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Heathansson wrote:
heh heh......Texas barbecue is weird.

You troll, everyone knows that Korean BBQ rocks


Whatever happened to the chicken?

What color does a smurf turn if you choke it?

Is that what they are calling it these days?

Same here

63. Hook Mountain Hangover
64. Second Stein
65. Legacy of Ale
66. Rise of the Mead
*finally edited*

The Jackskunk wrote:
Wow, we got a lot of pages. Clearly we are talking about something important. *hic*

Whoa a Jackskunk, is it a result of the same process as a Jacknape? Forgive me I am new here

Jack'n'Coke wrote:
Butter Patrick wrote:
Hungry Jack wrote:
• 1 cup Hungry Jack® Microwave Ready Butter Flavored Syrup
Gah! There's no need for "butter flavored" syrup. Just use butter.

Why not use butter and butter flavored syrup.

Or better yet wrap a sausage link in bacon, spread butter on it, wrap that up in a pancake, then put butter flavored syrup on that, Oh I can feel my artieries clogging just thinking about it.

Yeah your cardiologist loves you, you keep him in Porsches and Bentleys

45. Philia- wether it be dendro, necro, hemo, or group made necrodendro, or any other fondness, or love of.

Stops, laboring for breath, Chaotic clowns and now two other fanatics. this place is dangerous. *Looks over shoulder* Ahhh, Not again, starts running away, again. All the while screaming, I am just empty calories still