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If we're going to go, let's really go there!

It would be interesting to see explicit "immortality" like an Unaging/Timeless Body feat or ability that also expressly included "open-ended lifespan". That might be a base level or lesser immortality. Add-ons of whatever bonuses vs poison & disease, Void or death effects, fast heal, resistance to damage, or occasional self-resurrection as you will. That might be interesting as a step into Hero-Godhood, like the old 3.X "Divine Rank 0".

Rather like a "Highlander"-style Immortal, now that I think on it.

Definitely appreciate it, and giving Thisamet some attention. Always liked thinking of her as a welcoming sort, as celebration is at the heart of community, like a holiday feast where people gather & celebrate even when far from home. (ala Brighton’s Berth in https://creativerepository.blogspot.com/2016/11/home-for-holidays.html)

If Tarondor ever peeks back in here, Great stuff! Any thoughts on some more recent options, like the Wrestler archetype?

If you do something in an Ashiftah Witch or using the (Puluran) Stargazer PrC would be interesting to see

Curious on how Polyras Gharlaan (or something similar) might look as a WitchWarper

Please re-issue this

Nice. In a home game, I'm considering something that can get into a room & lay waste either at range or up close, John Wick-style. Which could also really sound like a ZAM (esp w/Point Blank Master at lvl 3 ) for a setting light on guns

I'd been looking at a build -possibly a Mesmerist - based on Leonid Andreyev's story "Lazarus" (he who had been three days under the "enigmatical sway of Death" and "through the black rings of his pupils, as through dark glasses, the Unknowable Yonder gazed upon humanity.") but the new Sorrow psychic discipline is very interesting for something like that.

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Thank you! (as well as for making such an intriguing archetype; for example I can see them having an outlook as being Sarenrae's shadow, for those who reject her light and attack her people)

I was also wondering about the Ashiftah's veil in particular and if it had any particular stats (esp. regarding how durable it is) or if it followed any of the other rules for Familiars (bestowing Alertness, etc)?

It's a very nice version of a Battle Witch alright and made me think also of Sarak from Robin of Sherwood, the black-veiled "Saracen assassin".

Thank you, that clears things up a lot. The Qadira book being so new is what tripped me up on trying to find information on the bloodline. It seems that the academic SQs (full professor etc) are similar? It does look quite interesting. It looks like it would make a viable build with an Ifrit as well.

Hello, I am curious about Jorkane's build, especially the "Solar Bloodline"

Thanks! That was pretty fun, and intriguing too! (now I want to free me some Good Elemental Lords)

Another Anonycon bit is that Max Gladstone may be writing a Pathfinder novel.

(Also, Cedric is now 4th and muttering a lot about how sand gets into everything and Tor seems to have made some skill breakthroughs with his archery and is now 7th.)

Ok. let's get back to cracking along with the mod then

Seems like my only character that would be suitable is:
Scarab Sages

(he's 6 now, at what level would this actually get applied?)

What re the rules for what kind of characters we can apply this to?

Max grips the Hammer and in a blur of hasted speed hurtles towards the other winged form on the floor, gesturing over at Gaevus as he goes along, and

Lucerne Hammer strike: 1d20 + 7 + 3 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 7 + 3 + 3 + 2 = 32
damage: 1d12 + 4 + 3 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 4 + 3 + 6 + 2 = 23
(Str/Magic/Power attack/Inspire) Blunt Magic & CI/S equivalent

(spelling things out this time for clarity on where the bonueses come from)

It comes in handy w/Travel to use Agile Feet (ignore terrain for 1 rd) as free action on a party member about to get in the face of the spellcaster who just dropped ice storm on us ;-)

(Clumsy flying things eh? a lvl 10 version of my Zen archer would be so handy about now)

Hmmm...few of my other skills look likely to hit the dc25 without a really lucky roll (Heal & Survival maybe but I've already hit the crime scene). Would it be feasible to try Sense Motive and/or Pro-Brewer, basically to start up a kind of tailgate party and take a crack at one of the Info pieces?


Strange that I've not heard more about this Patron in the time since RoW came out, and that it seems PFS doesn't allow it.