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Hey all-
I was wondering if any of you would mind reading my post on the Goblin Works forum and share what you think.

Thanks so much.

My suggestion to encourage more PVP is to have more PVE

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Apologies if this was said before and I missed it.

I was wondering if GW said what's the minimum number you need to form a company. I thought someone said in alpha right now it's 1 person. If that's true, do we know if that's also confirmed for EE?

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Rust Monster is hungry.
Please vote for me to be in the game with you.

Nom Nom Nom.

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This game of a Land Rush is competitive and said rules were not made clear to all parties involved. I say all parties because the community at large does not know what we know in regards to what is going on. In my opinion a blog post is not adequate enough to explain the details of this specific event, what it entails and what to expect going forward. The guild term complicates matters, but that should be explained as well to new people why it's used and why you should rethink things.

I just went through and counted myself how many people have signed up for this thing. The number of 1 person backers is astounding. That tells you right there that many don't even understand the point of this Land Rush I feel.

Now there's the issue, here's what I would do to address it. Make a new sticky post, that puts in detail all information in bullet point form about the Land Rush. Specifically address the term guild; address why players must challenge themselves outside of the box and why they should work with other groups to grow their settlement. Smaller groups need to stop thinking 'my' settlement and start thinking 'our' settlement, if they want to land a spot.

Allow people to contact other Land Rush settlements on the GW site.
If that's not possible, create a new post or sticky one of the Land Rush settlement lists and keep it up to date. Encourage new groups to put their contact information in there as well.

After that, have another quick email to backers with a direct link to these forums explaining in detail why it would be in their best interest to check this out.

I have already met some awesome people and it's all because of the system in place. We just need better communication to those joining the Land Rush about what is actually going on.

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Settlement Name: TBD

Alignment: LG

Location: Mountain Tile (If possible)

Based on recent information and discussions internally, the company of Full Metal Syndicate has decided on the direction of forging a new path in Pathfinder Online. We will be looking to establish a settlement with like-minded Lawful Good players and companies with similar interest. Our vision is to place a monastery like fortress. It will deal primarily with ore and stone to develop armory for the strong Paladin contingent that will reside there. We will also be focusing on trade and selecting an area that will maximize PVE opportunities for those interested. PVP will be a primary focus and the warriors of light that band together will find brothers (and sisters) in arms willing to defend against the blight plaguing the Golarion lands.

This is a post for reaching out to people interested in banding together to create a settlement, not to join our company. We have no interest in specifically recruiting for our company to make this settlement work. We realize that we must work together with other companies to make something like this a reality. We've had an interested few parties speak with us, but rather than just go through back channels - we thought it best to just come forward and be upfront with our intent. Numbers don't lie and we will know whom has what very soon. If you are a company that is interested, please feel free to contact one of the six core from Full Metal Syndicate to set up a meeting with the groups if interested. If you are a free agent and interested, you are most welcome to apply to our company as well. We are a company that focuses primarily on diversity for recruitment, but that doesn't mean you have to be a specific sub-sect of a group to join us. If you are tolerant and overall nice person, you have a place with Full Metal Syndicate.

As you can see, we have left the settlement name TBD. We want to keep key ideas flexible for others that will join in making this settlement to have significant input as well. This will be a cooperative agreement in forming this new spiritual bastion. We are looking to work with people, not tell them what to do. This could be an exciting venture for those looking for an opportunity to explore this avenue within the Pathfinder Online world. Of course being a Lawful Good settlement also means we will be a destination for those seeking the higher tier training in the ways of the Paladin.

If interested, please feel free to respond here or reach out to us via PM.

The Contacts to PM are:

- SirZac

- Quietus

- Trippic (aka Flintlokk)

- Rhun (aka Sundracon)

- Deloncre

Where there are those in need that seek protection, we offer the tools to defend yourselves.

Where there are those that beckon forth the destructive forces spewing from the wound, we stand in defiance.

Where there are shadows, we will cast light.

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Hey guys-
I did some looking, but didn't see anything about this specifically.
I see that 6 people (possibly more through the GW site) have backed Crowdforger Tavern Owner. Does anyone know if we can expect any of the Taverns to make it into EE?

Also, do we know if The Memorial of Honor will be in EE as well and if so where the location might be on the map?

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I know there will be some events. I'm guessing the space will be limited. PO is one of my main reasons for going to PaizoCon this year. Does anyone know if there will be a place to sign up for these events? It would really be a let down to go and not be able to attend all things GoblinWorkshop.

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http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/01/22/scott-hartsman-leaving-trion-worlds /

Scott Hartsman leaving Trion Worlds

I've seen this guy in action. Based on where you guys want to go with this game, his experience in the field and the fact that Goblin Works and he both see MMOs as a service - I think it would be a perfect fit.

Seriously. Hire him. :)

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For those of us that pledge guild and buddy I was wondering if someone could shed some light on this particular issue and accounts as it relates to the emails, surveys and rewards. I have some anxious colleagues that are curious as to how the guild reward backing will work. Thank you in advance for any information you can tell us right now. :)

Hey guys, I have a player planning on rolling this and I have two quick questions.

1). Can he create a mutagen and give it to another player and then make a new one for himself? Or does the mutagen effect vanish from the other player when he makes a dose for himself?

2). When a player spends money on crafting potions, must he spend the money on the mats first or can he spend the money when he needs it? What I mean is - let's say that you're in a dungeon - you ran out of potions. Player wants to make more potions. Does he need to go back to town first to buy the mats? Or can he just make potions and deduct the appropriate cost?

I think I know how I'm going to rule it on both of these, but I'm just curious on what the official rule is on this. Thanks so much for any advice you can give. :)

Hey all. I'm a new GM for Pathfinder. I've run RPGs before, but not 3.5 or Pathfinder. I have friends I will be playing with online.

Because of this I was looking towards a Virtual Table Top. I'm leaning towards d20Pro because it seems to have a lot of Pathfinder intergration. It also seems to be the preferred VTT to run Pathfinder. I've seen some say they run Fantasy Grounds 2, but that's a little much for our budget. MapTools seems like another option and free, but not sure about the support and I'm kind of looking for something easier to use.

On the character gen front I think we will be using PC gen because of budget reasons for Herolab. I would love my players to use that though. It seems awesome.

I have the Core Book, The Inner World Sea Guide and Bestiary 1.

I would like to get an Adventure Path PDF. I was wondering if I could take the maps inside the PDF and use them on the Virtual Table Top. I notice that there's some products that Pazio offers for VTT for maps and such. Do any of these need to be bought as well for the Adventure Path or does the Adventure Path include everything you need?

Also, if someone could explain briefly how Adventure Paths work and if it's intended to take you from level 1 - level w/e.
Also is everything based on the one campaign The Inner Sea Guide?

Any info you guys could give would be greatly appreciated. I think I might have a bit of an issue thinking outside the box as far as campaign settings go, thanks to my previous experience with other RPGs. Is all the campaign stuff based off one world?

Anyways, this game looks awesome and so excited to run this with my friends.