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You can't take the sky from me

Aeru used to be a big place. Well, maybe it still is, but the way things keep changing … makes it hard for a freebooting aership captain to make a decent living. Used to be a hard-working crew could find good work easy enough. All you needed was your ship, some aerum, a decent reputation, and a few connections.

The War changed things, though. Sure, aership technology is way better. You see birds flying these days that are damn impressive. But there’s so damn many of them. And those that aren’t flying the colors of some Realm's military or another have the registry marks of some heavy-hitter fat cat business tycoon painted across their hull. Fleets numbered in the dozens … if not hundreds, all across the Realms. Who can compete with that?

Then again, there is the Celebration this coming month up in Raventon. Sure, dealing in a city that size always comes with its own difficulties. Taxes. Papers. Procedures. But with that many people flocking to a city that size to see Royal Family parade around the Crown Prince’s new fiancé … that’s a lot of cash in one place. And that always brings opportunity. Not to mention the military, commercial, and logistical needs of such opulence. And you can bet your best hat that the fat cats won’t compete for the … jobs of a less respectable nature.

Yep, Raventon might be just the place...

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So, I'm lookin' fer'some big damn heroes!

... and hoping you guys can throw together a rag-tag crew. I'm giving you freedom to determine if you're in one ship or multiple, but keep I'm mind that everyone needs to have a role in the crew: pilot, navigator, gunner, mechanic, copilot, medical, outflier fighter pilot, etc.

Here are the docs I’ve been spending WAY too much time prepping

Starting level: 2
25 pt buy
2 traits

Races and classes: if you look over the guide docs, you should have an idea of what's available. Let me know if you have questions.

Gear: you guys have been picking up odd-jobs as a team for a bit. You're not rich, but you ain't broke, either. Pick up what feels right for your character, and then I can iron out if maybe folks have a signature item or something.

Houserules: this game is like one big house rule, so please take a look at the house rules section. I don't want to catch anyone off-guard.

Additionally: I'll be giving you guys each a few perks in regards to your role on the crew. We'll work that out when you guys begin ironing out your characters, crew and roles. :)


So, everyone still interested, sound off! My apologies for the wait, but hopefully we have what we need to get a fun game going.

Shoot me your questions, either in this thread or via PM.

One or two self-motivated, results-oriented individuals dedicated to planting a boot firmly between the cheeks of the Crown and Church of Talingarde. Close combat experience is a plus. Healing capacity is a plus. Collaboration and team-work are musts. We set our own hours, and we set our own pay. It's dangerous work, but the good guys aren't gonna kill themselves.

The Low-down:
We are three players in the first leg of the Way of the Wicked AP by Fire Mountain Games looking to replace two players who have dropped out. HERE is the game thread, run by the very dedicated DM Xzaral (aka King Markadian V). We're in the middle of a prison escape and have so far had a strong focus on good scouting, effective subterfuge, strong intel-based planning, and guerrilla combat -- which has served us well despite being out-numbered and out-gunned (at least in the beginning). We love us some fighting, but we like to fight on our terms, always keeping our long-term goals in mind.

What we're looking for:
We want players looking to play evil characters who are three-dimensional, interesting, and gritty. We're not looking for 'mustache-twirlers', grand-standers, or monologuers. Our lost members were a two-weapon Fighter and a two-weapon Rogue, and we've been playing so far with only an Inquisitor for healing (lucky for us we've had a combination of good strategies and good luck and haven't had any problems… though more than a few close scrapes).

We don't have a true close-combat specialist (tank/meatshield/whatever). We don't have someone with the ability to pump out heals on demand (though we're not asking someone play a "healbot"). We don't have a traditional skill-monkey (though our team covers many of those abilities through archetype and skill selection).

We all try to post at least once or twice a day (with the understanding that life happens). Weekends are a crap-shoot.

Here is the original recruitment thread (for a brief overview plus the creation guidelines).

The current cast:
(in no particular order -- well, other than reverse-alphabetical)

Xanos -- Man of mystery. Man of magic. Man who needs no introduction and has yet to use a question mark. Tall, dark, and wickedly-wizardly. He demands your cooperation, though honestly you're just as useful to him dead. (Just don't get on his list.) Necromancer Wizard.

Price -- Seamstress by day. Clinically-calculating, murderous, heartless, inquisitor of the Dark Lord by night. She fights, she heals, and she's manipulating you into surrendering your soul even as she makes you tea and fits you for some evening-wear. Inquisitor of Asmodeus.

Cain -- A hunter with the body of a man, the heart (and blood) of a wolf, and the soul of a killer. A patient, powerful predator. Good with a bow. Good with a blade. And absolutely itching to reclaim his urban hunting grounds. Just don't ask him to solve math problems. Switch-hitting Urban Ranger with some splashed-in lycan traits.

Between waking and dreaming, there is a moment… and in that moment, that heartbeat, that eternity, is a space. A space between night and day. Between life and death.

A space where the soul isn't quite alive or dead. Where the mind isn't awake or asleep.

It is in this space of shapeless unreality that nightmares roam. It is in this space of fleeting eternity where ghosts and shadows live. The deeps of the subconscious psyche. The playground of deities and demons.

The Space Between.

Aaaaand this is the game thread. For context for this game, clicky here.

Stormraven is kicking off the pre-game narratives. And that's how our story begins…

Between waking and dreaming, there is a moment… and in that moment, that heartbeat, that eternity, is a space. A space between night and day. Between life and death.

A space where the soul isn't quite alive or dead. Where the mind isn't awake or asleep.

It is in this space of shapeless unreality that nightmares roam. It is in this space of fleeting eternity where ghosts and shadows live. The deeps of the subconscious psyche. The playground of deities and demons.

The Space Between.


Welcome to the Space Between Discussion Thread. The players will use this for the usual Discussion thread stuff. Visitors (if someone somehow is silly enough to trip their way in here), feel free to speak up in here, but please leave the Gameplay thread to recognized players.

What is Space Between?
The Space Between are the continuing adventures of our characters after retiring from a previous campaign. Our story picks up at a key point where our characters, having a choice, would have made a very different decision than the one countenanced by the DM. It is a free-flowing, rotating-DM, episodic style game that explores the idea that the place between life and death, dreaming and waking, and day and night is one single, if ever-changing and timeless place. Leveling up will be done arbitrarily; when we feel like we want to level again. The fun, the destruction, the banter, and the story is really all we're after here.

Oh yah, and it's crazy high-powerful:
40pt buy, gestalt build.
Using any material that the DM(s) deem usable.
Beginning at level 10 with 2 traits and 80k in gear. (You read that right… 2 WHOLE TRAITS!)

The DM(s) responsible for this shindig are Eben theQuiet (not all that quiet) and Stormraven (not really a bird). They're amazing guys, if only mediocre DM's. :)

Just a few rules before we get started:

1) Who are we kidding… no one cares about rules.

2) There is no crying in baseball.

3) There is no spoon.

I did some searching on the forums before, but was unable to find any threads covering it. If I've simply missed them, please just give me the link or the thread name and i'll happy do the looking myself.

So i was reading this feat, and i'm a little confused on what it does.

If you succeed on the grapple check to maintain the grapple, you just get another check to pin, harm, or whatever as a swift action? Does this basically give you three things you can do in a grapple as long as you have the feat and maintain the grapple as your move action? So you could Maintain (move) > Damage (standard) > Damage > (swift)

I tried to do a search on this, but didn't get the answer to this specific question.

Does taking this feat also improve the number of times you can Wildshape per day (as if you were a higher level druid)? Or simply add to the hours per day and abilities you have access to during your Wildshape?

The sprawl of Rynnmoth hunkers down under the unrelenting assault of an early spring storm. Water pours from the sky, runs off the peaked roofs of houses and chapels as well as the flat-fronts of factories, making the darkened cobbled streets slick to the step. Thunder rolls across the dark skyline… from the open architecture and wide avenues of the Lassaiz-styled east side of the river, across the iconic Twin Bridges of the mighty Rynn River, and washing over the various districts in the Dunhaven-side of the trade city. Many of the town's gas street-lanterns are out - the city's lantern-lighters apparently staying inside to avoid the downpour - and the little bit of illumination reaching the cobbled streets spills weakly through windows of businesses and homes.

Only a few unlucky (or possibly stupid) individuals are seen rushing through the rain, their over coats and umbrellas offering little actual protection from the deluge.

And you find yourself once again asking yourself, Why in the name of all that's holy am I out in this crap?

But even before you can form the thought, your fingers touch on the neatly folded note in your pocket. The note Jones handed you while you enjoyed dinner in his parlor. The note that could be the next step in finding another of your former students.

The note read:

    Mr. Rhens,

    It's been a while. Last time I saw you we were both running like mad from a wall of Tzin shocktroops… ah, good times. Hope the time since has been less exciting.

    I hear you're in the market for some information. Just so happens I have a guy who might have some for you. Sounds like there's been some scuff-ups in a dusty frontier town or two, and a certain few names came up I think you'll want to hear.

    Thursday night I'll be joining said friend down at the Paper Street Press. Around 9 on the clock. I'd say don't be late, but I'm thinking no one's really gonna notice.

    See ya there,


"Rabbit…" you mutter, the name bringing up images of a kid somehow both short and lanky. A kid whose ability to get himself and everyone around him into trouble only seemed to be surpassed by his talent at getting himself out of it. You'd laugh if you hadn't been caught up in his shenanigans a time or two more than you'd like.

The sounds of hooves reach you through the thundering rain just in time for you to dodge back from an on-coming carriage, pulling you from your brooding. Despite your speed, street runoff flies up in a wave and splashes across your legs. Cold, soaked, and pissed, you continue your trudge. Why didn't I hire a carriage? The comfort of that thing would far out-weigh the cost…

Another few minutes find you at the un-locked entrance gate to a large factory building from which you can just hear the sounds of an army of printing presses running. You hurry through the gate and across the small brick courtyard. As you reach out for the door, two bruisers who had been huddling out of the rain step up, one hand held palm up expectantly while the other grips a two foot club in the folds of his long coat.

You hand him the requisite coin. He grunts, "Been 'ere 'afore?" His accent clearly marks him for a Dunnishman, while his thick arms, crooked nose, missing teeth, and sunken knuckles mark him as some kind of tough. When you shake your head 'no' he throws out a memorized list of rules as he looks you over. "No guns. No blades. No cheatin'. No stealin'. A lady says 'no'… then that's a 'no'. No fightin' less yer in the ring." He stops for a second, giving you a chance to volunteer any weapons. The thought crosses your mind that this list of things is actually exactly what you're most likely to run into in this place, at least from what you've heard from Jones. But, not wanting any trouble, you slide the military pistol out of your hip holster followed by the long knife in your boot. His friend pats you down, missing the holdout single-shot up your sleeve along with the small blade you sometimes keep hanging between your shoulder blades. The second man steps back, satisfied. As you begin to step towards the door the big man places a meaty hand on your chest. "Oh, and no collars…" the local slang for the town's peacekeepers. "You ain't a collar, right?" You shake your head no as you pass through the door, replacing the roaring sound of the rain with the rhythmic clacks and whirs of two stories of printing presses spinning out tomorrow's paper.

The sound is somehow similar yet alien, sharing some qualities to the gunsmithing floors of back home but in an altogether new way. You don't have time to dwell on the thought, however, as you are drawn by the light and even stronger, haphazard sounds of the Fight Night gathering. You've only been to a few events like this, but one thing comes to mind. As much as these things are always unique, they're also always the same. The sounds. Shouting. Laughing. Arguing. The club on meat sounds of a bare knuckle fight in progress in the ring. By the hour and looks of the fighters, this is definitely not one of the main fights. Some guy who looks like he could be a barber is hammering a bigger man. You watch as a CRACK sounds the final blow that takes the round man out. Shoulda held his high guard better, you think as you watch the big man's head hit the mat of sawdust and commandeered papers hot off the spinning presses. RIVERSIDE RIPPER CLAIMS NINTH VICTIM, the headline reads.

Even having been in town only a few weeks, it's not the first time you've heard of the killings. What kind of sicko hunts down women and ravages their bodies? And the bite-marks? You shake your head as you wander away from the ring to get the lay of the place.

Military instincts are hard to kick. Know your enemy. Know the lay of the land. Well, there's no enemy here that you know of, but still… old instincts.

You're snapped out of your reverie by the roar of the crowd, and the thin middle-aged victor laughs good-naturedly as he takes a slow spin in the ring. His fingertips are bluish-black. So he's a printer. Not a barber. Maybe he works in this joint, you think as you wander the floor, watching the people of Rynnmoth mix. Well, not just the people of Rynnmoth. Factory workers, merchants, dockmen, sailors, prostitutes (most of them on the job), train workers… you even spot a few street-rat cutpurses making the rounds. Dour Dunhaveners gamble in a corner with fine-clothed Lassaizens who laugh at a handful of dark-eyed Iss'Laani arguing at the impromptu bar with a pair of red-headed, tattooed 'Diori brothers.

So you check your wallet again, along with your pocket watch and hidden weapons, find a stout drink, and wait. Rabbit has got to be here somewhere…

Welcome aboard, Callum. Feel free to do whatever you wish for the time being. There is drinking, gambling, women for hire, you can put your name in to step into the ring, or whatever. Just your chance to play around. There are somewhere between one and two hundred people stuffed into this impromptu parlor/fightclub area. Let me know if you have any questions.

Over the constant wash of rain-water and the occasional boom of thunder is heard the distant cry of a train-whistle as it leaves town. That and the rhythmic squeaking and KLIP-KLOP of a lonely carriage curiously rolling down a darkened Lower Rynnmoth street…

I will never understand these people, you think as you watch the poor soaked man who just received a face-full of street-water kicked up by your carriage on its way by. As you are carried away from him through the downpour, the carriage bouncing and creaking so much that you have to school yourself from squirming for the hundredth time, you feel a pang of jealousy for the man in the rain. I'd rather be cold and wet and walking than have every part of my body bounced right off. Though you have to admit it would ruin your hat.

Your thought is cut off by a question from your carriage companion, and you turn to regard the skinny young man, "Pardon? What was that, Rabbit?"

He sits there casually, stretched out across the short separation between the two opposing seats, somehow not spilling the flask despite the rocking of this ridiculous box-on-wheels. His lively green eyes mirror the smirk that rests on his lips, both seem perpetually ready to make a joke… usually at everyone else's expense. Does he ever take anything seriously? you wonder again.

"I was just sayin', dear Reiko, that you can't fool me. Though it's most intriguin' that you always try." He casually takes a sip then offers you the flask. Whiskey. It's definitely cheap whiskey in there. How can these easterners drink the stuff? "No? Your loss. Anyway, we've spent far too much time together. You and me. So you can sit there all passive and proper. Those beautiful eyes of your lookin' at all this eastern crap like it's some slightly smelly puzzle. But Rabbit knows the truth." He coils up into a forward-sitting position; he always did move much quicker than one could expect, "I know deep down ya love me. Or at least like me. Plus, I think I can make us rich tonight…" With an air of bravado he pats his fine black over-coat, "Well, rich-er anyway."

Here it comes, you think. His newest plan. You'd be more annoyed, but somehow most of his schemes actually work.

"Follow my lead tonight and we'll both swim outta here with more cash than you've seen since… well… probably since that time in the governor's place."

He would bring that up.

"I'll treat you to some o'that high-falutin' Lassaiz wine, I tell ya that." His eyes unfocus, re-running his plans for the evening if you had to guess, and you take the opportunity to look back out the window.

The carriage continues rolling down the street, passing through a short tunnel and into the Stacks - the district easily recognized by its towering smokestacks and large factories. In the tunnel the thundering of the rain is replaced by an echoey splashy hiss, and you look out the window to see a few street dwellers huddling in out of the rain. Then the rainy roar returns as you pass back out of the tunnel again. Rabbit assures you that you'll be at your destination soon, though he calls it "the party". He just has to make a few stops soon. A few times the carriage pulls to a halt in front of a house or a building or a parlor, and each time Rabbit takes in one object or bag to come out with another. Finally he hops back into the carriage with a small non-descript brown satchel and sets his coat aside. "Ah… now that's better. We'll be there soon."

Within a minute your carriage has pulled to a stop in front of a large factory building from which you can just hear the sounds of an army of printing presses running.

Rabbit pops on a bowler hat with a smart red feather stuck in the band and swings a dark umbrella up as he steps from the carriage… the same umbrella he got at one of the earlier stops. You can't help but notice that it really is a nice hat. Maybe I should get one like it, you think as you unconsciously adjust your own hat, a beautiful work of art reminiscent of a colorful bird taking flight from atop your head. The hat, in the current Lassaiz-style is a perfect compliment to your silk Tzin gown.

Rabbit takes a quick look at the factory-front, noting the two bruisers lounging all-too-casually by the door, then turns, slings the bag over his shoulder, and offers you his arm. You keep yourself from rolling your eyes, though you can't help but smile at his antics as you take his arm. Stepping down, you take a moment to check your blade.

"I can't believe you brought that." he mutters. "Don't know how I'm gonna get them to let you take it in." But you can tell he's already forming a plan for that… if he doesn't have one already.

The two of you step forward, and a quick exchange of information takes place (along with a quicker exchange of coin). The bigger of the two men eyes your blade and rattles off a series of 'rules' from memory. "No guns. No blades. No cheatin'. No stealin'. A lady says 'no'…" his dark eyes shift to you. "Well, anyway. No fightin' less yer in the ring. No collars." He stands expectantly, a meaningful look at your katana, but Rabbit jumps in without missing a beat.

"No, no. We can't be giving this up. It's a work of art, mate. And you and I will both be in more than a heap a'hurt if a certain arms dealer doesn't get'is hands on it." He gives the meat-head a very serious look. "You know who I'm talkin' about. Tell ya what… I'm makin' enough cash on this deal, anyway… might as well cut you in, eh?" You almost miss the exchange of cash-slips from Rabbit to the man, and after a few moments thought, the big man smiles - showing a few missing teeth.

"Good ta see ya, Mr. Giles. Enjoy yer evenin'." He reaches out and slips a yellow tag on the hilt of your blade, then dips his rain-soaked hat to you, "Ma'am." And opens the door. You shake your head as you enter, wondering at the yellow paper.

"It says to everyone to keep their bloody mitts off the blade. Anyone would be a fool to steal something with one'a those yellow slips."

The roaring sound of the rain is replaced with the rhythmic clacks and whirs of two stories of printing presses spinning out tomorrow's paper as you venture deeper into the darkened factory towards the sights and sounds of some type of… well… impromptu gambling hall is your best guess. You look over out of curiosity to catch the paper's headline.

[b]RIVERSIDE RIPPER CLAIMS NINTH VICTIM. It's not the first time you've heard the name, and Rabbit apparently saw it as well. "Creepy as hell, right? I mean, killin's no surprise down in Riverside, but seriously." You haven't heard much of the killings, but you've heard enough. Young women's bodies found naked, ravaged, torn, and --

The thought is cut off by a skinny, middle-aged, and shirtless man who steps up to Rabbit from out of the crowd. He's sweating, red-faced, and sporting the beginnings of a shiner along with a half a dozen other bruises on his face and torso. None-the-less, he steps up with a spring in his step and offers a knuckle-wrapped hand to Rabbit, "You just lucked out. Your usual habit of betting against me would have just cost you big'time. Some Riverside meat-hawker just bought me a short vacation with the misses."

Rabbit laughs, "Well, then I'm happy to be fashionably late… again. Meet my friend, Reiko. Reiko, this is Hobbs." He sweeps his arm out in a grand flourish to the printing presses, "He manages this fine set of machinery. Oh yah, and he midnights as an aspiring underground Fight Club coordinator and amateur bare-knuckle boxer."

The man extends his hand to you, his fingers stained a bluish-black at the ends.

Reiko, welcome to the game. Other than the man awaiting your handshake, there seem to be somewhere between one and two hundred people packed in the area. Drinks, gambling, prostitutes, and bare-knuckle boxing all seem to be on the agenda. The rich mingle with the non-rich to get a chance to see some good ole-fashion fighting. People from all nationalities rub elbows, make loud jokes, and a few cut-purses are probably making the rounds. So… have a good time. :)


We're still waiting on two players, but I didn't see any need to make you two wait any longer… so jump in, playas!

And just for your edification…

Rynnmoth is a large city that has grown up around a specific point in the Rynn River. It is the place that, due to a serious narrowing of the river a few miles up-stream, was established as a major trade post for the local Nations.

Rynnmoth itself is actually made up of two towns, grown together over the years. On the west (and Dunnish) side is the original Rynnmoth, a large, sprawling city that holds the bulk of the area's population. It was founded and has grown on the back of the native Dunnish people, and its efficient and simply layout reflects that. There are a number of different districts in the town, such as Little Haventon (a middle-to-upper class residential area), the Square (governmental offices and high-end trade-houses as well as some high-end food establishments), the Stacks (factory district that also holds the train-yard), Lower Rynnmoth (a mish-mash of Dunnish and non-Dunnish neighborhoods, most of them middle to lower class), and Riverside (a large, shady, and often dangerous river-and-dock-side poor neighborhood). These are some, but not all of the major areas.

Moving east across the Rynn River - across the well-known Twin Bridges of Rynnmoth, the northern one being recently converted to carry the trains that carry many trade goods into and away from the town - you move into the Lassaiz side of the metropolitan city. While there has been much cultural meshing over the years, the east side is still distinctively Lassaizan, with it's open architecture and wide avenues. Other than having its own (if much smaller) governmental and office buildings, the main points of interest are the Market area, the lumber mill, the University, the lighter-than-air shiptowers, the Horse Racing tracks, and the two dueling gyms. This side of town has far less of an eclectic look.

The two sides share most city resources, though they have independent policing agencies (who try to work hand-in-hand, but there is some overlap and some gaps).

Okay, so here is our discussion thread. Players sound off, and anyone else is welcome to post in here. Visitors, please be respectful and don't post in the game thread.

Let's try to keep the majority of out-of-character chatter in here. Quick questions and jokes are welcome in the game-thread, but anything that will require any lengthy discussion should be here.

setting expectations:
This game is a trial for a game world concept as well as a bunch of game mechanics, so we need to be aware of things that aren't working out well or as intended. We can always iron those things out on the fly, and hopefully everything we've come up with to play-test will turn out fun and functional.

I'm going to be trying something with rolls. I'm trying to put an emphasis on fun, action, and story-immersion. To that end, I'll be rolling many checks for you that happen reactively, and many of those won't even show up in the thread. For example, if your character is subject to a will save, I'll probably simply roll it and put it in the thread in a "rolls" spoiler. In contrast, if an individual or the team needs to roll a perception check against an ambush, I'll roll those in a hidden or random thread somewhere, document the results, and simply narrate the impact those rolls had without actually showing you that you even rolled. This way it can happen a bit more naturally without me having to tip my hand that there is someone/something out there hunting you. :)

If you feel that my DM dice don't do you any favors as far as saves or somesuch go, please let me know and we'll come up with a solution. Don't expect me to allow you to roll random rolls and then ask that it be used for something useful if the die comes up helpful. That annoys me.

This is not to say you can't ever roll stuff proactively. If you want your character to spend some time specifically looking for something because there is reason to believe it's there, feel free to have them do that.

I'm also going to allow the players to roll their own AoO's and stuff, as there are always too many variables to consider when those to come up, and I don't want to make decisions for the players.

On the off-chance a lurker stumbles in here (which I'd be surprised about, but welcome anyway), here's the build specs. And keep in mind the players and I are referencing all the "rules" documents in private google documents. If you are actually interested in seeing them, throw up a post in here and I'll be happy to find a way to make those available to you.

build stuff:
25 point buy
All humans - though there are some cultural variants available to the players.
Two traits at creation - some are core, some will be custom.
Gear and money are being handled on case-by-case basis in relation to character backstory.

So players, sound off!

Just like the title says. i know its' a standard action to drink the potion, but what action is it to spew the three fire attacks off?

This is the 2nd Arena for Evil Ginger's PbP Arena thread. (But this one will be run by Eben.) Just like the other thread, don't post in here unless you're one of the combatants. The discussion thread is here.

I'm going to try to post enough to keep the character's information up-to-date, and if you post before I've reconciled your opponent's action, you may be acting without all the information, but feel free to do this if you want to try to speed things along or if your actions for the round aren't dependent on your opponent.

Good luck!

I'm thinking of modifying the druid and cleric classes for a homebrew setting. I ran across some threads where people said they would work as low-BAB, wizrd spell-progression classes, but they didn't expound.

Anyone have suggestions on how to move these two classes in this direction and keep them in-line power-wise with the other casters?

I'm a little confused about what seems like an inconsistency regarding a heavy horse's supposed encumbrance levels and it's overland speed listed on Table 7-9: Mounts and Vehicle (pg. 174 of Core book).

According to the Bestiary, a Heavy Horse is just a horse with the Advanced Simple Template. This means its speed remains 50, but it's strength goes up to 20. Using this strength score, and referencing Table 7-4: Carrying Capacity (pg. 171), their light load should be 399.

I came to this using the "Bigger and Smaller creatures:" entry regarding Quadrupeds, which reads:

Quadrupeds can carry heavier loads than bipeds can. Multiply the values corresponding to the creature’s Strength score from Table 7–4 by the appropriate modifier, as follows: Fine ×1/4, Diminutive ×1/2, Tiny ×3/4, Small ×1, Medium ×1-1/2, Large ×3, Huge ×6, Gargantuan ×12, Colossal ×24.

With this in mind, a Heavy Horse should be able to move at full speed while carrying a light load of up to 399 lbs., but in Table 7-9, it indicates that a Heavy Horse bearing between 229 and 690 pounds is already moving at a diminished speed.

Additionally, Table 7-9 also has the Heavy Horse moving at a slower speed in general than the Light Horse, which is not accounted for in the template. I know back in 3.5 they moved different speeds, but that's not the case anymore. Am I just seeing a carried-over inconsistency? Or am I missing something about the Heavy Horse in general?

ANy help on these issues would be greatly appreciated. (I tried to search for these on the messagebords, but came up empty-handed - if you know of the topic already covered, i'll gladly accept a link to read.)

Okay, i tried to search the boards for an answer to these two questions, but came up empty, so I'm hoping some of you messageboard guru's can help a guy out.

A couple questions I ran into when thinking through a transmuter character. The answers are probably obvious, but I could use some clarification.

1) When casting Alter Self, can you take on the form of a Were-wolf and get scent? The spell says you have to choose a creature with the Humanoid subtype, and the were-wolf entry is definitely listed as a humanoid, but it's the template applied to that humanoid that gives it the scent ability… so, is it viable?

2) When delivering a touch attack, can you natively use your dex instead of strength modifier? Or do you need to pick up Weapon Finesse to do so?

The second day breaks chilly, windy, and wet. Paezh's weather-prediction proved to be dead-on, and the weather set in for good… lasting all day.

Winding through tree stands, over rocky hills, and even over misty moors, the day is a tiring march, broken up intermittently by the crack of far-off lightning.

Lunch is trail rations, eaten during a quick break to rest the horses, then on the road again, rotating walking and riding.

When asked when they will arrive in Sandpoint, Kord looks skyward and responds, "Well, I'd hoped to get there tomorrow noon, but with this weather, it's gonna be the following morning."

Feel free to do any roleplay on the road… more to come as you near Sandpoint. I'm gonna try to make it this evening, but it may be tomorrow morning before that's up.

Welcome to the Rise of the Runelords game, fellas. Here we go. You all should have gotten here through invitation, so i should have your email address.

For those of you who are new to pbp (play-by-post), this thread is where we will be doing all our out-of-character discussion. Some jokes are best "in the moment" in the actual game thread, and i'm totally cool with that. Let's just be intentional about using this space for the majority of our non-character stuff.

That said, here are the guidelines for character creation (which most of you already know):
25 pt buy
Races: core - ask me if you have one in mind that's not core… i'm a fan of non-conventional… (just ask Biter or Silent)
Classes: anything in the Core or anything in the upcoming Advanced Player's Guide
Starting gold: max gold for your chosen class
Traits: choose 2 from any Paizo product.

One last note:
While not new to gaming, i'm somewhat new to DM'ing - and this is definitely my first pbp as a DM. So I'm employing my +5 Umbrella of Grace here, folks.

Other than that, feel free to ask questions, let's get those backgrounds rounded out and then i'll try my best to get the game thread up and running quickly.

Ok, initiative rolls, please, and nothing else,and i'll line up our order of initiative. Initiative rolls for hyena-faced friends…

Blood-Jaw 12; One-Eye 18; Shorty 7

The Setup
You are all at the tables, at the bar, or in the kitchen, depending on who you are. Because of tables everywhere, there really isn't a clear lane for charging in any direction. Getting onto a table or the bar is a Climb DC 10 or Acrobatics DC 16, both are sturdy enough to support you standing/fighting from atop them (unless they are disturbed by another combatant). Feel free to take liberties with the surroundings, but if something seems wonky or exploitive, i may call you on it.


So switching to here from the bar to keep the people who don't want to mess with it going on the rp stuff. Biter's first actions re-copied for convenience

Mors would be pissed if i got more blood in his inn...

Letting the adrenaline overcome him, the stalwart little gobbo heroically drops his weapon and dives in for a throat-choke, but his legs tangle in the dropped sword, throwing him off-target.

Free Action: Drop Sword
Free Action: Rage
Standard Action: Grapple

the orc would get an AoO, but i beat his initiative... so nyah nyah!

1d20 + 4; (6) + 4 = 10

My DM and I are having a rules interpretation issue regarding Readied Actions, and he would like an official answer about the situation. His exact words were "need a piazo guy not some forum monkey". Is there a place on the paizo site to submit questions for official rulings? If so, can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

ok, so i'm going to run a homebrew that is HEAVILY Eberron-inspired, and I want to make a hybrid monk/soulblade class for the kalashtar fighters. It just always seemed from what i read that they should be able to blend those two.. mixing their unique "martial-arts" like mindblade fighting style into the monk class.

Here's how I envision this classes's style and role… still the skirmisher type (like the monk), but not as good with combat maneuvers, less "eastern mystic" abilities, no unarmed combat progression, but with an emphasis on guerilla tactics emphasizing the use of their unique Mindblade.

i've come to a place, however, where i'm not sure what else needs to be added or removed for balancing. Here is what i'm thinking:

• The following remain "as is" from monk: Hit die, saves, skills, BAB, speed enhancement, monk AC, Slow fall, Still Mind, HIgh Jump, Evasion (and Imp. Evasion).

• The following are being modified from monk:
- Weapon Proficiencies: remove all "monk" weapons. Remains proficient with simple weapons only, as well as his own Mindblade.
- flurry of blows - this is useable with unarmed strikes and the mindblade. Otherwise identical to original
- Bonus Feats:
Remove from list - Catch Off-guard, Scorpion Style, Throw Anything, Gorgon's Fist,
and Medusa's Wrath.
Add to list (at indicated levels) - [1st] Weapon Focus (Mindblade), Mindblade Shape,
[6th] Weapon Specialization (Mindblade)
[10th] Greater Weapon Focus (Mindblade)

• The following is removed as they really belong to the Eastern Monk archetype: Unarmed Strike (both feat and progression), Stunning Fist, Maneuver Training, Ki pool (and all abilities that use Ki points - Wholeness of Body, Abundant Step, etc), Purity of Body, Diamond Body, Diamond Soul, Quivering Palm, Timeless Body, Tongue of the Sun and Moon, Empty Body, and Perfect Self.

• The following is being added from the Soulknife class (XPH version):
- Mindblade - as is - including enhancement bonus progression and properties
- Throw Mindblade - as is
- Psychic Strike - as is
- shape mind blade - moving to lvl 1
- Knife to the Soul - as is
- Multiple throw - as is


First of all, do the changes above make the class complete? Is it overpowered? Underpowered? I believe at this point, he has lost more than he has gained, but I'm open to hearing otherwise. I believe his damage potential is about the same as the true monk, but with a modified way of getting there.

Secondly, there are a few things i'd like to add, mostly to make up for the lost Ki powers. I'd like to add the following Powers to the class (manifester level equal to number of levels in this class - and with no additional power points - just those for being Kalashtar). The added powers: Burst, Conceal Thoughts, Offensive Precognition, and Defensive Precognition. I think they both reinforce the Kalashtar Shadowblade fighting style and expand upon the utility of the Kalashtar power point pool racial feature. Is this still in line power-wise? Does it take it too far?

Lastly, I thought about adding a class feature that boosts his mental defenses. I would imagine, as they are hunters of Dream/Nightmare spawn, that they'd be especially adept at rebuffing mental attacks. At higher levels, would it be overpowered to include a class feature that makes them immune to mind controls (mostly fears, charms or dominations)?

Ok, that's it, and i appreciate any feedback i get.

Thump, thump... is this thing on?