awesome. I really dig Oriana holding her helmet under her arm.

Thumbs up bigtime this week.

Next week is Lovecraft stuff? YAY!!

Cool preview.

The Caulborn is a critter I have never heard of till now but the eyeless thing really is creepy. I like it a lot.

The Demilich is very cool as well. Much more fitting as a big scary boss monster compared to a tiny green mini put out by some other company. I love how he is a decent height off the ground, though the ectoplasm holding him up looks like a spinal cord....or a scorpion's tail. Still I do indeed dig the mini. I wish I owned it when I ran Tomb of Horrors about 10 years ago. :)

So is Mesmalatu on a medium or small base? And is he technicly a tiny creature despite the base size?

Thats a really awesome mini. I like it.
It truly shows how different cosmetically Pathfinder blues are compared to D&D.
I kind of liked and miss the short-necked pit bull with the rhino horn...but this thing is just to georgeous.

The jewlery is weird...but if it suits the character in the adventure Im on board.

Is the name of the miniature "Gargantual Blue Dragon" or "Cadrilkasta, Blue Wyrm"? I strongly suggest you name it the latter. That leaves room for a generic gargantuan blue mini in the future.
I just feel she looks to much like a specific NPC and not really a generic blue dragon.

At any rate I cant afford a case of minis but will realy try to get one on the secondary market just like the Rune Giant.

I know these are sort of unreleated questions but if anyone knows:
1- Will Rune Giants and other minis like that ever be available for purchase on the site without ordering a case?
2- Now that GenCon is over can we buy the green spectre?

I wonder if the documentary will tell the story up to present day.

- Will it talk about 4th edition splitting the fanbase?
- Will it bring up Pathfinder? I personally see D&D's history as after 3.5 the game split into 4th and Pathfinder. Or do the filmmakers not count Pathfinder as D&D and will never mention it?
- Id love the documentary to call Pathfinder the spiritual successor to D&D.

Sorry...just a curious PRPG fanboy talking.

Im going to donate to this cause. :)

I just want to thank Paizo for the sale.

I am pretty far behind in my collection. Getting the entire set of six Serpent's Skull books so cheap was great.

And because they are so inexpensive I puchased a few item card packs to check them out and I really like now I want to collect the item cards. So the sale worked as far as sucking at least one person into wanting more of your stuff. :)

My first reaction when I read the quote: "ITS A GUG!!!!"

My second reaction when I saw the picture: "Oh it looks to skinny! I would have liked it beefier and wider"

My third reaction when I saw the pic of a gug next to other minis: "Its huge! Never mind that mini is freakin awesome."

Well done Paizo......well done. :)

douglasiv wrote:

Hero's Hoard and Relics of War sets have a lot of the common equipment like shortsword and dagger.

Thank you...I purchased the Essentials set and it has quite a lot of the cards from Hero's Hoard and Relecs of War.

They are all very cool MAGIC weapons. They all have runes etched into the blades or they glow or the blade is serrated and sweats acid or whatever. You get my drift.

Im cool with that and love the cards....but I would also like just a booring steel longsword or dagger. A battle axe that has a plain wooden handle with leather grip. A plain wooden bow made of oak with no designs on it.
The kind of equipment 1st level PCs own.

NON-Masterwork weapon cards please. Same goes with armor.

I know I'm REALLY late to this party....but I just recently bought up some of the item cards for the first time due to the sale going on now.

I have a question:
What set has mundane weapons?
Just a regular Greatsword made of steel. Not wreathed in flame or made of crystal or has a gem that looks like an eye on the pommel.
Just plain old non-masterwork weapons?

If the answer is "there is no set with those" then that is my suggestion for cards that need to be made.
I mean...theres cards for bedrolls, chalk, food rations and block & tackle but no regular booring dagger, spear or short sword?

If they do exist in a set please let me know which one.


CapeCodRPGer wrote:
What Bane would you rather have? The Dark Knight Rises Bane or the Bane from the movie with Posion Ivy?

Oh easily Dark Knight Rises Bane is SOOOO much better. Batman & Robin Bane wasnt even able to speak. He was pretty much Ivy's robot.

But the point is that neither of them were Comic Book Bane. At least Batman & Robin Bane was from South America and used Venom.
The villian in Dark Knight Rises was awesome...but seemed to me to be Bane in name only.

I have a question for those who said that they did an accurate portrayal of the Bane character for once. (This is a tiny bit spoilery but not really.)

I havent read comics...but I have played the Arkham video games and watched animated shows and movies.

The Bane I know is a Latino, he uses a chemical called Venom to make his muscles grow and he hulks out, and he has no connection to Ras'al Goul or the League of Shadows.

Movie Bane is a white guy. He wears a mask to feed him pain killers because he was badly injured, and he was once a member of Ras'al Goul's League of Shadows.

I thought movie Bane was Bane in name only. I liked the character...but it wasnt Bane. What is he like in the comics that made you feel the movie did the character justice?

Well....At San Diego Comic Con DC Comics anounced that they want a Justice League movie out in 2015.

So the new Batman will be the JL Batman.

DC said they were going to do these movies like Avengers in reverse. They will start with the team movie and then do movies based on individual heroes later.

I just saw it.

It was good and I enjoyed it quite a bit.
But it is easily my least favorite of the Batman trilogy.

It doesnt hold a candle to The Avengers...and even Amazing Spiderman was better than Dark Knight Rises.....but dont get me wrong it was still an awesome movie and definitly worth seeing.

Nice! I love a good mini repaint. Especially clear plastic ones that look awesome. :)

Is a Festering Spirit a creature made up just for this figure or is it a monster that appears in a book?
Either way.....I want one. I cant attend a con this year but I will definitly order one when they are available in the Paizo store.

Free RPG Day didnt work out to nicely for me.

2 weeks ago I asked the guy at my store if they were participating. Yes they tell me. I say I want the Pathfinder adventure and the guy says get here early.

I have work at noon but took the trip out to my gaming store before my shift starts. 30 minute drive and toll to go over a bridge.

I get there when the doors open at 10:00 and the girl tells me I can have the adventure if I take part in playing it in the store. Customers are setting up at the tables.

I have to go to work. I tell her I was told I can just pick one up and she was like sorry you need to participate in the game to get the module. Went back 30 minutes then drove to work.

I guess Ill be ordering one. :(

Is it just my store that pulled this?

This mini is awesome. Love her!
Cant have to many Pathfinder Goblins. Id still love one with a torch.

I have a question though. Why are the goblin minis green? In all the artwork they have grey skin.

Still love the figure. Just curious.

Oh and I second the idea of commoners.

Just like Paizo sneaking an iconic PC or two into every set..Id love to see a commoner in each set. Brilliant idea!!!

And yes I really wish we could get minis made to fill the gaps in the 3 Dungeon Adventure Paths.
Id kill for a Kyuss or a Demogorgon mini....sigh. :(

Arent Demodands in the Beastiary 3? Make those please!!
Id love them for The Shackled City!!

Sorry Im getting off topic.

Steel_Wind wrote:
I would like to point out that as a result of these "delays" in getting new minis out in the marketplace, I am in the midst of having to resort to extraordinry means of obtaining new plastic. I'm rebasing 700 Dreamblade minis (that I got in the shrink, for free no less) and nearly 1,400 Mage Knight minis to pass the time.

Your putting them on bases to make them like DDM or PFB minis?

Where are you getting the bases? I always wanted to get my hands on plain black bases that I can glue stuff to and make my own DDM (well.... Pathfinder minis now).

Fantastic Preview!!!! A+++

Im sure some will argue that all 3 of these miniatures are very spacific to Rise of the Runelords so are not very useful in a game outside of the adventure path.

To them I say TOO BAD FOR YOU! :)
I love the unique minis that are tailor-made for adventures. I always hated when running moduals that the minor monsters had minis made for them but the big bad bosses needed proxies.

I love all 3. Now Im off to look at the packaging since I didnt notice the giant statue was on the box.

Oh and Erik...You said in the last preview that the next one was going to be disgusting and monsterous. These guys arent exactly disgusting. Did you have a change of plans over the course of the week? :)

Its not monstrous...but its a good preview.

Jakardros Sovark: I like him a lot. Nothing but praise for this mini. Looks great. Correct me if Im wrong but this may be the first mini who's bow actually has a string.

Vale Temros: Whats up with his mouth? I clicked on the picture to get a better look and still cant make it out. Is his mouth open? Is that a beard?

Kaven Windstrike: I KNOW I cant be the only person who's initial reaction to the picture was "Its Han Solo!!".
I LOVE this miniature. My friends and I are starting a new campain in a few months and one of us wants to be a Swashbuckler. Im sure I just found his mini. Thank you. :)

After 20-something DDM sets we never got a large lion-body lamia. You guys are AWESOME!!!

That figure alone is pulling me back in.
I cant afford to be a Case Subscriber anymore (my Credit Card only has a $500 limit. How sad!), but I will definitly be buying a few boosters in the hopes of getting one of these.

Heck I may even order a case if I can pinch my pennies and go without food a couple of times. :)

The storm giant is also beautiful.
All 4 huges are awesome (well..I havent seen the white dragon but Im sure its fantastic). I heard 2 of the huges are rare and 2 are uncommon. A case of six will get you 2 of each uncommon and 1 of each rare. Can you confirm that? Can you let us know which are the rares and which are the uncommons?

Mammy Graul already was shot down unfortunatly.

Ogre Kin seems likely and was hinted at.

And yes I would LOVE a lion body Lamia since DDM never made one.

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Tinalles wrote:

Holy sticker shock, Batman!

After the 15% Pathfinder Advantage discount, Heroes & Monsters cost me $233.74 plus $16.68 shipping, for a total of $250.42. But a case bundle of this set is going to cost more than twice that, after the discount and before shipping.

It took nearly a month of deliberation before deciding to proceed with the Heroes & Monsters purchase. It was at the very outer limit of my spending range for a product that I will use once every couple of weeks at best. I appreciate Paizo's commitment to quality. If this had been spread out across two sets separated by a few months, I might even have gone for it.

There are a lot of sweet minis in this set. But at that price, all at once? No.


I am choked up to admit it (I honestly have a tear forming), but I just cant do it. I have to be realistic.

Between now and August I MIGHT just break down and get a standard case and a Rune Giant. But even that is over $400.

There is absolutly no way I can do a bundle and a giant.
I have no choice but to no longer be a Case Subcriber. :(

Triga wrote:
So to purchase the giant I need to spend $120. Shouldn't you just get it for free? kind of a rip off. Your on your way to WOTC land. It just seems like a money grab because you can.

No if Im reading it right you need to spend $400 to purchase a Rune Giant.

You need to buy a standard case...not a huge case.

Fantastic preview!!

Everyone loves Pathfinder Goblins. You said you were showing off "most" of the goblins in the set. So there are more??

I also loved the piece of news that the Town Square Flip Mat is being integarated into the adventure. (Hmm Id love a list of all the Pathfinder adventures that uses things flip-mats so I know which flip mats to scoop up).

The only dissapointing piece of news is that there are only 4 huges. I think a lot of us mistakingly thought there were 6 since a case of huges is 6.

Im happy to see that I can buy a case of regular standard boosters and still get my Rune Giant at 75% off. That gives me time to save money and get the 4 huges at later dates.
I have a case subscription. Will that automatically give me a Standard case and a Giant or a Bundle and a Giant? My credit card only has a $500 limit!! :)

WOW...25 bucks for a huge or 120 bucks for 6....and its random?? Thats gonna be a hard sell in the comic stores. Thats a hard sell for me and Im a plasticrack adict.

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My first reaction was "We had a lich and a succubus in the first set! What gives?"

But I love the lich. The fact that he isnt a skeleton and looks like an old king with a beard. I think this guy has just become my favorite lich miniature ever.

As for the Alu Fiend...I think I would have minded less if there wasnt a repainted Succubus in that upcoming encounter pack.
So we now will have 3 different succubus minis.
If there needs to be hordes of common ones in order to run Rise of the Rune Lords I guess I understand.

And as for the Yeth Hound...AWESOME!!
A monster from the 3rd edition Monster Manual that was never made in over 20 DDM sets. I LOVE seeing monsters that never have been made before. Bravo.

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