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I'm still having issues with Rogue file.

I did the download refresh and cleared the cookies and still no luck.

I click the link and see a brief busy indicator then nothing. I don't get the message about personalization or anything.


It looks like PaizoCon and GenCon prep questions were "hidden" in a slack channel so I thought I'd start up this thread now that smaller cons will possibly start running the scenario.

I'll start with this question...using spoiler even though in GM discussion.

Tier 10-11 question:
OPTIONAL CATACOMBS ENCOUNTER 2: BONES! - is there a mistake in number of Gakis? 2 CR7 Creatures will not be much of a challenge for 10-11 PCs

Called customer service and Diego was very helpful. Thank you!

Looks like my PFS scenarios seem to be hung up. I previously had subscription for PFS scenarios and with the new structure it looks like I should also be getting SFS scenarios. Like many others here my last PFS scenario was 10-22. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Thanks it looks good!

It looks like my PFS subscription skipped 10-14 and 10-15. Can I have these added?


John Compton wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:

Just a note.

Admiral Pythareus can resolve his crossbow attacks as touch attacks. Crossbows don't have the special provision that guns do which allows Deadly Aim to apply (the general rule is that you can't Power Attack or Deadly Aim with touch attacks). So even though he has Deadly Aim he can't use it.

The intention is that he's using the hand crossbows with all of the fun touch AC technicalities that firearms enjoy. Let him use Deadly Aim.

I’m preparing to run this in a few weeks and I noticed something...the scenario lists the Admiral as being an Advanced Pale Stranger however the stat block in the Apendix is a standard version. Should he be advanced or not?


Thanks John,

The item in question:

Scenario and item:

#54 - Echoes of the Everwar Part 4: The Faithless Dead
Tier 7-8
Ring of Protection +2 listed @ 4000 gp


I just ran a year 1 scenario this past weekend and it was pointed out to me that a very common magic item was listed at a significantly lower price than in the CRB (half). My assumption is that this is a typo on the chronicle and the item should not be discounted. Is there any official guideline on this type of situation? I feel common sense would indicate that I'm right, however I know that often times common sense is in the mind of the beholder (not that type of beholder... :)



I've been playing PFS @ GenCon since season 1 and I'd have to say that this year's mustering was the best yet. I feel the #1 reason for this is the mustering of the special. Every year the level of chaos made me feel as though it was the work of fey creatures. I think the level ticketing for the event, mustering in the Sag vs. hall, and excellent marshals were the top reasons.

I thought the flight attendant('er master of scrolls) prerecorded announcements worked very well. Our table was in a fine spot to hear & read announcements without issue. I have been at tables in the past where we could not see/hear what was being said, so I can sympathize with those few that could not hear/see the announcements.

I was concerned about the impact on stamina the extra hour between sessions would have on me, especially since I was insane and signed up to play all 10 sessions. However, I think the breaks in the day helped me rejuvenate rather than run from one table to the next with only a hotdog from the food stand. I feel they were a positive factor.

I always enjoy Erik's announcements, but I do agree that it does end up being a disruption. That being said, It's happened every year so I'm pretty use to it and expect it.

I appreciate all volunteers that helped make this year's GenCon a success and I hope the improvements continue.

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Name of PC: Coluriel the Elf Class/Level: Ranger 1 / Rogue 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Bruthazmus the elf hater and the terrible slashing cage trap

Coluriel's trap sense went off, in fact the entire party's trap sense went off seeing the polished / shiny space between the statues. Coluriel decided to show his skills in disarming said trap, only to set it off (rolled a 1). Apparently he was so shocked that he set off the trap he failed to jump out of the way. Unfortunately for him, Bruthazmus and Nualia were making their final stand. Bruthazmus stepped out into the hall and plunked Coluriel with his last elf bane arrow. Only to drop to the ground (-1). Then the statues made a puree out of Coluriel (2 hits, one a crit put him at -44) then the pulpy remains were dropped down the pit.

In eulogy: The wizard stated, "Ah Coluriel, he will be missed by us...'cause he wasn't missed by anyone else."


Thanks Mike, for everything you've done for our hobby and PFS. As others have said, you are leaving some big shoes to fill.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Tales subscription. The changes are the main reason for my request.

Thank you,


Howman wrote:
Gnome Wizard...challenge accepted!

Sadly, my gnome wizard perished this weekend as he watched his companions run away from the BBEG. He bravely stood and was bitten in half. :-(

Looks like I'll need to check my possible entry from an iOS machine :)


Gnome Wizard...challenge accepted!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing Mike.

I know no one is in the office today, but I figure I'm going to bump this every week until we get a resolution.

I don't need to have the special cover if that's the hold up.

I've tried to find the answer to this question via search but I've been unsuccessful. I'm simply trying to find out if adding say, holy to a weapon has the same impact on hit points as increasing the weapon's bonus by 2?

Hope you all have recovered from GenCon by now. Can I get a status update on this please?

Thanks! That's pretty much what I expected, I just wanted to make sure it was still on the radar.

Just checking to see if you were able to make any progress on this?


Any chance people want to tackle an old...but hopefully a goody.

Fury of the Fiend in the 5-9 time slot?

Oh, here's my chance for payback to Kyle. I'll sign up to run him. :)

Thanks for the brains and inviting us to join you in the trivia contest. We had fun and hope that we assisted in our "ooo, Shiny" victory.

That's strange, looks like my post didn't go through. Let me try this again.

This order represented my Pathfinder On-line kickstarter print Add-on. However it did not include a printed copy of Emerald Spire. I expected that it would have been included. Can someone please confirm that I will eventually receive this?

Thank you,
Howard Black

I tried sending an e-mail concerning my order on 6/17 but have not had a response.

This order represented my Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Print Add-on, however it did not include a hard copy of Emerald Spire. I expected it to be included and I see no references to pending orders for it. Can someone please confirm that I will ultimately receive my printed copy?

Thank you,
Howard Black

I've heard they are quite tender, having rarely been used.

Add me to the list, please.

Looks awesome and two thumbs up for the Blues Brothers reference!


Add me to the list of folks that enjoyed the podcast and hope that you do not shy away from this "sneak peak" approach. I'm also one of the folks that did not know about the podcast until after the fact and that does not bother me one bit.

The first step (no pun intended) is always the roughest and I have every confidence that you'll learn and improve from this experience.

I'm excited about the changes and look forward to the faction retirement scenario for my shadow lodge PCs. I know Ron will make it very memorable!


Looking forward to splitting time between both venues tomorrow. Scotty's is great and one of last year's best memories was playing We Be Goblins, singing at the top of our lungs while people gave us all strange looks!

Small error in Heroes' Feast - temporary hit points should be 1d8+1 per 2 caster levels


This helps me get over my sadness of not being able to attend PaizoCon! Now I'm even more excited for GenCon.

Name: Darrius
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Cleric 4 of Iomedae
Adventure: Trial of the Beast
Location: Sanctuary
Catalyst: Trying to save the Iomedae paladin from hungry ghasts

The Gory Details:

Fully knowing that ghasts were prowling the area the group decided to drop a rope down into the shaft. Dmitri, the paladin, attempted to climb the down the rope in his full plate only to fall 30 feet. Then proceeded to become nauseated and paralyzed when the ghasts jumped him.

Brave Darrius wanting to save his companion bravely attempted to climb down the rope in his full plate only to fail and drop 30 feet on to Dmitiri. He likewise became nauseated by the stench of the ghasts and was unable to channel the might of Iomedae. The ghasts bit and clawed at Darrius rendering him paralyzed...from that point the ghasts continued to munch on Darrius until he was a bloody pulp.

In the meantime Dmitri was able to shake off the paralysis but was still nauseated. The other 2 party members attempted to help but only the wizard was not nauseated. In the end the elf wizard dropped the final ghast via spells.

In general the dice may have killed the cleric.

Got all my first choices. Now all I can do is wait...and make sure I play enough prior to GenCon to make my master plan (leveling) work out!


I'd like to echo Mike's comments.
I had a wonderful time and thought Rene and all the GMs did an outstanding job!

Looks good now.


There seems to be an issue with all the sub-menu links under the PFS page. Every time I click any of the links (other than My Pathfinder Society), I get the error page with the following message:

You have made too many requests for the same page too quickly.

Please wait a minute before trying again.

I can reach the FAQ page via the General FAQ link.


Looking for Tom Burke.

I wanted to see if you could share the 'extra' goblins that you had for We Be Goblins. I'm going to run it this Friday and would like to offer up those additional choices.




I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask about this but it came up last night while running Godsmouth Heresy.

Specific encounter:
The Necrophidius' dance of death seems a bit too powerful. It seems like the creature could continue to do this without end until the entire party is dazed. There's nothing in the stat block nor in the Bestiary 2 entry that states that once a save has been made that they are immune for 24 hours or anything like that. I'm sure I could have TPK'd the party last night had I not decided that once a person made the save that they were immune for 24 hours. I know that dazed isn't helpless but I'm pretty sure that would have been the eventual outcome. The tactics says that it will use the ability before attacking. I'm sure the group would not have had much fun watching me try to bite/paralyze each of them with out them having any actions. Only to have to make saves again if they came out of the daze effect. What do you folks think?


Doug Doug wrote:
Howman wrote:

I'm planning on running this weekend and I think I may have found a typo...

** spoiler omitted **

That is not a typo. All three waves at Tier 3-4 are listed as CR 6.

Two charau-ka would be a CR 4 fight, while four of them make it a CR 6 (page 398 of Core Rules). It's not such a bad fight :)

Actually Wave 1 has:

2 charau (CR 2) & 1 chieftain (CR 4) + kitty (CR -) to yield CR 6

Wave 2 has:
4 charau (CR 2) & 1 chieftain (CR 4) + kitty (CR -) to yield CR between 7 and 8.

Hence my thought it could be a typo...I'd assume wave 1 is correct.

I agree not a bad fight...just worried if due to awareness it jumps to 6 + could be a blood bath.


I'm planning on running this weekend and I think I may have found a typo...


In the second wave for the 3-4 tier the number of Charau-ka is listed as 4, I think it should be 2.