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I'm sure I'm not alone among GMs planning on running Fists of the Ruby Phoenix after this AP...can we get any guidance on any plot points to include while we play through Abomination Vaults that will let us narratively tie the two APs together?

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Does anyone else think that the Deadtide for Otari event that kicks of Chapter 2 would be more fitting as the instigating incident for the campaign? I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with the campaign start as written, but the Deadtide seems like such a more dramatic and exciting way to immediately get the PC's interested in the Gauntlight and setup some real stakes. Thoughts?

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My plan is to do a manual copy from the interative pdf, and make a tile overlay with the secret door location. I'm on Foundry, by the way.

Would I prefer a simpler solution? Of course. But it's a workaround I can live with.

I'm using Foundry as well. I just used the PDF to Foundry importer. It looks amazing.. except for that one issue

Did you run the PDF to Foundry module import on the interactive maps PDF as well? That extraction did not get the secret doors for me, but importing the AP PDF did. On the other hand, the interactive map import does not have Foundry walls/doors.

So what you can do is to just replace the webp files from the AP import (if you haven't already tried this) with the secret-doors-free ones named "hq" from the interactive maps import in the Foundry scenes, and fiddle with the scene settings to get the walls/doors to line up to the higher res "hq" maps. I haven't tinkered with getting the right settings there myself yet, maybe someone else has?

I didn't even think to try to import the interactive maps pdf. I'll try that when I get back home.

Yep, I did the same thing, it works great. Only problem was the interactive maps did not have the walls. However, after a little digging, I discovered you can just copy the entire set of walls and doors from the non-interactive maps and paste them into the interactive ones. Selecting the entire system of walls and holding ALT on any of the points allows you to reposition the entire network.

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Myth Busters test: Busted

Like the idea for doing extra damage if both hit. I just don't see this as possible as is.

I throw a dagger and it hits,
then I shoot the dagger right as it hits in just the right spot to push it in deeper.
How much damage does my dagger take and if I drive it in deeper,
how does it rebound?

Maybe the fist hit distracts the target giving the shot a better chance to hit and dose more damage because the target has opened themselves up to a clean shot.

Yeah, I really don't like the over-the-top nature of this, especially for a core ability of one of the Ways. I know this is some people's jam, but it should at least just be a feat so that GM's can not allow it easily without banning one third of the Gunslinger class

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I often feel Roll20 gets a lot of criticism because of its status as leader.

I spent A LOT of money on Fantasy Grounds when my group considered switching - but when we all realized I had to have the game running for my players to access any of the info in the game, we instantly stopped (FG was fantastic about giving a refund, and their support was great).

We jumped back to Roll20...and it was like we all remembered what we liked about it. I love Roll20. I'm not a computer, tech guy - so its interface, accessibility, and learning curve are perfect for me.

That being said: I wish they had more Paizo products on there! I don't understand why they dropped Return of the Runelords support...

(I had never heard of Foundry until I saw this thread. Just poked around the website...and I'm just confused. Do they have actual content from modules/APs that can be input into a game. It's not an accessible website for folks like me.)

Foundry does not have actual official module content as of yet. There is a large amount of community content that pulls from the OGL stuff that's out there. For instance, there are Fall of Plaguestone and Age of Ashes bestiaries.

I ran Fall of Plaguestone in Fantasy Grounds with the official module. It was pretty great to have all the maps and encounters setup. But I found that the time I spent wrangling the un-intuitive UI and dealing with quirks of the system basically counteracted any benefits of having it pre-made. Switching to Foundry for Age of Ashes has been a huge improvement, despite having to setup my own maps.

Another vote for Foundry. I switched our game over from Fantasy Grounds after being very discouraged with their rate of development for PF2 and general lack of UI changes the Unity update brought. Foundry has been everything I wanted from a VTT. It's extremely intuitive and the rate of progress is insane. I've watched the core program and the PF2 module get progressively better on a weekly basis the last few months. I'm extremely excited about what the future holds.

In terms of hosting, self-hosting is a bit of a chore to setup, but completely hands-off once it's running. If you don't want to deal with the technical aspects there's a great third-party company offering hosting called The Forge. Very affordable plans and basically one-click setup.

Fantastic news! Looking forward to seeing maps in the future.

I'm planning on the next chapter of my campaign to be an overland chase where the party is fleeing a more powerful villain for several days. Think Fellowship of the Ring and the Bree to Rivendell flight. Not sure yet if I should use some variant of the chase rules or make it a bit more structured in terms of planning out the days. Has anyone run something like this? Any tips/advice/ideas for how to make it interesting and exciting would be appreciated. Thanks!