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Name of PC: Summerlily
Class/Level: Sorceress 5
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders - Shadow Clock
Catalyst: Xanesha's Wisdom drain

Name of PC: Haywood
Class/Level: Druid 5
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders - Shadow Clock
Catalyst: Xanesha's Impaler of Thorns

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Name of PC: Rana [last name secret from group]
Class/Level: Wood elf, Scout 1 / Ranger 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Gloating never ends well...
Story: During the battle with Nualia (after the group survived the fall off the collapsing bridge to Thistletop, noticed the strange currents and swam down to the opening below, entering the lowest level from the backdoor), Rana was caught in the hallway with the cage trap. She got knocked down twice to negative HP, with Zakov the Favored Soul bringing her back every time. Finally she backed down the hallways, triggering the trap. She managed to avoid it and was safe behind the bars on the other end of the hall. As the rest of the group tried to fight past the Yeth Hound, Nualia kept buffing herself. Finally Nualia and the others exchanged blows. Sel, the Ranger / Psychic Warrior, got a critical with his composite longbow. Right after, Rana (also a ranged fighter) fired off a rapid shot volley, hitting with both and killing Nualia instantly. In a fury, the Yeth Hound bit back into the group. Then...for some odd reason, after the trap had reset, Rana came from beyond the cage and engaged the Yeth Hound. It got a solid bite, knocking her out, then ignored all AoO to coup de grace Rana, ripping her throat out in revenge. The group experimented with the weapons they had, and discovered that the silver dagger taken from Korovus had an effect on the Yeth hound. Pan, the half-elf Fighter, took it down. Poor Rana.

Steve Greer wrote:
Groovy! But did you mean The Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony?

Yes, I meant Gluttony. Gluttony - Greed I got confused.

Anyway, Xyoddin's deadliness shocked me. I really hadn't intended for the encounter to be such a killer. Although, surprises like that are what made this entire dungeon a great trip.

Name of PC: Takis
Class/Level: Wizard 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings - Catacombs of Wrath
Catalyst: 20^3 or a 1 in 8,000 chance

In the showdown with the Quasit, the group largely ignored a sinspawn to focus their fire on her. The sinspawn went after the wizard (who was still wrathed from the bite of another sinspawn). Both claws missed, rolled a 20 for the bite, rolled a 20 for the confirm, and finally the third 20 sealed the deal. It's a House rule, if you roll two 20's in a row, then confirm, you instantly slay whatever you're fighting. Even without the rule, he wouldn't have survived the crit.

So poor Takis lost his head. They retreated, dragging the body of their dead buddy. I plan on having him return as a special undead horror since he was affected by the wrath bite more than once. >:)

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Name of PC: Haywood
Class/Level: Druid 6
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre - Graul House
Catalyst: Down Pit Trap and Swallowed by Muck Graul

Name of Character: Captain Sandpoint (I know, I know, but the player is a really good guy)
Class/Level: 4 Fighter/6 Warblade
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants - Raid on Sandpoint
Catalyst: a x4 crit from Telaktinus' Large Heavy Pick followed by 4-5 rounds of bleeding out in one of Stone Giants' Bag o' Hostages
Story: Captain Sandpoint is a shield fighter/shield thrower (hence the name) played by an enthusiastic if new player to D&D. I ran the raid as one big six hour session with six players. All day Captain Sandpoint is trying to get into melee with the Stone Giants despite the fact that he had not put enough gold into his AC. He spent a bunch of feats and gold on being able to throw his shield and get it back.

He runs up into Telaktinus' face and hits him once. T full attacks and hits about 75% of the time. The last hit is a ~50 point crit that drops the captain to -5. Since the rest of the party was flying and being extra cautious I had a stone giant grab what he thought was a corpse covered in shiny, expensive things and make a run for it. The battle-weary party got excited and focused, but Captain Sandpoint bled out before he could be gotten to. Now when the party cries, "For Sandpoint!" they are not talking about the town.

Lotan "The Destroyer"

9th level Hexblade/Green Star Adept.

Lotan is a varisian scholar who is interested in the ruins that dot the landscape. During his explorations he learned the power of the green star metal and has begun his slow transformation into a freak of nature. He hides his changes by wearing a burka. Lotan fights with a longspear and is usually under the effects of an enlarge person spell. Lotan's nickname of "The Destroyer" is not one of his choosing.

The party made it's way up the long ardous climb to the Kreeg clanhold at the summit of hook mountain. After a long tiring walk up the hunting trails they rounded a corner to see three alert ogre sentries (I added a 3rd because of the extra large party) Both groups see each other and there is no surprise round. Most of the party wins initiave over the foul brutes. The halfling paladin charges on her valiant pooch and skewers an ogre, injuring it grievously. Then the sorcerer grabs ahold of Lotan as well as the Shoanti barbarian/ranger and casts dim door to take them right behind the ogres, cutting them off from the quick escape of their cave.

Then it is the ogre's turn. One of them draws up his ogre hook and charges the enlarged Lotan. He rolls a 20, he confirms the crit. He does 54 points of damage. Lotans DR drops the damage to exactly 50, then we all check the rules as the halfling paladin recalls some such nonsense about death from massive damage, sure enough a DC 15 fort save is required. Lotan generates a 12.

After the battle one of the PC's brand new cohort, a 7th level gnome bard, solves the parties problem by producing a scroll of raise dead which he is happy to sell the party for only a 10% markup. He then lectures them of the folly of adventuring without such an item. There is much grumbling about the future demise of a certain greedy cohort. :)

Name of PC: Val Mar'Tigan
Class/Level: Noble/Ranger/Paladin 5/1/1
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre - In the Hook's Shadow
Catalyst: A rogue's greed
The session starts with an arguement between Val and the party's rogue over who should get the Ring of Protection from the previous week's loot. Val finally gives in after the rogue promises to be in the front line fighting rather than in the back with a bow. During the fights before entering Graul's farm, the rogue is safely up a tree with his bow. Upon entering the farmhouse, the party quickly encounters Mammy. Two rounds later, the cleric and sorcerer are running in Fear, Val is blocking the corridor with the rogue and ranger a distance behind using bows. Mammy summons a Ghast behind Val. The next round, the Ghast hits Val's AC exactly and Val fails his FORT save. The following round, Val takes a pounding and dies, with the final hit once again being exactly what was needed to hit his AC.

Name of PC: Merculean
Class/Level: Fighter 6, Barbarian 1
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre - Retaking Rannick
Catalyst: Bane weapon
Merculean rages and charges Jaagrath. Jaagrath responds with two hits from his bane weapon. Barbarian with Improved Invisbility charges Jaagrath. The rest of the party attacks or runs from CR3 Ogres. Merculean decides to stay and attack twice. Jaagrath's two attacks kill Merculean. Jaagrath is dropped the next round.

Mandor wrote:

Name of PC: Val Mar'Tigan

I had a character with same name that died in one of our sessions last week (Not a RotRL campaign)! Willow rocks.


Updated totals:

1st adventure (Burnt Offerings): 50 (2 animal companion/npc)

2nd adventure (Skinsaw Murders): 22

Side Quest:4

3rd adventure (Hook Mt): 4

4th adventure(FotSG): 1

5th adventure (Sins): 1

6th adventure (SoX-S): 0

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Name of PC: Ontrix
Class/Level: Warmage 5
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Xanesha's Medusa Mask
Story: Warned that there was a silence spell at the top of the stairs, the entire group charged up and spread out trying to find aplace where the spellcasters could go to cast spells. Ontrix, the war mage found a spot, just as Xanesha was ready to attack. Ontrix failed her will save and turned into a statue. Xanesha then moved to the Ontrix's statue's side and pushed the statue off the roof, which inciodently drew a number of AoOs (none of which hit due to her monstrously high armor class -- AC 34 (+4 armor, +4, shield, +1 deflection, +6 Dex, +9 natural, -1 size, +1 haste)). Ontrix shattered on hitting the ground. Oach.

BTW, the player's character was reincarnated at a dwarf -- with a Charisma of 21!!

Name of PC: Jandar
Class/Level: Paladin 6
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Xanesha murderous attacks
Story: Full fledged fight around Xenesha and the players have just discovered what her AC is. They decide to retreat. Xenesha hears and dimension doors to the stairway to clock their retreat. The paladin, Jandar goes towe to toe with her and allows the others to flee. He actually survived one round of a full attack. But not the second...

Name of PC: Drake Moonbow
Class/Level: Ranger/4
Name of Adventure: Burnt Offerings.
Catalyst: Nualia

Low on resources, the party (Kaskutal[elven rogue1/wizard3], Corrin Lightbringer [human cleric4], and Drake Moonbow [elven ranger4]) retreated from Thistletop dungeon to one of the towers on the upper level, the bridge having been dropped out while they had initially fought their way through Thistletop. Nualia and her yeth hound appeared a few hours later, fully buffed and ready to dispose of th annoying interlopers. Three rounds in, after Drake's Elven Hound animal companion dropped the yeth hound, Nualia turned and put her blade through Drake's spine and tore off his head with her claw (Full Power Attack and maximum damage on each attack). She dropped the animal companion the next round.

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Last night I added two to the dead book. During the retaking of Fort Rannick in The hook Mountain Massacre.

Galstok The party's fighter was downed by a combination of Dorella and Gragavan Kreeg between the ogre hook and the lightning bolts he fell holding the line.

Lucien The party's Sorcerer and paid socialite meet a grizzly end in the same encounter by being hit by a lightning bolt.

It shall be interesting to see the blow back from this one. As the priest had ample time to heal the fighter twice before he dropped.

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Got another TPK (oh dear...)
PC Name: Shaemaeran
Class/Race: Elf Warblade 2

PC Name: Baroth Manning
Class/Race: Chelaxian Cleric of Zon-Kuthon 2

PC Name:Varisus
Class/Race: Shoanti Monk 2

PC Name: Vaedar Darkstell
Class/Race: Elf Wizard 2

PC Name: Azzgol
Class/Race: Dwarf Fighter 2

Adventure Name: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Fountain in the Catacombs

My party were also using the "always right" exploration method, and so hadn't encountered Korovus when they came across the fountain of Lamasthu. Not having realized that it was a Lamashtan temple, the cleric (who wasn't getting much use out of his Brew Potion feat) decided to make a few potions using the water from the fountain. A failed Augury gave him all the arguments he needed to quell the more suspicious members of the party, who nevertheless refused to take the tainted potions. Not so for Shaemaeran. 4 rounds into the fight with Erylium, Baroth remembered the potions he made, and he and Shaemaeran sculled down a CLW each while the party monk took the heat from the quasit. Rolling high for the water's effects, Baroth was knocked into a drooling coma, and the min-maxed Warblade, predictably low on Intelligence, was transformed into a 6-armed howling deathbeast that proceeded to eat the rest of the party. Erylium and her sinspawn prevented a coherant escape from the catacombs.

Lamashtu-1, Party-Zip

Name of PC: Plan Tier
Class/Level: Rogue 1/Ranger 1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Attempted to flank Gorvus, took the attack of opportunity, critical, 1 short of max damage.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

Who hoo! I got one I got one! Well, two and a half.

Name: Suvan (a boy named Sue)
Cleric of Shaylin 2/Bard 1
Cause of Death, Ripnugget on the Gecko with the dogslicer.
Spirited Charge dropped him to -9 in one shot, he failed his 50% to stabalize and died.

Name: Larson Dogoode
Shadowstalker 2/Bard 1
Cause of Death: Backing away to cast a spell and expecting Ripnuggest to follow him. Instead Ripnuggest gets on the Gecko and ride by attacks him to death.

Name: Unnammed merc
Fighter 3
Cause of death: Ripnugget again. I include him only because they'd gotten attached to him.

Critical of the night. Suvan before he died. Critted the warchanter with the glaive. says "Now all I need are three 10s." Rolls the dice and says "Ten, ten, ten." I say "Cute, now what did you really roll?"

10, 10, 10. We called his son in to look at the dice and admire the moment. Goblin bard goes from 7 to -23 in one shot. Not bad for the Strength 10 cleric.

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Four Player Party (4e-Style Death & Dying Rules)

Tharazad, dwarven wizard from Janderhoff, was the only survivor of a horrific battle with Malfeshnekor. He returns to Sandpoint almost bereft of aliies. Luckily, Sheriff Hemlock is in Magnimar gathering a new wave of heroes to defend his beloved Sandpoint.

Here's the details (and one earlier death by Gogmurt's animal companion):

Male Gnome Cleric 3 (Gozreh)
"Burnt Offerings"
This gentle cleric of Gozreh was a hero to the end. As his allies were being slaughtered before his eyes in Malfeshnekor's prison, MyrtleMyrr scurried around the battlefield saving them from death as best he could. Finally, the gnome's efforts caught the ire of vile Malfeshnekor--knowing the danger, the cleric tried to tumble past the beast, but the monster's jaws closed around MyrtleMyrr's vitals and the cleric was torn asunder into countless bloody bits. (I rolled 2 natural 20s on the bite attack)

Female Half-elf Fighter 3
"Burnt Offerings"
This lusty, brazen warrior had cut a bloody swath through the goblin hold of Thistletop with her magic greatsword--but she met her end at the claws of Malfeshnekor. Tragically, Octavia was the only one of the Heroes of Sandpoint who correctly surmised that their opponent might not be free to pursue them if they fled the chamber--however, the knowledge came just before two massive claws sent her into unconsciousness. She succumbed to her wounds shortly thereafter as the battle continued to rage. (Failed dying roll 3 times)

Male Shoanti Ranger 3
"Burnt Offerings"
This grim, no-nonsense archer from the Storval Plains refused to yield in battle with the beast Malfeshnekokr--despite the fact that neither his mundane bow or his native earth breaker were able to wound the beast. The ranger's reward for his courage were a barrage of bloody wounds that stole his life away. (Failed dying roll 3 times)

Male Halfling Rogue 2
"Burnt Offerings"
This wry, comical halfling sneak's lack of wisdom proved his undoing--as his propensity for being unobservant combined with his propensity for sneaking ahead of his allies made for a fatal combination. He never saw the fire leopard that pounced on him and ripped his throat out until it was too late. His last sight was of a fetish-covered goblin chanting over his dying face.


"I have wrestled with death. It is the most unexciting contest you can imagine. It takes place in an impalpable grayness, with nothing underfoot, with nothing around, without spectators, without clamor, without glory, without the great desire of victory, without the great fear of defeat." - Joesph Conrad

Updated totals:

1st adventure (Burnt Offerings): 63 (4 animal companion/npc)

2nd adventure (Skinsaw Murders): 24

Side Quest:4

3rd adventure (Hook Mt): 6

4th adventure(FotSG): 1

5th adventure (Sins): 1

6th adventure (SoX-S): 0

Note someone else should start the CotCT obituaries thread... I can't keep up updating 2 of them at once.

Despite much pulling of rolls on my part, I finally had some party deaths last weekend:

Name of PC: Relegath & Merisiel
Class/Level: Wizard 4 & Rogue 4
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Yeth Hounds in the temple
Story: Everyone ran away, leaving the wizard and the rogue for lunch.

The Concordance RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Name of PC: Desminora
Class/Level: Rogue 5/Swashbuckler 1/Fighter 1
Adventure: The Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Muck Graul
Story: After searching the door and finding that the the bottom of the door was muddy and there was a puddle of algae-infested water on the other side, Desminora sent every one back to the stairs while she opened the door. Reason? In case the basement became flooded she thought she could be pulled out by herself and the heavily armored folk could pull her out. She opened the door, I rolled Muck's hide check (a natural 20 for a total of 29!) and I had Desi roll a Spot check (a 23 -- not good enough). She took a cautious step into the room and Muck attacked. By the time the party arrived and started to rescue her she was in the tendriculos' stomach.

Name of PC: Jandar
Class/Level: Paladin 6
Adventure: The Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Hucker Graul
Story: After assaulting the barn and dealing with everything there, the paladin was down to a strength of 7 (thanks to Biggun's poison). Desminora scouted the house, learned quite a bit (including the necrophilic leanings of Mammie), and then retreated to let the party know what she had found. Ontrix, the warmage found this extremely revolting and wanted to fireball the house despite the near constant rain that was falling. However, Desiminora opened Mammie's window for her and the warmage lobbed a fireball in.

This set off a near-comic escalation as all the Grauls came out "to play." Eventually, the last to come out was Hucker and his donkey-rats. And as Hucker rages, the paladin pegs him with two arrows, and Hucker charges to the paladin's side. As the paladin does the archer two-step (five foot step, shoot; repeat). Hucker power attacks (since the paladin has taken off his armor due to the Strength of 7 he currently has); to hits later the paladin is twitching on the ground and the PCs know they are in serious trouble.

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Name of PC: Leroy
Class/Level: Animal Companion to druid (riding dog)
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Nualia
Story: Leroy's druid was in the lead, and set off the trap in the corridor leading to Nualia's position. While she avoided the trap, she was also on the wrong side of it, alone and facing both Nualia and a yeth hound. While the druid, Affinity, ducked behind the door to the south, the rest of the party tried to get past the trap. When it reset on its own, Leroy ran in to save his friend, and wound up dying quickly to Nualia's sword.

Drew Garrett

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Only had three so far. Two on Skull Crossing.

A Wizard (Enchanter) who got left briefly without any support against a troll and a Fighter Rogue who jumped into the water after Wet Papa Gazuul (best name ever Nick).

The last was another Fighter/Gogue who decided to stay in the Watch tower while the rest of the part went into the mountains to hide out and figure out how to get into the Jorgenfist. Of course eventually some giants would have come to see what is going on there and of course patrols come back through the pass and of course he rolled a random encounter (I let them roll their own pain in this usually) and the encouter turned out to be 4 Hill Giants which way too much sense - so he was discovered with the dead ettins and the giant in the watch tower and tortured for information (I was kind enough that he didn't give any up). This companions found him early in the morning tied against the tower dead... Ah, Koval we will morn him for his bad move.

Name of PC: Ulfgar Holderhek
Class/Level: Cleric 7
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants - Journey to Jorgenfist
Catalyst: Shield Other and general stupidity
Ulfgar's player missed two previous sessions in the past four weeks. It seems he had not been tracking his XP, but had just been getting the XP total from another player at the beginning of each session. As such, he had no idea what his XP should be, so he played his current character sheet at level 7 while the rest of the party was level 9.

At the Storval Stairs, the party sorcerer Dimension Doored most of the party to the top placing the high AC cleric and the high damage Barbarian in the front with the paladin and sorcerer behind them. One giant critted the barbarian. Two other giants hit Ulfgar once each. Ulfgar's player says "I'm dead". I'm completely surprised by this as Ulfgar had more than enough hp to survive two hits and had not been targeted by any attacks earlier in the night. I say,"you're kidding". He says, "No, I'm dead. Exactly -10". Turns out, he had cast Shield Other on the Barbarian and taken the damage from an earlier boulder hit then the crit after the DD. The sorcerer who had placed him in the front of the formation also had no idea Shield Other had been cast.

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Name of PC: Aurodo
Class/Level: Ranger/5
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: The Scarecrow
Story: Upon entering the Clock Tower our overconfident heroes ran into a large creature dressed as a scarecrow. Gonzadol charged the creature only to be brought into negatives. Aurodo rushed forward and healed Gonzadol with a wand. Then Aurodol fell to a critical hit from the large scythe(73 damage). With some luck the rest of the party managed to defeat the Scarecrow.

edit: just noticed npc's and animal compainions being counted.

Name of PC: Wolfey
Class/Level: Aurodol's animal compainion
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Faceless Stalkers
Story: When the party fought the faceless stalkers for the first time, Aurodo's faithful companion died trying to defend his master and friends.

Name of PC: Rotfen the Birdcruncher
Class/Level: Cleric 2 of Gorum (+4 LA)
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Friendly fire (fireball)
Story: Aldern Foxglove had the heroes on the ropes, and in desperation Dox the sorcerer activated a magic item and killed him with a fireball. Sadly, Rotfen was next to Aldern and was paralyzed; the fireball finished him off.

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Name of Character: Zenovia
Class/Level: Rogue/9
Adventure: The Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Invading Kreeg Hold

Story: The party just made the trip to take on the Kreegs. The were spotted and the crossed the open ground. As the ogres readied to shoot them the party Dimension Doors in to combat. Ogres are a little surprised by this and can only punch the attackers as they approach, in the first round. Once everyone is in the combat the Rogue and Fighter go right while all the Healers go left, to fight the Ogres. The Gaurd pulls his Hook out and hits the rogue twice, with one being a Critical. Needless to say the hook grabs her sternum as he up swings and rips her chest open, she dies instantly. (She had only 33 Hit points and the Ogre did 44 damage.)

The party is in shock and thinking of falling back, but they perserver and finish the Kreeg Hold and all it's residents. They come back to Ft. Rannick and they frantically ready a trip to Magnimar to get her Raised.

I know it is kind of iffy that this counts as a death but anything that makes the party spend money to get someone to live is a win on my count.


Well: Burnt offerings hit 65 deaths, skinsaw gets to 1/4 off a hundred and hook mt breaks the 10 barrier. Still no CotCT Obits thread out there.. who wants to do it?

Updated totals:

1st adventure (Burnt Offerings): 65 (4 animal companion/npc)

2nd adventure (Skinsaw Murders): 25 (1 animal companion/npc)

Side Quest:4

3rd adventure (Hook Mt): 11

4th adventure(FotSG): 2

5th adventure (Sins): 1

6th adventure (SoX-S): 0

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Name of PC: Guido
Class/Level:Hobgoblin fighter 3rd
Adventure:Burnt Offering
Catalyst: A critical spirited charge ride by attack from Ripnugget
Story: "disclaimer: I have 10 pc's going through this adventure so needless to say I have had to really bump the number of opponents".

Guido and the others stormed the stockade. The broke though the main doors with a couple rounds of bashing then got into a grand melee with the forewarned goblins within. It was a goblin slaughter fest until ripnugget showed up. He had a clear charge to guido and landed a nasty critical hit on a spirited charge, however what finished it was the next three goblin attacks, 2 of which also criticalled. Started with 31 hit points, and ended at -13. Poor fellow, it was the first death in the campaign, but I am anticipating more as tonight they are tangling with Nulia and all her merc's together in the Shrine. (The probed down into the second level and alerted the mercs, but then fell back to the top of the stairs to recover a little. Needless to say the mercs are going to be together and ready,)

We are Beginning "Burnt Offerings" this Thursday, after running the intro-like GameMastery "Hallow's Last Hope" for us to get used playing D&D after years of not playing. so we are starting at the Swallowtail Fest at 2nd level and i will be upping it appropriately.

The party is...unique.

Lukah - monk
Daysin - Bard
Kovo - Ranger/Sorcerer
Ashlin - rogue, now cleric of Desna (and Nualia's sister, by adoption)

The plot and role play has been top notch so far.
will post synopsis soon.

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Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Event: Foxglove Manor (Suicide Compulsion Haunt)
Character: Zeric, Elf Fighter 2/Rogue 2 (Pathfinder RPG classes)

The chaotic Zeric, elven fighter-rogue and dual short sword wielder, grew weary of his new allies' cautious nature as they explored the haunted Foxglove Manor. Swords in hand, he kicked in the door of the bedroom before him and launched into the room.

Suddenly, a suicide compulsion swept over him (failed Will save). Without hesitation, the elf thrust his own neck onto a jagged piece of wood in a coup-de-grace suicide attempt. The wood ripped his jugular vein and Zeric expired soundlessly in his own blood (player rolled a natural 1 on the DC 14 Fort save to avoid death).

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Cpt_kirstov wrote:
Well: Burnt offerings hit 65 deaths, skinsaw gets to 1/4 off a hundred and hook mt breaks the 10 barrier. Still no CotCT Obits thread out there.. who wants to do it?

I just made one. Thus the mantle is passed.

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Name of PC: Stiel Wulf (Human)
Class/Level: Warblade/3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Player Idiocy (Insane Aasimar priestess)

Name of PC: Kais (Elven)
Class/Level: Fighter/Mage 2/1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Player Idiocy (Insane Aasimar priestess)

Name of PC: Brother Deivon (Human)
Class/Level: Cleric of Abadar/3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Player Idiocy (Insane Aasimar priestess)

Name of PC: Piccolo Puff (Halfling)
Class/Level: Rogue/Mage 2/1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Player Idiocy (Insane Aasimar priestess)

Story: Having exhausted all their resources and only one player (the Elf) having more than 50% hit points the party fewlt it was a good idea to descend to Thistletops dungeon level 2 to confront what they believed was the BBEG. Needless to say that the fight went poorly and resulted in TPK (not to mention the death of the campaign as stands).

So, anyone remember the old jinx about not naming your character until level 3? Heh heh...ya...

Name of PC: Unnamed
Class/Level: Half-Giant Barbarian 8/Hulking Hurler 3
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Dragons

Name of PC: Unnamed #2
Class/Level: Gnome Sorcerer 12
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Dragons

Name of PC: Heron
Class/Level: Human Paladin 7/Rogue 2/Shadowbane Inquisitor 4
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Dragons


The party came upon the two young red dragons who were so thoughtfully sleeping. Paladin sees evil, starts attacking. The dragons wake up pissed, so breathe fire on the whole party, killing the sorcerer outright. Roll for recharge, both come up as one. I attempted to have them talk to the party, but they weren't listening, so they got breathed on again. Roll for recharge, one of them comes up a one. Heron and Unnamed go down after that. Thanks to some quick clerical-work (and DM helping), their bodies weren't too mangled, so they were allowed some 'free' resurrections.

Name of PC: Unnamed
Class/Level: Barbarian 8/ Hulking Hurler 3
Adventure: Fortress of Stone Giants
Catalyst: Bigger Giant

The party enters the room with the trees and the giant hiding in the ground. After a couple minutes of screwing around, he pops out of the ground, full-attacks Unnamed, hits full damage once, and criticals twice. Unnamed fails all saves against massive damage and is reduced to -40 or so. Later resurrected.

Name of PC: Unnamed (yes, again)
Class/Level: Barbarian 8/Hulking Hurler 3
Adventure: Fortress of Stone Giants
Catalyst: Strange moving wall haunt

Unnamed, beind a dumb stupid half-giant, sees pictures moving on the wall and decides to get closer. He rolls a 1 on his will save and continues to stay in the room. He rolls a 1 on his fort save against death.

Unnamed is the first character this player has ever had die in DnD, and he died thrice in one session. When he announced the two 1's on the haunt, I just started cracking up, and everyone realized that he had died again.

Now, girls and boys, this is why you DO name your characters when you make them.

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Name of PC: Jonas Caplinger
Class/Level: Cleric/10
Adventure: Downtime between HMM and Fortress

Catalyst: Keeping the Keep, Stalking Monster roll

Story: Jonas decided to take the Keep knowing full well the Kreegs were not the only Giants living in the mountain. The party all decided to meet back up in the Fall, thus giving everyone time to regroup their minds and bodies after the deaths and madness they have seen.

So on his own with his loyal followers and some settlers he moved in and was only there for 3 months when Karraktuksch started to attack the farmsteads for food and fun. As Master of Ft. Rannick Jonas gathered some men and set out to bring down the troll. The fight was legendary as Jonas brought forth the Righteous Might and Divine Favor of his Diety, but the Troll was hitting with a fury even Jonas could not weather. Soon after a mighty hit with his battle Axe Karraktuksch brought low the Master of Rannick. ( the Trolll rolled a crit and confirmed it and with his bite hitting as well he did 56 points of damage.)

Jonas' companions are still not aware of his death yet.

Name of PC: Liliana Haladane
Class/Level: Cleric 5 (Desna)
Adventure: Skinsaw murders
Catalyst: Scarecrow

Story: The battle with the Scarecrow was just beginning. He had wounded the pladin of the group and Liliana decided to heal her rather than cast Prayer .
The scarecrow didn't like this , made a fivefoot step and attacked Liliana . since Liliana only had a chainmail , he dids use a 4 points Power attack. Both attacks did pass dropping Liliana to -15.
She will be missed by her companions.


Updated totals:

1st adventure (Burnt Offerings): 69 (4 animal companion/npc)

2nd adventure (Skinsaw Murders): 27 (1 animal companion/npc)

Side Quest:4

3rd adventure (Hook Mt): 11

Side Quest: 1

4th adventure(FotSG): 7

5th adventure (Sins): 1

6th adventure (SoX-S): 0

Name of PC: Ophelia
Class/Level: Hexblade 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings

Catalyst: Lucky Crit by Korvus in the Catacombs of Wrath

Story: After a charge by Korvus dropped the party ranger to unconsciousness, Ophelia bravely stepped over the body of her downed comrade and went toe to toe with the mutated horror. Two crits later, one by longsword, one by axe, and the elven hexblade fell, quite dead as the party retreated.

OK this is easy enough in my party there is 1 paladin, 1 cleric, 1 wizard, and 1 rogue. The party was doing well enough till they decided to lower themselves into the Howling hole where a very hungry bunyip was waiting. one by one they went down and died fist the rogue Wren got it with a nice decapatation. then the cleric Belk drowned while trying to fight the bunyip underwater, can we all say DOH! Finally that brings me to the palaidn who nualia captured and tried to sway to the darkside, well he said no and coup de grace!oh the are all 2nd and 3rd level


omen2zippo - did the wizards die too? the way you start the post it sounds like it, but you don't mention his death.

Got my first 2 kills in this adventure path (to be honest if we didn't use custom rules for death and dying I would of had a few more by now, this AP sure is hard on the PCs).

Name of PC:Cadderly
Class/Level:Druid Level 4
Adventure:The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst:Not paying attention to the fact that the Ghouls are not static encounters
Story: Deep in the tunnels under the Foxglove manor, the party has already been attacked from behind by ghouls while finishing off the the Dire Bat. During the next encounter, the warriors and even faithful old Shep the animal companion rush forward to fight the ghouls, leaving the Druid and Sorcerer standing in the entrance tunnel, not so far away from the side passage. Out of the side passage burst a group of Goblin Commando ghouls. In short measure the druid is paralysed and dragged away. By the time the party fight their way to him, they are just in time to see him have his throat ripped out. I hope the group pays more attention from now on.

Name of PC: Cohan (not very origional I know)
Class/Level: Barbarian 4th Level
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Ignoring the DMs tip of, "are you sure?"
Story: The very next room, the part meet the Skinsaw man, the Barbarian, who is badly wounded and the object of the skinsaws man's affection (Aldern had unusual tastes in my campaign) decides to go and fight the skinsaw man (mostly to prove his manliness after ribbing from the group I think). He promptly gets paralysed, sneak attacked and dies.

Name of PC: Shep (Faithful animal companion)
Class/Level: Doggy woggy HD2
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Contacted Vorgals Phague (spelling?)
Story: Poor old Shep, having lost his master, gives up the will to live and pines away, failing multiple saving throws verses the disease and multiple failures at heal checks. He is buried in the sandpoint graveyard, next to his master under a freshly planted sapling.

Name of PC: Veriel
Class/Level: Wizard 3
Adventure: Rise of the Runelords
Catalyst: Hermit Crab in a Helmet
Story: The PCs had really finished the adventure, and I thought they had got through with no casualties. However, they are the type that just have to see everything so they headed to the vault room. A divided party and some poor swimming checks left the wizard alone with an angry crab -- crab 1, wizard 0.

Nuala killed an animal companion, but I don't get to excited about those.

Liberty's Edge

Name: Bernard
Class/Level: St. Bernard(Animal Companion)
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Valiant stand against Malfeshnekor

The PCs found Mal's room while pretty low on resources and after one of them identified what he was, I made a pretty firm point of mentioning how he looked even larger then a normal greater barghest. The PCs got the idea, but after the fighter nearly dropped from one set of attacks(at which point I described him as looking like he was going more into a frenzy, the first round he tested his attacks but hadn't power attacked yet, seeing how easy they were to hit), the party decided they had to fall back.

Not knowing just how they could manage this when the creature could almost certainly outrun them, Bernard bravely rushed forward to attack the barghest and hold it back while the rest of the party fled, closing the door behind them and just stopping long enough to try and pull the handle back out(ineffectively) and to try and jam it a bit before dashing back upstairs.

Needless to say, they returned much more prepared for the fight at hand, and while the barghest certainly bashed them around a fair bit, they finally managed to drop hip without any further losses.

Bernard, you will be missed, though your role of protecting our gnome druid has been replaced by Rupert the black bear.


Grand Lodge

I got my first two kills in the ROTRL Adventure Path!

After a really close and tough fight with Lucrecia my PCs basically blow through the ogres inhabiting Fort Rannick. And when I say blowing through, I really mean it, though I have to admit that sometimes they got really lucky with confirmed critical hits. :-)
Just to illustrate their damned luck:


Gragavan Kreeg in B18. Workroom barely see what killed him, but while he might have seen it, he certainly didn't have time to react when an Earth Breaker (see Pathfinder Player's Guide page 10-11) wielded by the party's priest of Gorum hit his face for exactly 100 points of damage. The weapon has immediately been renamed to Face Breaker...

Jaagrath Kreeg in B29. Chapel had a poor initiative, so before he could even take a turn was hit by a Ray of Enfeeblement and after a lucky attack by one of our paladins, Face Breaker again finished the job here. Jaagrath couldn't even take his first turn.

So after these lucky kills, my PCs bravely walked into the Commander's Quarters, where two of them unfortunately met their end. To honor these heroic deaths, the names of the fallen shall be engraved on the board of this forum for all eternity thusly:

Name of PC: Wesh
Class/Level: level 6 Paladin / level 2 Fist of Raziel
Adventure: The Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: 3 Fireballs cast in 3 consecutive rounds by Dorella Kreeg
IRL Time of death: 19 April 2008 13:55 CET

Name of PC: Anterien Legdoril
Class/Level: level 8 Wizard
Adventure: The Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: 3 Fireballs cast in 3 consecutive rounds by Dorella Kreeg
IRL Time of death: 19 April 2008 13:55 CET

Okay, I admit I fudged the spell roster of Dorella a bit, instead of lightning bolt she had Fireball, but I think that's an acceptable change... :-)

May the souls of these brave adventurers rest in peace forever!

Name of PC: Podao
Class/Level: 3 Rogue / 2 Wizard
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Split up from party. While the two clerics of the party were attending a Desna church service to see an evil item destroyed (good churches paying bounties for evil items), he and the druid headed for Foxglove manorhouse.


Inside he encountered Aldren and Iesha who wondered who this intruder was in their house. He thought they were illusions until he touched one and the other one shut the door he just entered the room through. They changed back into faceless stalkers and attacked. He fled outside and rallied with his druid buddy. The FS chased him, and setup flanking positions. A crit and a sneak attack finished him off. The druid fled once he went down. The FS carried him off and stabilized him later.
I gave the player the option of being a sacrifice at the seven sawmill that the surviving players could rescue in the nick of time, but he decided that he wanted to make a new character that was straight wizard. His new wizard is the brother of Takis, the first of his characters that I killed back in Burnt Offerings.


Updated totals:

1st adventure (Burnt Offerings): 75 (4 animal companion/npc)

2nd adventure (Skinsaw Murders): 33 (1 animal companion/npc)

Side Quest:4

3rd adventure (Hook Mt): 13

Side Quest: 1

4th adventure(FotSG): 7

5th adventure (Sins): 1

6th adventure (SoX-S): 0

Name of PC: Tanik
Class/Level: Shoanti Barbarian 1/ranger 2/Rogue 1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings - Thistletop
Catalyst: WRATH

Story: Tanik's backstory was that he and his mentor had been ambushed and left for dead by a party of unknown assailants. The two characters were attempting to track down a ritual murderer who had killed a greedy tomb robber on their tribal lands - carving a certain 7-pointed star on his chest.
During the course of Burnt offerings, Tanik discovered that his assailants were Nualia, Lyrie, Orik and Tsuto - and that his mentor had been captured alive by Nualia.
Previously, Tanik had caved Tsuto's head in with his earthbreaker - just as Tsuto dropped him with a flurry of blows to the chest.

During a big fight in the temple of Lamashtu in Thistletop, Tanik: left a pleading Lyrie to be consumed by a Rat Swarm; shot Orik in the back as he fled the fight, having surrendered. He then ran forward to save his soon-to-be sacrificed mentor (while on not very many hp at all) and engaged Nualia - who promptly rolled max damage with a full power attack.....

Decapitation smarts I'm told.

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
forbinproject wrote:
During a big fight in the temple of Lamashtu in Thistletop, Tanik: left a pleading Lyrie to be consumed by a Rat Swarm; shot Orik in the back as he fled the fight, having surrendered. He then ran forward to save his soon-to-be sacrificed mentor (while on not very many hp at all) and engaged Nualia - who promptly rolled max damage with a full power attack.....

The Gotham Gamemaster raises his Combat Pad in honor of Tanik--who sounds like he was one dang cool PC.

Name of PC: Corso
Class/Level: Chelaxian 7th Level Fighter
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Wrath and overconfidence

The party's druid scouted ahead in wolf form and discovered Kibb, and was leading the unfortunate bear back to the rest of the party. Rukus Graul came upon the scene and gave chase.

When the rest of the party saw that Rukus and his five dogs were pursing the druid and Kibb the bear, they prepared to intervene.

Rukus called out his challenge that the bear was his prey, and that the party 'best be shoving off'. Initiative was rolled, and Rukus took a ove action forward and reserved an action in case someone came within range to hit him.

Afterwards, Corso, on Shadowmist (or whatever the warhorse in Burnt Offerings is called) presumes to do a mounted charge. Rukus Power Attacks for 3 points (making him +16 on damage), and then rolls two consecutive natural 20's. Spears have a x3 crit rating to start with. Since Rukus was reading a spear against attack, and this unfortunately was a mounted charge, it became x4 critical damage... 1d8+16 x 4

At 80 points of damage poor Corso was impaled, lifted off his mount, and pitched like a big ol' bale of hay right over Rukus's shoulder...

The player cheered actually... the rolls were all made out in the open and were transparent. This player likes to know that the threat level is real and that I'm not pulling punches.

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