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I am good to go actually. It's still built using the prior GMs specifications but the skeleton is there and can easily be changed to whatever you need for loot and rules and such.

As before, I should state that I have done this AP before years and years ago but I have done it. If that's an issue at all please let me know.

Would you like me to post the base in here or PM it to you?

As Robin said, I'm playing a lot of Rangers atm so I scrapped my initial entry from before the hiatus. This one is a lot sturdier (Less HP but better real defenses) with better Armor Class which was a concern you all had.

Should we start collaborating then or is it best to wait? I'm inexperienced with the generation in this game so any advice and direction would be appreciated.

I have no idea. I just posted The Expert connections in spoilers just to save time and lend some ideas.

Got an alias for Carlos Luis Garcia here. Not your typical expert type from the shows and movies, but he still takes his studies very seriously. Changed up his original design, just kind of grew into something a little different overnight. Oops.

Possible History Connections


• They are your student, apprentice, ward, or child. Between you, decide which.
He’s probably too young for any of these personally; maybe a ward at most.

•They came to you for advice, and your advice got them out of trouble. Ask them what the trouble was.
Easy enough to do. He’s a fairly helpful guy with a safe place for monsters and a fairly large breadth of knowledge despite his tough-guy attitude.

• They know about some of your dark secrets, but they’ve agreed to keep quiet about them. Tell them what they know.
Easy enough to do. The Garcian family does have a spooky mystery in their past regarding their spiritual powers, though many of the recent generations have no idea about it... yet. Not to mention years of self-training may have awoken some dark things.

• A distant relation. Tell them exactly what.
We can work on this together if you pick it. I don’t mind it even being a relation a couple of generations back that happen to bring us together.

• You were previously both members of an eldritch group, now disbanded. Ask them why they left, then tell them why you did.
They asked for too much secrecy and didn’t want him to use his powers and learnt knowledge on the non-initiated, which Carlos politely responded with a burglary.

• They once helped you get a singular item that is now part of your haven. Tell them what it was.
The veil of a llorona ghost. Actually pretty great to find children... though the consequences of using it aren't, um, good.

• You were taught by the same master. Ask them how it ended.
Easy enough to collaborate on. While he gets (some of) his magical training from his Garcian heritage, he knows that physical threats exist as well. Could have had a master in either way. Ended on a sour note with him being too... not great at magic.

• You saved their life in a tight spot. Tell them what happened.
The woods are dangerous places, heck the whole county is; I’m sure a little expertise and a safe haven can help in tight spots right?

BenBrown wrote:
Got my bi-weekly D&D game tonight, but will stat up Dot by tomorrow evening. No idea how we’re going to do connections with this passel of weirdos. Should be entertaining.

This is what I was going to lurk in for to be quite honest (if I wasn't selected).

I can mix it up if I have to but I'd really like to play The Expert. I've always loved playing that backline knowledgy type and I'm very thirsty for it (seeing as I'm playing 4 beefy frontliners in most of my games right now); plus I just love those kinds of characters in stories. That and I want to fiddle around with the idea of Immortality in the story and the Expert can allow for that with one of its options (by stealing Immortality from The Monstrous Playbook).

I'm always down to make someone else but I'd love to play Luis, the vaguely Latino shaman in the woods with a love for earthly things and a minor rebellious nature for destiny and duty.

Also welcome to the second GM!
Thanks for taking us in!

Been super busy this week, I feel like I've fallen behind after seeing this thread explode! I wanted to get at least something down.



Name: Luis García

The world is more than we know. More than any of us can ever know. I came from a long line of what you people would normally call ‘shamans’ and I was enveloped in this world since the beginning of my life; how fun right? What we see and what we don’t see are so inextricably linked that the fact that we choose to not see the truth continually eludes me and brings me more frustration than you can imagine.

Yet here I am waiting in my humble cabin, drinking a couple of beers, roasting a chicken; all while ensuring that my fetishes and baubles are strewn in such a way to protect me and whoever seeks sanctuary (and to not disturb my dinner). The woods in these parts hold dangerous creatures and secrets doubly so but the rent is cheap and the air is fresh so I can't complain about a few bad neighbours.

I know what they say about me when I go into the town, and yet what can you do? What I do to prevent the forest from creeping in is a sacred burden and one I would never wish on another... usually. However the spirits whisper and I feel that my burden may be lightened yet. A pack is forming and it is ready to destroy those that seek desecration to the world... perhaps they will be in need of my skills. Though for now, I can taste the stew finishing.

Possible Playbook: Expert, Spell-slinger, Spooky

Creative Examples:


General Majors Memorial High School: The largest high school in the County is ripe with hormones, drama and young flesh for the creatures of night. It seems that every single year around Halloween there are strange disappearances. The police force calls them pranks but for those initiated into the true world, they know full well it is a more sinister purpose. They still have the best Football team (Go Wolves!) and a cafeteria that houses the worst food fights.

The Old Coalmines: Once a great part of the outskirts the old mines, the quarry and the surrounding areas have become nothing more than a shell of their former self. Sunken and more than half-collapsed, the mines seem to be surrounded by a perpetual smoke and fog from the fires that still burn below. No one really knows what started those initial flames, but many believe it to be sabotage and yet some others believe it to be something else. What people do know for certain is that the smoke and fog is toxic, and it is best avoided even for the most experienced urban explorers and thrill-seekers.

The Thresholders: When people think of the undead they always think of the rotting, shambling corpses seen by many movies (and Thriller). The Thresholders are an organization of various undead who are dedicated to the public relations aspect of undeath; that is to say they try to recruit others using the charms and allure of immortality. Whether or not they are benevolent or are trying to slowly build up their ranks is hard to tell, but they have plenty of years of experiences to share and are an excellent source of information (if you can stand the smells).

Parker-Luntelle Observatory: A familiar location for lovers and children on field trips, the observatory boasts the largest telescope in the county. Situated on the cusp of the Parker Falls and the Luntelle River, it is one of the highest points and one that always seems to have a clear sky above it. Legend has it that the original founder discovered some special material and built the lens from it, a lens that actually channeled the moon itself to cut through the sky. The legends (probably) aren't true, but the owners of the observatory keep the maintenance a very close secret.

This is rad. Won't have a proper computer until later on but thanks!

With all of the Druids, Witches and casty folks here I swapped the Healing Brawler stuff for more meat on the frontline. Figured it may be a good idea in a close quarters strike-team.

In case that mattered for selection choices

I do not envy the DM making choices here.
Good brewing with you all.

Dotting in.
I have a huge grin on my face reading these playbooks. They are exactly what I expected.

Not sure what I'll be leaning toward but a concept will strike me soon enough.

Currently leaning to Spooky, Expert, Professional or Crooked. They seem to call to some fun concepts.

I would like to pull out my initial application of Amelia Reed and submit...

Tuco 'The Tailor' Rizer, Half-Orc Tatterdemalion, Mirror Witch. A tough, (definitely illicit) street doctor for the poor, criminals, and anyone else who walks his way. After causing a primal magic event in Skyside, his guilt of all the deaths led him to find enough work to get himself a proper place in Alkenstar where he can help folks with less fortune than he.

Hopefully it's not too late. Just dug around some old Shadowrun stuff and adapted a character I've always liked but never got to play.

I may pull my application and submit a new one, I just got word I'm playing a Ranger in another campaign as a fill.

I'll have a finalization by tomorrow.

Never played this but I am super down!
Just finished Ash vs Evil Dead and was totally looking for some urban fantasy!

Clayton Stenos is a man on the run from the crime gang he used to be a part of. Eventually he ended up in Nirmathas, starting a new life only to find that years later the hounds are still baying. Dedicated to getting his family enough money to get out of dodge, he signs up for a shady mission that has little disclosure. What is one more job with danger if it can get his family to safety?

A Venomfist/Snakebite Striker Brawler with some minor healing through Healer's Hands, he has trained with some druids to master poisons and how best to handle them, both offensively and defensively. A striker who can move swiftly through the field, he is ready for what lies ahead.

Will think of something.

Is it ok if I link to the Alias? I don't like posting with it until it needs to be used just so I can delete if needed.

Oh interesting.
I'll read up on the firearm rules. I've never played with them outside of them being exotic.

Thanks again!

Question. With Firearms how does Exotic Weapon Proficiency work?
Do you choose a single type of Gun or a group or...

Might swap one of my melee options for a Firearm proficiency as I start with 2 Exotics anyway. Figure I can get the best of both worlds this way :)

I'll be submitting Amelia Reed, a Dandy Ranger who wants so much to live the high life, not knowing what treachery and danger may be afoot in her climb to get there. I'll also flesh out the story more as I get more ideas but here she is.

It's tempting to play with guns but a political campaign always needs some kind of fancy duelist. Knowing only nobility from books and second-hand sources, she still fights with a parrying dagger and estoc.

I haven't decided on my Favored Nation, but any tips would be appreciated. Thinking Alkenstar based on her prior studies of it before heading over.

I don't like posting on Aliases until I need to, so I can delete them as necessary.

Sorry I'm having trouble parsing it out.
Is Unchained allowed or disallowed?

Also thanks for the response and not a problem; just looking at cool investigation and intrigue themed archetypes!

Dotting for interest.

Not sure what I want to run but I'll definitely be taking a look through my backlog of people I would love to delve into.

Currently playing a bunch of frontlines so maybe something more talky and supportive. I've always been enamored with the Phantom Thief Rogue or the Dandy Ranger; would they fit in?

I saw that no Occult classes are allowed but are Occult archetypes such as the Psychic Detective Investigator allowed? I'm intrigued for the setting.

Expressing interest as well.
I'll think of something I'd like to submit.

Don't care what side we start on.

If you use Psionics you can use the Astral Construct Summon to create a minion off of a Menu.

Revenants are willing to kill everything and anyone, including innocents, to get their target.

They are specifically driven by hatred, and nothing else.


Revenants are single minded in their obsession, ignoring all others in their set task. They are utterly devoid of compassion or logic, knowing only the hatred for its killer.

The two revenants I've encountered in Paizo APs say the same in their stat blocks, that they will kill whoever is between them and the target.

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I played him much more Freddy Kruegar personally. Stalking the halls and making the PCs doubt their reality (when they are in living dreams).

I played it so if Ilesi escapes she meets up with Oathsday and teams up there (making it a really rough fight). Though I have her keep the damage on her, and Oathsday has no qualms with letting her die to maintain her ruse.

If Campre escapes I allow him to answer some rudimentary questions and improve the attitude of the survivor faction by 1; otherwise the PCs have to do some work and possibly get sniped by the guards stationed.

This will be fun!
Thanks for the selection!

Have fun regardless of the outcome.
Its the spooking season afterall.

Still submitting Vanessa Asergale, the Medium.

If there's an issue with the submission please let me know. Don't like posting on aliases until they're selected just in case I want to change the name down the road.

Tl;dr: Born as a vessel for a fiend and rescued from that dire fate she becomes a fiend Hunter.

With the gun rules we're using, are guns still super expensive?
I can't say I've used them much.

Also from the interest thread.

I am wanting to try something a little different than my usual shady, saboteur, information broking fare.

So for my declaration of intent, I would like to have some sort of region that has a focus with decadence, art and overall diplomatic relationships, possibly near a body of water (could even be a lake, its really for beachside parties and festivals/holidays). Think a very Bacchus-inspired feel, as if the Roman Party Tendencies made it to the Renaissance; but without the heavy military focus.

I'm up for changing and moving things, I've just been very interested in political games recently so I'm just happy to play.

Some references:
Red Hand of Doom [E6] where I play as Bran O'Dimm. This is Current.

Death and Taxes - GM Budd the C.H.U.D.'s Feast of Ravenmoor, where I played as Dramin Jodare.

Guess I'll submit early!
Here is Vanessa Asergale, Fiend Keeper Medium. With the generous Point-Buy I can Melee and control space (defending on the Spirit/Aspect) and still cast fairly effectively (depending on the Spirit/Aspect); can kind of fill holes as needed.

Wasn't sure if we were using Traits so I left it blank. I also might swap out some minor stuff (like starting Gear or the HD 1 Feat), but the major portion is as you see.

I'm super into Legendary Influence despite how bad it is, but I've never had a chance to play a Medium so when in Reach right?

Have a great romp!

DM: Black Moon wrote:
Hubaris wrote:


Dot for massive interest.

Points or rolled stats? I would love to submit something for this.

Out right now but I'll definitely have more questions!

Ah, Hmm... I didn't think of this. Gonna go for standard point Buy, 25 points. I'll allow stats below 8 and over 18, however please note that I will heavily abuse your character if you choose to min-max.

Also I forgot, We will be using ultimate Horror rules for Fear and insainity

Sounds great. Everything I read makes this better and better. Any idea of party size once recruitment is done?

Was considering a Medium with an actual focus on switching spirits but I wouldn't want to leave a party hole.

Dot for massive interest.

Points or rolled stats? I would love to submit something for this.

Out right now but I'll definitely have more questions!

I roll things in secret and they just get nervous. Just kind of shrug at them and they start moving forward.

Incredible Healer exists as well.

I would just lower the prereqs if you want to use it early. It's fairly strong.

Derek Vande Brake wrote:
Ryze Kuja wrote:

What if you house ruled something similar to the 5E rules for healing during short rests?

Short Rest

A short rest is a period of downtime, at least 1 hour long, during which a character does nothing more strenuous than eating, drinking, reading, and tending to wounds.

A character can spend one or more Hit Dice at the end of a short rest, up to the character’s maximum number of Hit Dice, which is equal to the character’s level. For each Hit Die spent in this way, the player rolls the die and adds the character’s Constitution modifier to it. The character regains Hit Points equal to the total. The player can decide to spend an additional Hit Die after each roll. A character regains some spent Hit Dice upon finishing a long rest, as explained below.

I'm not as familiar with 5E - is there some limit on this? What stops a party from healing up after every fight?

You can only expend Hit Dice you have.

For example if you are a 3rd Level Fighter, you have 3d10s to spend, distributed however you like throughout the day during your Short Rests. Maybe you spend 2d10 during your first, then 1d10 during your second rest much later. You would roll these dice and add Con to determine how much you heal.

You regain half of your maximum Hit Dice when you rest for 8 hours (Long Rest). That means they return to your Pool you can spend. You also get your full HP back.

Note that Short Rests take 1 Hour, but you can do minor things while resting such as eating, reading etc.

Brolof wrote:

@TurtSnacko The backstory's approved, just need the crunch.

@Hubaris Character's approved by me, but if you wanted to PM me about what might pop up in the campaign, you could have.

Good to know. Some people really like to keep it secret so I wasn't entirely sure. I don't mind changing things up a bit as well if I get selected (Animal, Magical Beast, Human all seem to be fairly safe from a Nature PoV).

I hate how feast or famine FE is, but them's the breaks!

I'm very interested as long as it remains rules lite.

I'll be checking in here!

Submitting Red Harenhill, a Ranger with supportive abilities through Healer's Hands (and eventually Signature Skill: Heal), Traps, and Sniping as their main combat style.

Losing everything in Galt, the man has spent the last while wandering Andoran looking for meaning again before settling down near Daggor; becoming that man who lives alone in the woods and comes to the village very rarely. If you're cool with that.

Also unsure about Favored Enemies, just threw down Humans as it was something he would have familiarity with.

Dot for interest.
Not sure what I'm thinking of yet but I'm thinking of something!

Hello all!
Just been enamored with the Sword-Devil Ranger from Worldscape (the one based on Red Sonja), but I am in a bit of a bind for ideas.

The Sword-Devil trades away all instances of Favored Terrain, but for some reason still has Camouflage and Hide In Plain Sight (as a regular Ranger). Unfortunately both of these require Favored Terrains to function in Pathfinder.

What would be a reasonable replacement for these two class features?

This is for a non-PFS game, but I'm wondering more if people have experience with the Archetype and what it could have at those levels (12 and 17) to retain its flavour. I was thinking just something simple like Skill Focus: Stealth, or even a bonus Ranger feat (as it gets 2 styles at 11). These are honestly a little dull though.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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Prestidigitation can change the colour of things.

Cool thanks for everything!
Just planned on picking up my first Catalyst so having this was perfect timing!

Horror only works if everyone plays along.

It seems like your party isn't really in the mood for a horror campaign and would rather just a high adventure with strange settings and monsters.

I had him cast Charm Person on the PC's at distance, and seeing that the spell works (but presumably fails) he knows they are humanoid and not monstrous.

Pathfinder's Abhoth would do great for Plagued! I'll change my answer to that.

You could always make some of your own Corruptions, or mash abilities from the unused ones. Knowledge-Obsessed Corruption for instance could combine some of the Possessed abilities with the others you aren't using. Go wild and follow what inspires you!

If you want to stay closer to the source material, with the exception of Nyarl and Yog, most of the Ancient Ones don't care much for humanity outside of their agendas. Having them talk or offer power through an intermediary would be fitting for the flavour of the campaign and also provide a nice juxtaposition with the villains:

Tatterman/Briarstone Witch, The Pallid Mask/Hastur, Lowls/X-D, intermediaries are a prevalent theme throughout.

I'll see if I can whip up a Corruption or two, because I plan to use more in the future anyway and I'll link them up here if I get happy enough with them.

I used the following:


Any character who goes to fear level 7 (horrified) immediately gains a madness after the fear subsides.

This assumes you use the expanded Fear system in HA.

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