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I recently purchased Adobe acrobat pro 9, with the hopes of using it to modify the Golarion map PDF file, but every time I open it (or any of your PDF's) it is visible for a second and then the screen goes black. This does not happen on PDF's from other sources. Just hoping someone there might have some idea what he problem might be here. I have contacted Adobe with this problem, and they claim that the file is corrupted. Which is of course BS because it is happening with all your PDF's and I that seems pretty unlikely. I think there must be some setting that is not correct.

This is really frustrating any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, hope to hear something soon.

Of course, 9 is the one I have but I'll give it another try. Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately it appears both of the PDF's suggested by Vic Wertz were not layered or at least they are secured with a password so that I cannnot modify them. Any chance of getting the password?

Thanks for the tips folks, I was hoping there was a PDF version available so I could remove the text as a layer. I will just grab it from the inner sea map folio. That will save me a ton of effort.

As much as I appreciate you guys making the Golarion map available as a JPEG. I have a little problem with it. The map has the names of all the locations on it ,but my players know nothing about those places yet.I don't want to give out that much info on the world right now.

It would be great if there was a map that did not have the titles or lines on it so I could let them have free reign with it. That way I can give them the names of things as they encounter them. They get distracted way too easy.

Just thought that might be a good suggestion. I am currently trying to modify the map that you have provided for just this purpose. Its probably going to take a while.

I got nothin' but I am thankful that anyone is willing to riff on some Stargate D20 ideas.

I don't recall the Tolan "building" a gate, but let's assume that you are right, and they could do it.

They got wiped out very early on in the SG1 series. So that puts it right back to no one having the technical capacity to actually buid a gate except a "descended" Ancient (like the one that fell in love with Dr. Carter). That was the only time I ever remember anyone building a gate.

I don't think the show ever indicated that the Asgard were capable of building a Gate.

Apparently the Ancients have gads of seed ships (SG-Universe) cruising the universe planting gates every which way. I wonder if they are automatically constructed on board the seed ship. seems like it would be more efficient to build them on the ship as they go rather than build them all ahead of time.

That's the closest I can think of to any info on actually building gates.

I think for the purposes of my game it will still be beyond the scope of the players abilities (even at level 20) unless someone specifically wanted to start gearing their character toward that (which I "might" discourage)

FYI the game got delayed due to a rash of illness, so I haven't had the first session yet

Thanks for the input everyone.

Brock, I really like your ideas. You really seem to "get" where I am coming from on this. I definitely will incorporate that idea about the bleaching being a result of their not being originally from this "time/space" and siphoning their power from the lesser members of their "race" who then use humans to regain their own "essence". Very Interesting, thankfully I don't think I will have to do is mention them obscurely for a while.

Oliver McShade, Devolved Ancients, This I think will use on a some isolated planet somewhere. That would be really good for a a short period of time I think. It does bring up another problem I have had with campaign development so far. No Stargate travel. Since I am using the Kingmaker Adventure Path we will be staying local for a while in the "Stolen Land" area, and that is exactly what I want for now, but if the players are interested in continuing, and I think they will be, I will continue the game in whatever direction it goes (hoping to use more premade adventure).

Ultimately a Stargate game should make use of the gate itself. During my Golarion research I read about the Elf Gates that the Elves used to "travel to their homeland/world". their is also some speculation that the elves are a derivative of the fey themselves. The Elf gates however seem to transport you to a specific location rather than any where. The Ancients had already invented the Stargate before leaving their home galaxy. So they elves may have learned to build their limited version of the Stargate from them. Also this would mean that the Elves and the Ancients were allies (Hmm if they are fey, maybe they are the furlings, not sure). There is a place called the steaming sea in NW part of the map of Golarion, where masked grey elves speak fluent Azlanti and guard an old outpost/building/base with their 'flying skimmers'.

The only other place I found that relates to the Stargate so far was somewhere near the worldwound something about a circle of portals. I have been researching all day and I can't find it again, but that sounded like my best bet to get them into gate travel (after Kingmaker). If anyone know the place I am talking about please post it.

Tom S 820, thanks a bunch for the list of fey that will be very helpful

Oh, I forgot to mention that this is essentially after the SGI and Atlantis series take place and still in the Stargate "Canon". Late in the show on SGI they began to introduce Arthurian Myth, but they did not ever really do much with it. So I thought it would make a good starting point for a new "series". Basically Dr. Jacksons research turns up information on a new Ancient city.

In short Merlin (from SGI season 10) was an Ancient and he went with the rest of them when they left earth for the Pegasus galaxy. Then when he was approaching the end of his Looong life he decided to live out the rest of his days among the nobles of King Arthur's court. Where he built the weapon that could kill ascended beings (that is all from the show). I am adding that he goes back to the Furlings galaxy hoping to setup a safe base to prepare for the battle with the Ori (evil ascended ancients).

This setup gives me a believable reason for how Golarion is so much like medieval Europe. As Merlin brought some of his Knights of the Round Table back with him (Round Table=Stargate)

So I cant use the wraith (been done). and I don't want to reassign the four great races as D&D races (except the Fey). Just like the other shows there would be very little left of the Ancients. So I don'y need to worry about that.

Thanks for the input. What I really need is some resource material on Fey so I can see how well they will wedge into my ideas.

First off let me warn you there are some refereces to the Stargate TV frachise here that might not make sense if you have not seen much of the show.

I am starting a new game Saturday, using the Stargate D20 (Spycraft 1.0)system. I will be using the Kingmaker adventure path as the basis for the adventure and Golarion as the setting. Basically the PCs are the lead team in a new City of the Ancients similar to Atlantis named Camelot.

The whole history of Golarion is fitting in perfectly with the premise so far. The Azlanti were wiped out (fled) from Golarion about 10,000 years ago during Earthfall, which is right in line with the show. One last Azlanti remained and was basically a god (Aroden) and then he raised the Starstone and "ascended". Then other people use this same method to ascend to Godhood. Some good some evil.

Why I am posting is because I am having trouble with the main over-arching villain race. I am thinking so far that the Fey will probably be both the bad guys and the good guys, because of factions within the "race". I know there are good fey and bad so this sounds like it will work, but there seems to be very little official information on them, either Pathfinder or 3.5

I am also thinking the fey will actually be the the never seen member of the alliance of the 4 great races from SG1 the Furlings. Right now the basic history is that that Ancients traveled to the Furlings galaxy and they conflicted with the evil Furlings "fey" while the good Furlings formed an alliance with the Ancients. The 2 races then travel to the Milky Way galaxy where the good furling flourish for a while and form the alliance of the 4 great races with the Ancients, the Furlings, the Nox, and the Asgard.

Does anybody have any suggestions for reference material? or maybe just wants to throw in their 2 cents and riff on the Stargate/D&D idea. Any ideas would be appreciated. Also looking to get a bit more of a technology angle worked in

Got mine in the mail yesterday. They are super cool, but the flames do not fit into the torches. I know I probably should use glue, but I expected them to fit like all the rest of t he pieces. Disappointed, but still satisfied. I am going to write an email to Litko to see if this is the way they are meant to be. Overall good product, but I think square bases would be better too.

Personally I do not like the Fly skill. I think this is getting away from the stated goal of PFRPG, which is backwards compatibility.

Balance and Tumble can cover all of the necessary conditions, simulating the ability of someone with natural talent to be able to control themselves if they had a fly spell cast on them or a magic item. (don't most magical effect also give you a flight control rating also)

By adding a fly skill that most people wont use seems to be a serious drag on the fewer skill points that you ae giving the classes. I can see that you guys are trying to address this by combing the skills but it is taking away from the diversity of choices for diferent characters.

I think I will keep the old skill system in place more or less, and that is mostly motivated by the addition of the Fly skill.

Erik, said earlier that most of them think it is a great idea. Well that's good and all but why do you think that?, Can you cite some examples?

Also I would like to thank all of you guys at Paizo for doing a great job, and providing us with a forum to help improve the game that we all love.

I agee that adding both stat modifiers would probably be more trouble than its worth, but the idea of choosing which stat to use will allow your character to be more focused on the things that he is trying to be good at (suggested by KnightErrantJR).

I don't see where it would be unbalancing to the game if you were only adding one or the other, and it gives that extra level of individuality for characters.

I think A Flail really ought to be considered an Exotic Weapon.