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Society item already chosen.
Final prep would be to use the wand of Longstrider.

Dropping out of this one. Over-committed myself.

Monk, level 1
Not played before.

Raff, a teenage ninja lizard, is not a fresh character, but has only a few bounties under his belt.

Would prefer not to play up. :)

Sorry, no glyphs.

But being at the top end of the tier, I can manage with just one hero point.

I'm bringing a primal summoner, so have coverage for a limited amount of healing (plus all of the self-healing).
And the primal beast is a frontline tank.

I've played with Teja before, I believe, though maybe not with Raindrop. =D

She's Vigilant Seal, and has the Combat Mentor boon.
Not worried about friendly fire.

GM Tiger wrote:

I'll double check but I think I have the following also ready:

02-23 (Agent's Obligation, 3-6)
04-15 (In Glorious Battle, 9-12) -- I think I'm missing 1 component but it's mostly there...

Ooo, 2-23 is the only one from year 2 that I never played.

But both of those year-fives look good too.

BR Nathan Davis wrote:

I'm mostly interested in going after Blackjack Quinn.

But I could also get into: Warpriest Uliah, Magus Zvarbel, Summoner Zetha (with or without Blackjack)

I think I've only seen Quinn played once in a TTS game for PaizoCon in '20 or '21. But I cannot recall anything about the character. ;)

Zvarbel looks like she could be good and I've heard she can be fun once you hit the role card, but I've never had the guts to grind it out to that point.

Love Zetha. So strong in Wrath with a mythic path that boosted Dex.

Abraham Z. wrote:
I'm interested in playing though I have no idea what I'll play. I could use suggestions for that. The last few characters I've played have been casters so I think I'm ready for a non-caster and generally I'm fond of characters with powers that make for interesting play. I've had a blast playing Aric/Red Raven or Radovan, for example. EST time zone. I'm fine with you picking the wildcards or doing random. Mostly I just enjoy that they make the game more challenging and complex.

Ahhh, I remember playing alongside your Radovan. Good times!

Given that criteria, I would suggest Arueshalae (WotR), Seelah (Core), or Skizza (Gunslinger)

Hope everything turns out okay.

Suggestion -- If you're not doing FCFS recruitment, please say so, as that was the default assumption by everyone here.

Fortiva, Level 10 Rogue, would be my primary choice for this one.

GM Zoomba wrote:
Recruiting up to 5 Pathfinder agents for 4-17 Trapping the Hag's Claw (a level 7-10 adventure). Aslynn's been a pain in the Society's behind for a decade now: let's see if some of you can finally turn the tables on her.

Been looking for this for a while... thanks for offering, would love to play

I've got a level 3 Automaton Magus that would enjoy a short mission.

Nice loophole on the healing magic. :)

None here.

No real qualms about friendly fire.
If Armin is in melee with something, that's a bad sign to begin with.

He is a medic, so his treat wounds is more effective than normal medicine, so between fights, let him do his thing first. :)

He has a riding dog, but I think he's brushing up against the level where it's not prudent to bring her along into danger.

I saw two 1s, two 2s, and a 3, so it was going to push high. I dropped out.

Thanks, Tiger!!!

I threw my hat into your game, Super Zero, but if a level 4 is going to tilt the table to be high tier, I'll jump out.
I need 2 xp to both level up and balance out a previous quest (at 46 now).

Good news is, Armin is mostly a healer, so it's not like he's going to cakewalk any fights or anything. :)

The numbers look right, but I do wonder about the checkboxes.
I imagine rpgchronicles doesn't provide a means for that?

I really like this one... thanks for running, regardless of any hiccups (which were really pretty minor).

And cheers to everyone for playing!

Yeah, it means as a wizard you don't get your first class feat until level 4.
But on the plus side, unrestricted heightening of spells. If you were playing a mid-high level campaign, that would be a big plus.

Whoops. I read the 31st in the original post and didn't notice the "will conclude by" part. Thought I had another day or two to think about a character (possibly basing one on Vi from Arcane/LoL - but is she a barbarian, a monk, or an inventor?).

But that's totally okay - I've played half the bounties/quests and all but one of the scenarios (several of them two or three times already). And just picked up five pbp scenarios in the upcoming 'gameday', cause I'm apparently crazy.

That said, the idea of a consistent team for a long run sounds wonderful - kudos for committing to that and I hope it goes smashingly!!!

1) Character name: Fortiva
2) PFS#-Character#: 2361-2002
3) Character Class & Level: Rogue (Scoundrel) 10
4) Faction: Horizon Hunters

Also signed in.
Gonna be distracted by gen con but looking forward to it all the same!

Bringing Armin along - level 4 oracle.

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Second edition starts with its own Season 1.
There's no cutover point.

So everything on this page is valid.

WRT the discord pbp conversation from recruitment...

DoubleGold wrote:
Atae wrote:
I have never played on Discord before, what does that entail?

Cons of Discord:

Harder to create an alias/more work.
Harder to see older posts, you really have to scroll up. On Paizo, you might remember a certain post was on post number 17 give or take and you can easily find it. On Discord you keep scrolling up until you see it as there is no reference point.
Rolls are separated. If you roll dice 1d20+6 on discord, it will show those results as a separate post, thus taking up more space.

Pros of Discord:
Updated live. In Paizo you can be ninjaed, as you are posting a new post can sneak up on you. Discord is a live-chat room, so you can't be ninjaed.

I find aliases and avatars on discord much easier to manage (the latter is customizable, naturally).

I use the search function to find old posts, but still sometimes scroll more than I should before doing so.

Rolls are a little different and that takes getting used to.
No previewing a result and then adjusting your post to account for a good or bad roll.
But GMs are able to react to the roll with an emoji indicating degrees of success or failure, so there are some upsides.

You have IC and OOC channels, and get notifications of new posts to either, so it's easy to keep an eye on whether anything is happening.

As you can tell, I'm a big fan.
I'm happy to play in either format - I go where the game is - but I'm on discord for a lot of other things beyond pbp, so it's nice to have games there too.

If you're willing to play via discord, two different tables of 4-3 Linnorm's Legacy (levels 5-8) will be run as part of Outpost and are both still recruiting.

I'd like to apply but cannot commit to two or three posts until after the 21st. Working on a play and tech week, previews, opening night, and all that will take a lot out of me. But once we open - I'm game!

So, I guess the question is whether you'll start rolling as soon as you make your decision, or wait for the official Outpost start?


0 - 7? Very ambitious, though a few have done it.

I mean, most of us have played them all, but not many in a continuous start-level-finish-rinse-repeat way.

I think you just ask, as it's not something we can create ourselves.


As usual, I'm torn between several characters.
Balazar (WotR), Merisiel (Core), Ahmotep, and two from the Pathfinder Infinite repository (Aharra and Idorica).

Of course, I always have fun with whomever I choose, so I'm happy to be flexible if someone is leaning towards one of those (or one very similar).

Tempting. Plenty of characters I'd still like to experience or even revisit.
Have only played CotCT once, so would vote for that.

Have not BRed before, but could probably figure it out.

Yeah, I played parts 1 and 2 early on and am mostly done with part 4. Didn't like skipping, but the finale has been a lot of fun regardless.

Quentin - do you have six, without Anjo (but possibly with others from above)?
That did indeed go fast. :)

Tiger - I've played 3-06, but not its sequel, if you're thinking about a double-header.

I'm cool with that. Will set up profile and such tonight.


I'll wait to dot into the gameplay thread until we've grabbed our pregens.
I'm the Icarus signup (was guessing that we should put info in for the character the chronicle would go to).

Looking forward to this one - I have only played alongside a couple gunslingers so far and haven't delved into the class myself.

In the AP I played with one, I know the player had to take all of the AC feats - no real surprise there. His falcon went Nimble at 8th.

The biggest drawback I recall is that the attack stats don't keep up with most characters. Expert proficiency is 14th level. No item bonuses to hit, ever.
So you have to pack Haste, Heroism, and the like.

But also remember it's action advantage, an extra target, and can even act independently.
I have to remind myself of that about summoning spells constantly, because they seem like such a bad use of an entire round at high level.

Oh, and imo savage is not as good as nimble. I feel like the defense bonuses that the latter gets far outstrips the strength bonus. Unless you're a focused healer and just want to see your pet lay into someone from time to time. :)
(( I have always assumed that when the AC grows, it's damage dice do too, but I'm not certain about that. Would hate to see a large bear rolling d6s though. ))

Whoops! Forgot to note that Seggiatore is level 9.
A solid 14 CPs.

Seggiatore - gentleman, singer, musician - would like to join the party.

He's a typical fey-influenced gnome with green and blue hair, a cheery outlook, and a penchant for drumming and singing.
He used to talk very fast and excitedly, but has mellowed with experience. That still doesn't keep him from getting distracted mid-thought from time to time, however.


Mechanically, he's a maestro bard w/ sorcerer dedication.
He packs a surprisingly violence-oriented selection of spells over a lot of protective or preventative measures (i.e. no Calm Emotions shenanigans but he will demoralize-Phantasmal Killer as needed).


I'm playing two other PF2 society games (someone is running Mistress of the Maze, woot!) and hoping to get into the special once it's live (since I am going to gen con but have a conflict on saturday night for that).


Player Name: Vic / Iceman (he/him)
Character Name: Crunch (they/them)
PFS#: 2361-2003
Class: Champion (Paladin)
Level: 7
Faction: Envoy's Alliance


Spend hero point on power feat: proficiency with weapons

Deck upgrade (non-compete with J & S):
Ally 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 214
Item 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 274

Start at Lair with Ramexes

Discard Robe of Item at the start of his turn to draw Bloodroot Poison, Gem of Physical Prowess, and Ring of Regeneration.

Ranzak wrote:

Hand: Venomous Dagger, Steel Ibis Lamellar, Boots of Alacrity, Ring of Regeneration, Gem of Physical Prowess (Core), Forensic Physician, Cerulean Mastermind, Blessing of Yaezhing, Blessing of Wadjet,

Displayed: Bloodroot Poison,
Deck: 10 Discard: 2 Buried: 0
Hero Points: 2
Used Accessory re-roll: N
Available Support: Mastermind and Blessings are available
Other: Will attempt to acquire any boon others fail to acquire (if it's straightforward, feel free to bot).

Deck, Discard, Buried:

Middle of Deck (Unknown Order): Corrosion, Master of Masters, Embalming Fluid, Limning Starknife, Blessing of the Savored Sting, Angelic Armor, Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2, Snakebite Dagger, Blessing of the Quartermaster, Thieves' Tools (Core)
Discard Pile: The Juggler, Robe of Items,
Buried Pile:

Skills and Powers:
Strength d4 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3
Dexterity d10 ☑ +1 ☑ +2 ☑ +3
Disable: Dex +1
Stealth: Dex +1
Constitution d12 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3 ☐ +4
Fortitude: Con +1
Intelligence d4
Wisdom d4 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3
Survival: Wis +3
Charisma d6 ☑ +1 ☐ +2

Favored Card: None
Hand Size: 7 ☑ 8 ☐ 9 ☐ 10 ☐ 11
Weapons, ☑ Armor
If there is another local character, you may evade a bane; a random other local character encounters it instead.
On your check to acquire a boon, add 1d4 (☑ +1) (☑ +3).
When you acquire a boon on your turn, you may roll 1d6; on a (☑ 3,) 4, 5, or 6, explore your location.
☑ If another local character fails to acquire a boon, you may attempt a check to acquire it.
☐ When you close or guard your location, draw a new plunder card.
☐ You may discard a card from the hourglass to explore your location.
When you defeat a barrier, you may mark your location to represent setting a trap. While a character at the marked location encounters a monster, add 1d6 plus the number of traps at that location to all combat checks against that monster; remove all traps at that location at the end of the encounter or when the location is closed.

Botting Erasmus ::

On Kyra's turn, heal 1d6 ⇒ 2 and 1d5 ⇒ 1: Locate Object and The Midwife

Hour of Lady of Valor
On your check, you may discard an armor or the top card of your deck to add 1d6.

Start of turn, examine Hospice #1: Invisibility

Recharge Stalking Armor to gain +1 to all checks.
Two armors seems redundant

Explore Hospice #1: Invisibility

Spell 1
To Acquire:
Arcane 7
When a local character encounters a monster, banish; they evade it.
On a local Stealth check, banish to add 2d10.
If proficient, discard this card; you may succeed at an Arcane 9 check to recharge it instead.

Discard Sign of the Rider
Arcane 7: 1d8 + 1 + 1 + 1d8 ⇒ (3) + 1 + 1 + (2) = 7 Success

Discard Recharge Sign of the Stranger to explore #2: Gem of Mental Acuity

Item 1
To Acquire:
Charisma 11
On your non-combat check, recharge to roll your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma die instead of the normal die.

Never quite understood how a level 1 item is an 11 to acquire.
Int 11: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5 Failure (outside of the reach of the d4 after-roll ability) - discard Invisibility to Desperate

Discard Leech to explore #3: Locate Object

Spell 1
To Acquire:
Divine 6
Banish to examine your location until you find a boon. Encounter it, then shuffle your location.
If proficient, discard this card; you may succeed at an Arcane or Divine 8 check to recharge it instead.

Arcane 6: 1d8 + 1 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 + 1 = 7 Success

Cast Locate Object and encounter #4: Giant Slug

Ally 1
To Acquire:
Survival 6
On a local combat check, recharge to add 1d4 and the Acid trait.
Recharge this card and discard the top card of the hourglass to explore.
This exploration, you may evade your encounters.

Wis 6: 1d6 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 2 + 1 = 8 Success

Close location: Summon Queen's Physician

Monster Story Bane 2

To Defeat:
Combat 11
Fortitude Stealth 7

Resistant to Attack and Poison.
If undefeated, suffer the scourge Plagued.

Reveal Missing Eye, trigger Nissa, Kyra turns summoning
Combat 11: 2d6 + 1d8 + 5 + 1d4 ⇒ (3, 1) + (6) + 5 + (2) = 17 Success

WPC: No scourge to remove
Move to Shrine with the group.

End turn
Recharge Locate Object: Arcane 8: 1d8 + 1 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 + 1 = 7 Discarded

Erasmus wrote:

Hand: Giant Slug, Sign of the Pack 2, Planchette, Locate Object (Core), The Missing Eye,

Displayed: Spirit Relatives (have a role card), Voidglass Armor,
Deck: 7 Discard: 8 Buried: 2
Hero Points: 1
Merch Reroll used?: N
Available Support: Other local characters get +1d4 to: STR, Melee, Fortitude, Ranged

Sign of the Pack: Discard to bless, recharge vs Blessing
(Signs can copy other signs in my hand)

Slug: recharge to add d4 and acid to local combat
Other: Current Spirit: Nissa

Deck, Discard, Buried:

Middle of Deck (Unknown Order): Mind Thrust, Djinn, The Midwife, Fate Reader Lenses, Sign of the Pack
Recharged: Stalking Armor, Sign of the Stranger,
Discard Pile: Cruel Longsword, Sign of the Lantern Bearer, Starknife +2, Zellara's Harrow Deck, Sign of the Rider, Invisibility, Leech (Core), Locate Object,
Buried Pile: Helm of the Valkyrie, Mist Horn (Core),

Skills and Powers:
Strength d6 ☑ +1 ☐ +2
Dexterity d8 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3
Constitution d6 ☐ +1 ☐ +2
Intelligence d8 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3
Wisdom d6 ☑ +1 ☑ +2
Perception: WIS+3
Charisma d8 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3
Arcane: CHA+1

Favored Card: Your Choice
Hand Size: 5 ☐ 6 ☐ 7 ☐ 8
Light Armor, Weapon, Arcane, Divine
On your check, after the roll, you may bury ([ ] or discard) a card to add or subtract 1d4([X]+1) from the result
At the start of your turn, you may choose a card type and recharge every card of that type; add ([ ]1 plus) the number of cards recharged to your checks until the end of your turn. ([ ] Then each character at your location may examine the top card of his deck; if it is of the chosen type, he may draw it)
[X] Add 1d4([ ] +1)to another character at your location's checks that use any skill marked on the cohort Spirit Relatives
[X] You may bury a card to move a marker on the cohort Spirit Relatives ([ ] or to put a second marker on it)
[ ] At the start of your turn, you may exchange a card in your hand with a card of the same type in your discard pile

Really? Huh.
I played tier 7-8 at Outpost IV, and could've sworn we were told it was essentially four mods.

*Waves hello*

I played the first two scenarios of this season with Valeros, then that fizzled, so I'm looking forward to doing the whole thing (even if there'll be a little replay at first).

Have not played alongside Amaryllis, so that's cool!
Since our third signup is Zelhara, I think we have a fairly well-rounded group.

I have a preference for discord, since that's where my other pbp's ping each other, and google (while no doubt doable) would mean looking in a second spot. :)

Hello, all.

Another PACG addict here - looking forward to any and all new and fresh opportunities to play.

No problem. Hope it's all better or will be soon.

Gotta another couple hours at work, then I'll add an alias and fill out the deck handler.

Ranzak is on the site, and I see you found him. :)

Hand tracker? Is that an improved version of the pre-formatted hands we post at the end of our turns?

Following up a little - I'll also apply the 6-99 Tyrant of the Harrow reward to get a discarded harrow at the start of each scenario.

Do not have the DD reward myself.

I think I'll apply the Night at Bloodthorn Manor reward here, so that if I get a really bad match-up against a monster, I can recharge two cards and run away.

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