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I'm sure I'm not alone among GMs planning on running Fists of the Ruby Phoenix after this AP...can we get any guidance on any plot points to include while we play through Abomination Vaults that will let us narratively tie the two APs together?

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Does anyone else think that the Deadtide for Otari event that kicks of Chapter 2 would be more fitting as the instigating incident for the campaign? I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with the campaign start as written, but the Deadtide seems like such a more dramatic and exciting way to immediately get the PC's interested in the Gauntlight and setup some real stakes. Thoughts?

I'm planning on the next chapter of my campaign to be an overland chase where the party is fleeing a more powerful villain for several days. Think Fellowship of the Ring and the Bree to Rivendell flight. Not sure yet if I should use some variant of the chase rules or make it a bit more structured in terms of planning out the days. Has anyone run something like this? Any tips/advice/ideas for how to make it interesting and exciting would be appreciated. Thanks!