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AHhhhh ok.. I have got it now, thank you all Very much for all of the good Info, it is most appreciated, by both me and my DM (long time friend and player of PF1E, but I hyped him up into wanting to try PF2E Lol). SO again, Many thanks to all of you!

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I have noticed that using both sites is the best course of action as there have been several entries in AoN that were not in PFSRD, but also Vice Versa.. some things show in PFSRD that are not in AoN. Thus I tend to use both sites in order to cross reference some things that I search for (So far it has mostly been Fey Creatures, though there has been others).

So, my recommendation is to always look on both sites for anything that you search for.

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Bit of a resurrection on a older post, but I wanted to add.. this whole thing is made worse by the fairly hefty (in my opinion) decrease in number of spell slots per level. If they were separated from each other (Prepared list and Slots available), then that huge cut in slots wouldn't hurt so bad, but as it is... it makes being a caster less useful, especially a blaster (or Wild Shape Druid, since their wild shape is pretty badly done in 2E.. like VERY badly done and at higher levels, spells will be their only real recourse). Please look into either handing out more slots (like the original numbers at least) or switching to the 5E standard (Not advocating this as I feel it weakens the Sorc a little, but it would still be better than what is there already).