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♪Whoa-oh, I knew we was falling in love♪

YES! Freedom!

It took me forever to burrow out of the that FAWTLy dungeon, but now I'm ... free?

<looks around, see Solnes>


<walks back to his room and chains himself up for later>

Special gift for Solnes' FAWLTiness

Studpuffin wrote:
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Studpuffin wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
Am I the only one somewhat amused by the fact that the poodle and Jack threads persist even when Courtfool and Callous Jack haven't been seen in a long time? Will the Celestial thread outlive me?
I was wondering where they disappeared to. Sharoth too. And Orthos.
And who's next to disappear... looks behind her nervously
I've heard rumors...

Run for your lives! That Jiminy kid is killing everyone! He's worse than Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddie Krueger combined! You're not safe! No one is!!

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Mothman wrote:
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The phrase "thinking about sport" smacks of a non-US English user. I love the idea of a giant Mothman with an accent!

Mhhmmm listening to too much Andy Zaltzman.

Ha! You're right actually, this particular Mothman has an Australian accent.
Thank you for this bit of info. You are not allowed to address Solnes in any of your post. Nothing against Australians, it's just that accent makes her panties fall off. :P

She wears panties???

Err, never mind.



Why am I tied in a big pink bow? Where am I? How did I get here? What's with the porn music?!?

I'm gonna cut your g.d. head off. See if that works.

Hugh sneaks across the lawn, heading for the wall. He's almost there when Solnes says good morning.

"Good morning!"

Two guards immediately pick him up and drag him back to his cell.


{there's a loud wail of despair coming from the back of the room}


{runs off back into the hallway, smack into Solnes' personal guards who pick him up and haul him back to his 'room'}

Noooo! Don't take me back! I don't want to gooooooooo....

{creeps into the kitchen, the smell of the stew is too powerful and he rushes to grab some bread and starts eating}

{stops and hides in an alcove as one of the ladies-in-waiting come down the hall}

{stealthily moves about the compound, looking for a way out}

Sytt, Lesser Yugoloth wrote:

Muahaha! *Frees Drew and Stew and tosses them out, closing the door behind them*

*Frees koala as afterthought and runs off, locking door behind him*
Also, another 2.

Wait! You forgot me...


{begins to cry}

Drew & Stew Jackman wrote:

Drew: Hey! We're both better looking than him. And younger too!

Stew: {to Hugh:} You were complaining? I'm not sure you're even a real Jackman. Man up, bucko, and face the Peril!

You idiots! I've been here for MONTHS! The things they've done... I'll never be the same. Neither will the koala there.

{He nods over to a koala huddled in a corner rocking itself and shaking its head}


~dragged off by guards to the ladies' chambers~

L. G. G., C. o. t. 101st G.A.R. wrote:

Walks into the Circular office.

Lord President, it looks like...
What is Hugh Jackman doing in the Circular office?!? Get out of our thread, stupid Brit!

Shhh! I'm hiding! Be quiet you stupid git!

And I'm Australian, not a gorram Brit!

Staggers in from the hallway, dressed in torn clothing and looking fearful

Somebody please help me! They're animals I tell you! Animals! Never letting up for a moment, always wanting more! One man can only do so much!

His guards run up, begin to drag him back to his 'room'.

Please help! Call the Australian Embassy! Call Mel Gibson! Call Nicole Kidman! Call PAUL HOGAN!!