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Gwenvolyn wrote:

Hey...that's my line.

::Quietly positions himself between hookah and the admiral::

Its A TRAP! wrote:
Studpuffin wrote:


Hey, would you like to fill out this survey? ;)


I presume your check is in the mail?

Don't get married! Ah, too late.

Best cover ever!!!

Damn you, Evil Lincoln!

Evil Lincoln wrote:
It's a trap.

Sorry, I was busy role-playing on Sunday and couldn't make it.

Aren't you supposed to be a Mon Calamari rather than a troll?


Studpuffin wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Cute widdle zombies, awwwwww....
*waits patiently for Admiral Ackbar to arrive*

Crimson Jester wrote:
Out to dinner with the Wife and an Ex............. Should be painful.



Douggie the Dragonslayer wrote:
*sets a trap*

Waits patiently.

flash_cxxi wrote:
IT'S A wrote:

OK... I think this has won my award for best Alias Name/Avatar combo.

Well, 'cept for maybe Sebastian. ;)

Thanks. I can't wait to get together with Admiral Akbar.

Bitter Thorn wrote:
Urizen wrote:
I got a bad feeling about this.
"That's no moon!"