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I recently purchased Adobe acrobat pro 9, with the hopes of using it to modify the Golarion map PDF file, but every time I open it (or any of your PDF's) it is visible for a second and then the screen goes black. This does not happen on PDF's from other sources. Just hoping someone there might have some idea what he problem might be here. I have contacted Adobe with this problem, and they claim that the file is corrupted. Which is of course BS because it is happening with all your PDF's and I that seems pretty unlikely. I think there must be some setting that is not correct.

This is really frustrating any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, hope to hear something soon.

As much as I appreciate you guys making the Golarion map available as a JPEG. I have a little problem with it. The map has the names of all the locations on it ,but my players know nothing about those places yet.I don't want to give out that much info on the world right now.

It would be great if there was a map that did not have the titles or lines on it so I could let them have free reign with it. That way I can give them the names of things as they encounter them. They get distracted way too easy.

Just thought that might be a good suggestion. I am currently trying to modify the map that you have provided for just this purpose. Its probably going to take a while.

First off let me warn you there are some refereces to the Stargate TV frachise here that might not make sense if you have not seen much of the show.

I am starting a new game Saturday, using the Stargate D20 (Spycraft 1.0)system. I will be using the Kingmaker adventure path as the basis for the adventure and Golarion as the setting. Basically the PCs are the lead team in a new City of the Ancients similar to Atlantis named Camelot.

The whole history of Golarion is fitting in perfectly with the premise so far. The Azlanti were wiped out (fled) from Golarion about 10,000 years ago during Earthfall, which is right in line with the show. One last Azlanti remained and was basically a god (Aroden) and then he raised the Starstone and "ascended". Then other people use this same method to ascend to Godhood. Some good some evil.

Why I am posting is because I am having trouble with the main over-arching villain race. I am thinking so far that the Fey will probably be both the bad guys and the good guys, because of factions within the "race". I know there are good fey and bad so this sounds like it will work, but there seems to be very little official information on them, either Pathfinder or 3.5

I am also thinking the fey will actually be the the never seen member of the alliance of the 4 great races from SG1 the Furlings. Right now the basic history is that that Ancients traveled to the Furlings galaxy and they conflicted with the evil Furlings "fey" while the good Furlings formed an alliance with the Ancients. The 2 races then travel to the Milky Way galaxy where the good furling flourish for a while and form the alliance of the 4 great races with the Ancients, the Furlings, the Nox, and the Asgard.

Does anybody have any suggestions for reference material? or maybe just wants to throw in their 2 cents and riff on the Stargate/D&D idea. Any ideas would be appreciated. Also looking to get a bit more of a technology angle worked in