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Hello all,

To preface, We are getting ready to start our 1st PF2E game soon and I was going to make a Kobold type and was considering going into Snares a little bit (via their Ancestry stuff) with the desire to learn some stuff now and then maybe later putting into play through more specialized builds.

I have read all kinds of guides and posts and watched videos on Crafting and Snares and such, but I can not find an answer to my question, so I'm Sorry to possibly be asking a simple question, but I have searched and searched and I can not find the answer that explains away my confusion, so I thought I would just ask.

My question is, how do I determine my "Crafting DC" in regards to the section on snares that covers them being found and disarmed? I know how to roll (or use the Assurance Feat) to determine if I can craft something based on the item's creation DC (do I actually have to still do a Craft Check to set a snare?). However, it is that section that states "using the creator's Crafting DC as the snare's Stealth DC" and the portion for disarming it that is where I am really getting stumped, as I do not understand how to determine my Crafting DC to use against their Perception or Thieving Skills.

I have read the rules multiple times, but I think I am just seriously missing something obvious and simple, so I figured after trying to wrap my head around it that I would come here and just ask "How do I determine my Crafting DC in regards to things like this?".

Anyways, I hope I was able to be clear about what has me confused and as always, I hope to get this clarified by those of you who are better off in the know how. Thank you.

My questions are simple, and I hope that the developers read these rules questions and can answer.

The Evolutionist Drain Ability at level 5 States:

"You can leech genetic material and raw evolutionary potential from others. As a standard action, you can make a special melee attack against a significant enemy’s EAC. If you hit, the target must attempt a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + half your evolutionist level + your key ability score modifier). If the target succeeds, you gain 1 Mutation Point. If it fails, you gain 1d3 Mutation Points and the target is sickened for an equal number of rounds.

In addition, when you hit a creature with a melee adaptive strike or with a ranged adaptive strike within its first range increment, you can gain 1 MP as a reaction. After you’ve used your adaptive strike to gain a Mutation Point in this way, you can’t do so again until you rest for 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points."

Now, my questions are:
The second part specifically states Ranged or Melee Strike but the first part only states Melee Strike, so does this mean that one part of the listing or the other is a mistake/typo/forgotten? Aka, should the first part also have it useable as a Ranged Strike? Or should the second part only have it used as Melee Strike?

The reason I ask these are because it does not make much sense that you can drain 1 point with a ranged strike (inside 1st Range increment) but not being able to do the stronger version (even if you are in melee range, and Yeah, not the smartest thing, but still lol).

My other questions are:
The second part states that it can be used Once until a 10 minute rest (Aka on CD). Does this mean each type of Evolutionist drain Attack (main attack or reactionary) be used once each per rest? Or IF you use either of those it puts the whole thing (both types) on cooldown?

Anyways, hopefully an answer is forthcoming (and if it is a mistake in the printing, a Developer will pop in and clarify).

Thank you all for your time.


Sorry to bother again, but I ran into another question about the Android Xenometric Adaptation.. Namrly, the entry says that they possess the physical features and size. My question is, by physical features are they incorporating the racial ability adjustments, or only the appearance? I belive they mean just the appearance, but I could be wrong here. I have seen other posts that mention things in regards to this, but nothing concrete about it as far as I could tell (and it is possible I missed something, would not be the first time lol). Any information on this would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

Sorry if this has been answered before, but a search of the forums yielded no results.

I am asking, are any of the races in Alien Archive 3 also supposed to be/going to be included in the racial options for the Xenometric Android, and if so, which ones and what abilities? Curiouos because there are a few nice ones in there and some I think would make for a cool idea or two (The Spathinae come to mind right off the bat)..

Side question not even remotely related to the above, mainly because I am curious as can be...

Armor Adjusted for Spathinae would work how? Not really relevant I know, but I am just really wanting to know. I mean, they are a swarm of little insects that can literally change form (Which is not mentioned as being possible or impossible when wearing armor, though logically it should be impossible) and even compress (Which the adjustment supposedly allows, but curious how?).

Anyways, if I could please see an answer about the actual question on Alien Archive 3 and Xenometric Android, that would be much appreciated, thank you in advance!

Here is another question or two.. Namely I am curious to see what people's opinions are about the Primal Champion Warpriest Archetype (Ultimate Wilderness one with claws and Wild Shape)?

Also curious as to how people feel it compares against the Shifter (Mainly Adaptive since that is kinda the new base lol)?

And Lastly, I think, I know the Warpriest can have pretty good DPS (Burst/Substained) as an Arsenal Chaplain Archetype archer (Arguably one the best, albeit for a limited number of combats/time according to the math worked out by Chess Pwn), but can the Primal Champion Warpriest pull off something similar at melee? Especially if you start off with a race that has natural attacks other than claws like the Aerieborn who has bite and Talons (Both primary) or the Ragebred (gore primary and hooves secondary).

Maybe add in a witch dip for hair attack (via archetype or hex). Even willing to throw in a second dip or two of Adaptive shifter to get a couple of forms and/or one druid for the Shaping Focus.

Thank you for your time, assistance and any information.

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My Question is, what is the range on the Bagiennik Nasal Spray? All the page says is Ranged Touch Attack, but no actual range listed. I have been searching for an answer for this for over a week and have turned up nothing official as yet. I have also asked in another forum section, but no one seems to be able to find an official answer either.

Any and all information, errata, or FAQ answer to help resolve this would be very welcome, thank you for your time.

Hello again,

I was going to add this with the Bagiennik question, but decided to put it on it's own just so as to not get things scrambled in the two.

Anyways, as the subject says, I am wanting to find out people's thoughts and opinions on the Progenitor Druid Archetype. I am giving thought to trying this out after my Allowed Character Switch comes up, and I am debating between this and the Goliath Druid or Adaptive Shifter.. I've played Goliath Druid before for a few levels and I enjoyed it, and of course, everyone loves the idea of being able to shapeshift or make distorted versions of themselves, BUT I admit, I have always had a fascination with the Fey in old folklore and such growing up (grew up in Europe, so got to hear a lot of the different tales as a kid). So, when this Archetype came out, I got very curious since it got Fey Form as it's Wildshape (Yeah, I know.. you give up Animal Companion and Domain, and you don't get all the goodies, and in some cases the good goodies until higher level, but still.. Fey!)

Anyways, before I wander off thought too far, please, if anyone has any experience playing the archetype, or with the archetype, I'd love to hear what your thoughts and opinions were. Even if you never played it, or with it, but have given it the once over and considered playing it, I'd welcome your input as well. I really want to like this Archetype, but I do not want to invest my 1 free 100% exp transfer into it only to find out that it is terrible, since each change after that the exp allowed to transfer goes down, a lot. I am really hoping that it will prove out to be as good as the Goliath, Saurian or Lion Druid, or at least pretty close.

Anyways, sorry for the rambling, again, any information, input or advice/thoughts you might have on the Archetype, please feel free to share! Thank you.

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Hello all,

Sorry to bother but I have been searching for an answer for this for days and have turned up squat.. namely, what is the range on it? All it says is Ranged Touch, and the only thing I have found in regards to it outside of the Bestiary was a post set on something else that just happened to have someone mention the fact that it has no range listed. Any and all information to help resolve this would be very welcome, thank you for your time.

I apologize in advanced for this being so long (and it probably is, hard to tell since I am doing this on the phone, but computer is busy lol), as well as any repeating I end up doing in other Pathfinder related FB pages or Paizo Forums. Also preface, I have read every post, forum and watched every video I can find on the Winter Witch/Winter Witch, and have tried to use bits and pieces from all plus everything I could find.

I was hoping to run this set up by you guys and get some ideas on what you think about this, as well as any input for things I might be missing. This character would start at a minimum of level 15, if not higher (replacement for a dead character).

I am currently trying to make a good Ice/cold based witch designed around Blaster/Controller with Hexes for Debuffing or Controller/Blaster/ with Hexes for Debuffing. I love the thought of doing cold damage and inflicting debuffs or crowd control at the same time though freezing them lol. I know that the damage for this won't be the absolute best, but it is a character concept as much as anything else, something I think might be all around fun and useful.

At the moment I am thinking 1 level Crossblooded Sorc with either Orc for general damage boost, or White Dragon for Ice damage boost only (as well as thematically) and the other being either Elemental Ice (for thematics as well as turning all spells to ice), or one of the other two I didn't use before for obvious reasons (though this dip could be ignored for better spell progression of needed). The rest of the character will be Winter Witch Archetype Winter Witch PrC at Witch 6 (Character 7), Snow Elf (for the free Spell Focus, most likely Evocation since Conjuration spells are almost all without a save, and thematic reasons). Also considering adding Invoker (for damage boost and either hex/patron spell DC boosts, or, the spell resistance and DR reduction), Though the loss of some of the hexes may hurt me. But I would still be able to get Evil Eye and Misfortune (could replace either if I wish with Frozen Caress, though I don't see me useing many touch spells for this one). Or Demon-Sworn for the Improved Familiar without a feat and only losing one extra hex (or maybe even both, though that would really hurry with hex progression and cost me either Misfortune or Evil Eye). I would love to have been able to add Fortune, but unless I skip Invoker, I know it isn't possible, and I really feel that Invoker is a needed for this.

Current build stats, feats and equipment (25 pt buy)
Starting Stats:
Strength 7
Dex. 16 (+2 racial)
Con. 10
Int. 20 (+2 racial)
Wisdom. 14. (12 if I raise Cha to 13)
Charisma. 10 (13 if I choose Improved Familiar or Spirit Talker as Feats)

Feats (in no particular order):
Spell Focus Evocation (racial) for DC bonuses
Rime Spell (Winter's Grasp most often to make stick)
Prereq to Prestigious Spell Caster
Prestigious Spell Caster to offset Winter Witch PrC spell progression loss
Split Hex (or Rod of Voracious Hex)
Quicken Spell
Intensified Spell
Spell Perfection (either Come of Cold or Freezing Sphere)
Elemental Focus Cold for DC bonuses
2 (or 3 if No Split Hex) More feats between level 15 and 20... Thinking Spell Specialization, Greater Elemental Focus, improved initiative, magic Tattoo: Evocation, Greater Spell Focus, Greater Spell Specialization, Spell Penetratration, Improved Familiar (really not sure about this one, and not needed if I were to fit in Denim-Sworn), Empowered or Maximized Spell (thinking multiple Rods instead) or maybe Spirit Talker (really really not sure).

Equipment (240k gold as per Character Advancement page, also assuming various other stat, protection boosting gear and a broom of Flying to get in and out as needed and Clawhand Shield.. only things listed are for Spell or Hex improving):
Blouse, Cackling Hag's
Robe, Voidfrost (+1 Raise Caster Level for Cold Spells)
Fates Shears (1 forced reroll)
Hexing Runes
Hoarfrost Bones (If Allowed, +1 to Caster level for Cold Spells, Day healing in Cold Weather or submerged in knee deep Water)
Decanter of Endless Water (help with Hoarfrost Bones and Winter Witch Freezing and Sculpting)
Rod of Empowering Spell

Haven't picked a patron as yet though Winter is very Thematic, though also most likely not the most optimal, despite allowing lower level Freezing Sphere.

And for Giggles, Hexes
Evil Eye (if not Misfortune)
Misfortune (if not Evil Eye)
Both Above if no Demon-Sworn
If no Invoker, Fortune and whatever
Ice Tomb
Numbing Chill
2 More From Grand Down if no Invoker, 1 more if Invoker, Maybe Natural Disaster, Death Curse or Dire Prophecy.

Thank you guy for any and all help you can give, and again, I apologize for the verbose nature of this post.

Sorry to bother all, but I am curious (and sorry in advance if this has been asked somewhere on the boards, but I honestly have not been able to find it)... Fabricate Arms has this at the end

"You can’t create magic items, weapons made from a special material, or weapons that are expended with use (such as arrows, grenades, or missiles) with this magic hack."

Now, my question is simple, does this mean you can't fabricate an empty launcher and just load it with purchased ammo (Grenades or missiles or whatever), or does it immediately prohibit those weapon types all together since the weapons have to be created fully loaded?

Second question to go with this, if it prohibits those weapons due to the fact that the hack creates ammo/charges for it's creation, does that mean that the creation never runs out of ammo until the hack ends (curious for weapons such as the Reactionary cannon that only has 6 shots?)

Either way, thank you for the time and any information/clarification you might have.