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This is encouraging news. Hopefully, they will announce what they are doing with the rest of Slumbering Tsar soon. I want to buy, but I don't want to buy in until I know their plans.

I had no idea that it would take so long (four days and still pending -- shipping in 8-16 days?). Is there any way that order can just be canceled and my money refunded?

I looked through my account for a cancel subscription button, but I couldn't find one. I've seen people post here, so I thought I'd give this a try.

I also tried to post once before and got redirected to an archived post. I hope this doesn't end up double posting.

Anyway, please cancel my subscription.



I looked through my control panel to see how to cancel a subscription. I didn't find anything. I've seen people post cancellations here, so I figured I'd give this a try.

I'd like to cancel my Pathfinder subscription.



I had Vault of the Iron Overlord on my list. I like Aboleths, so The Dread Crypt will go on the list as well. I was planning on grabbing four or five of them, but I didn't want to just pick at random so I appreciate the recommendations.

I see that there is a 50% off sale, so I am considering picking up four or five of these. Any recommendations as to which ones are the best?

I've been working my campaign towards the "Expedition to Castle Greyhawk," and we are getting close. One thing I've wanted to do is have something on hand to fill in some of the empty levels (right now I'm looking at levels 2 and 3 of the Tower of War. Does anyone have any ideas for products that might help with this?

I just got the PDF of "Greyhawk Ruins," and I like some of the stuff of Zagig's Tower. Most of the stuff for the Tower of War won't work. I've been thinking about grabbing "Castle Whiterock," but it's a little pricey to grab without seeing it.

Does anyone have any input? Will I be able to loot layers out of "Whiterock"? Does anyone have any other suggestions of good dungeon levels to substitute (the more specific the better!)?

Name of PC: Veriel
Class/Level: Wizard 3
Adventure: Rise of the Runelords
Catalyst: Hermit Crab in a Helmet
Story: The PCs had really finished the adventure, and I thought they had got through with no casualties. However, they are the type that just have to see everything so they headed to the vault room. A divided party and some poor swimming checks left the wizard alone with an angry crab -- crab 1, wizard 0.

Nuala killed an animal companion, but I don't get to excited about those.

Maybe someone can help me out a bit. By chance, I have all four of the Dunegons that contained the Greyhawk map, but only 3 of the map sections. I'd like to replace my missing section, but I want to be sure to order the correct issue.

Here are the sections I have:

1)Corusk Mountains/Ice Barbarians/Snow Barbarians
2)Veluna, Shield Lands, Horned Society
3)120 -- it's shrinkwrapped

So, can anyone tell which one I'm missing? Thanks for your help!

So, does the Pathfinder Subscriber's discount stack with this discounted price?

I just opened a Pathfinder AP subscription, and I was hoping to go ahead and DL the PDF for the first part of the new path. It doesn't show up under "My Downloads." Do I need to do something to get the PDF to show up?

I'm going to throw my support behind "change as little as you possibly can." If I'm going to stick with Pathfinder, it's going to be because I can use my library with NO prep.

When I was younger, I'd spend hours prepping for a game. Now, I just grab my pre-bought material and go. From what I've seen thus far, Pathfinder Alpha doesn't allow me to do that. Some things work:

Skills: It needs some tweaking, but this can be backward compatible. If the published supplement has the skill in the stat blot, it's trained. I can go with that.

Racial and Class Upgrades: Compatibility flies out the window here. There are so many 3.5 classes that Paizo can't fix that it's impossible to balance all of this. My current group consists of a Scout, a Monte Cook bard, a Warmage, a Warlock, and a Paladin. If I go to Pathfinder, the paladin is going to be buffed up while the others will be stuck in 3.5 (or I'll have to upgrade all of them, which I'm not going to do). These changes play havoc with the 3.5 stat blocks.

Feat Changes: I'm not sure about compatibility, but the combat feats are way too complex.

Grapple, Sunder, etc: These changes are good. They simplify things while at the same time don't affect the 3.5 stat blocks.

Christine and Russell for me. Russelll's entry led me to complete revise the adventure that I'm running this Monday, and his past work requires that I give him a nod. Christine's entry was exactly what I was hoping for out of this round.

gbonehead wrote:


I have to say that reading the country entries definitely removed any issues I had with not being selected. I'm pretty darn sure that I would not have beat out any of the five that I voted for.

Sooon ... soooooon ..

I hear that. I'd have no chance in this competition. Heck, right now I think there are three contestants that Paizo should contract regardless of what happens in the voting. I'm looking forward to seeing what other ideas they come up with.

Personally, I think they did a nice job. While some of the items don't fit my personal taste, I can see why they all would get consideration, and while I like the item that I submitted, after reading the winners, I can see why it wasn't chosen. That said, there is one item (I'm not going to say which one)that I can't comprehend how it was even considered much less chosen as one of the 32, but 1 out of 32 isn't that bad. I really look forward to seeing what these talented folks put forth next. I'm getting lots of great ideas for my campaign.

cappadocius wrote:
Meh. Nice, but not superstar.

I disagree strongly with this. For me, this is one of the best in the 32. It oozes with flavor and has an interesting method for getting one of its effects. It's one of the few that I've seen so far that made me say, "Yeah, I'm using this one!" I'll be looking forward to this author's country.