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Does anyone else think that the Deadtide for Otari event that kicks of Chapter 2 would be more fitting as the instigating incident for the campaign? I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with the campaign start as written, but the Deadtide seems like such a more dramatic and exciting way to immediately get the PC's interested in the Gauntlight and setup some real stakes. Thoughts?

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The Deadtide is a GREAT way to start things off, particularly if you've already played through an adventure and are at 2nd level (as might be the case if you played the Beginner Box adventure or one of the Troubles in Otari adventures).

The reason why it doesn't start that way as-written is because it's a bit too deadly an encounter to throw at a 1st level party, and because I wanted there to be an event that compels the PCs to return to town at least once after they started adventuring; the intention of this is that the PCs will go back and forth from dungeon to town often, after all.

Another reason it doesn't start off this way is because if something like this happens, the people of Otari are unlikely to look to a group of untested, brand new 1st level characters to ask for help. By having it happen later, the PCs have a chance to establish themselves as the town's newest group of adventurers, so that when they step in to help with the Deadtide, it's more organic in that they're an obvious "go to" group for the townsfolk to look to for aid.

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