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I typically play more buffing type casters, so my inclination is to take the patron that has haste, because it helps the party. However, there is a part of me that wants to try something different. Trickery gives me mirror image, which is an awesome spell and I would get my first chance at playing with Major Image. My understanding is that a lot of people really love this spell, but I've never given that one a go yet and I'd kinda like to.

Invisibility and Wind Wall are excellent choices as well. I did debate elements for just a short time. I figured if I wanted to specialize more in fireballs then a dragon blooded sorcerer might have been a better option.

Thanks for all the suggestions. It helps to get a couple more good ideas and to know that my thoughts on it were decent.

Heyho everyone!

I'm getting ready to play in my first E6 game and I'm planning to play a witch, but I'm struggling on which Patron to take and was wondering if any of you could offer some advice in that regard. I'm leaning to Trickery or Time right now. Thanks ahead of time for all the advice.

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We're now in our third campaign into "our" Golarion and I thought I'd share what we have up to this point. I had thought about posting many times in this thread, but have always changed my mind on it. I'll try to keep it as short as I can (nope I failed at keeping it short, sorry).

Our game began in the year 4711 in the country of Lastwall. The paladin of the group had secretly joined a knighthood called The Knights of Holy Judgment. The knighthood is devoted to Iomedae and are given a long leash to commence their work. Most just know them as witch hunters. In time the group was given a young man to look after and help groom for a leadership role. It was revealed later that the young man was a godling, but to which god they did not know. Their adventures allowed them a dip into the Carrion Crown adventure path and at some point they had all been blessed by Desna (the gift of purple eyes).

Eventually their path led them to Gallowspire, where the head of the knighthood waited for the young paladins return. It was revealed then that their grand plan was to sacrifice the godling, who was the bastard child of the red mantis god. By doing this, they hoped to free the Whispering Tyrant and keep him under control. The logic for the leader was that Belkzen was slowly beating back Lastwall and eventually the country would crumble. He hoped to stave that off by bringing back the tyrant and thereby drawing more crusaders to Lastwall, since they'd mostly been headed to Mendev instead. The leader of the order demanded that the paladin kill the godling (2 PC's). The paladin, with much turmoil, refused and the entire group was killed.

Seven years went by and the group was resurrected while Vigil was under attack. Another paladin the group had met in previous adventures decided to use the final scrolls on a group she had believed in. The group fled the city and headed for Nirmathas. The Whispering Tyrant had now claimed Ustalav and Lastwall. Word got round to the High Lord Watcher that the paladin had been resurrected and he demanded to see him. After learning that he had no part in the freeing of the Tyrant, he decided to exile the group rather than put them to death.

The paladin decides to head for Taldor, where he hopes to create a new shining crusade. The group goes and recruits from places like Absalom, Taldor, and Andoran. They rebuilt the Quickfall Abbey into a cathedral dedicated to Iomedae and they collected relics from the sky citadel in Belkzen to convince the dwarfs of the Five King Mountains to join them in the fight. They spent 6 years in Taldor and the crowning achievement was convincing Stavian's son (not canon I know) Juvian to rally behind their cause. After assassin's killed Stavian (we *think* it was Juvian that killed him), the group had Taldor's full support.

The group was once again on the move back north and ready to fight the Whispering Tyrant, but he hadn't been idle either. News came down as they were making their move that the Tyrant had taken his forces and aligned with the demons of the Worldwound. Together they overran the crusaders of Mendev and had now set their eyes on the refugees in Nirmathas.

Priests of Iomedae prayed in ritual to bring their goddess to the prime material plane and lead them on the battlefield. The armies first took Belkzen and broke the orcs. The prayers were then answered and Iomedae led the armies into a battle against the Tyrant, the demons, and the undead. In an epic battle that changed momentum on many occasions, the Tyrants side eventually came out on top when he slayed Iomedae.

Desperation took hold and their options were limited. The female paladin elected to take the test of the Starstone. The group teleported there and watched as she went in (NPC). Some time later, the male paladin hears her voice in his head. She had done it, but she was not strong enough to take the battlefield. Instead she blessed the paladin with all she could and brought him and the group back to the fight. Upon his return, the priests and mages had just finished putting the Shield of Arnissant back together and gave it to the paladin.

Once again the armies of light took to the battlefield, this time with the paladin leading them and fought bravely against the forces of darkness. The paladin met the Tyrant head on in the fight and he was very familiar with the shield being used against him. They're battle was colossal and each side gave out as well as they took. Spell and claw against sword and shield. As the Tyrant's strength faded, he used a powerful magic he'd been working on and cast it upon the paladin. The fabric of the sky around him ripped open to a realm of blackness and he was drawn in, having failed his saving throw.

The paladin had been thrust back into the past many thousands of years, but with the blessing received he would live for a very long time. He would watch as the Azlant culture died away and sometime later he would raise the Starstone to its current position. He would become the god of innovation and human culture. And then one day he'd feel his power failing and knew that the time grew near when he'd have to enter life as a mortal born babe.

A split second after the disappearance of the paladin, Aroden stood before Whispering Tyrant. He made motion for a reprieve, but there would be none. With bare hands, he crushed the Tyrants skull and then with arms spread he rose toward the heavens. With that rise came the rains that poured down over the battlefield. Those mortals on the battlefield felt nothing, but the demons and undead knew it for something entirely different. Holy water. The undead melted away and demons fled for safer grounds. Eventually, Aroden came back down and spoke with the group. He seemed familiar to them and yet entirely different. The group asked for one request, which Aroden granted. He left for some time and returned with a hideous black stone. The halfling of the group, known as the Traveler, asked to have the honor and it was granted. The Tyrant was no more.

In our Golarion, Aroden returned in the year 4725. Iomedae perished the same year and new goddess, Karatha "The Shield" was born. In our Golarion, the Last Azlanti was never Azlanti at all.

I have left a whole lot out and that was just one campaign in a nutshell. I'll write the next one if anyone wants to or cares to hear it.

GilgameshOfUruk wrote:
I'm looking for a DM for 3.5 or PF. Our group is in San Antonio Texas. Either me or my friend always have to be the DM. Its been years since we have actually played together. Any advice on how or where to find one would be appreciated.

I'm from San Antonio, so I might be able to give you a few pointers. When I was looking for gamers I put up fliers at several of the Comics Unlimited locations. I'm not sure if they exist any more, but you could start there or whatever the local gaming stores are now. They were always helpful in my search to find gamers.

I've mostly used forum boards since those days. I've used Meetup and Penandpapergames to try and find gamers. I think you might find both of those particularly helpful in your search. Good luck!

Wizjolnir wrote:


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Just in case the powers that be actually look at these things and take stock of the opinions, I thought I'd at least express mine to say I REALLY think we need more information, an AP, and/or a new source book for Taldor.

I could go into greater detail about it, but LordOfThreshold has nailed it completely. Every one of his responses I agree with entirely.

Even with as little information as we have for Taldor, it is hands down my favorite country. I've often wondered why that is and then Rogar's post hit it precisely. Taldor reminds me of The Empire from Warhammer Fantasy RPG, which is a game I ran for many many years. Morally gray is my favorite type of style, which fits to the gritty dark play of WHFRP. I think Taldor screams for this style of play, albeit on a higher fantasy setting.

Two of our campaigns have been set or mostly set in the land of Taldor and it's played out with more of a Machiavelli flare to it. Count me as one of those that thinks Cheliax as boring, but different strokes, right?

Maverick898 wrote:

I'm building a 16th level fighter for my home game world, and cannot decide on a cohort for his leadership feat.

He's a King of has united the barbarian tribes of the north and establish an ironfisted rule.

Any thoughts? I can't seem to make up my mind

As a king it would be awesome to have a Master Spy.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:


Play Norgie would be hard as an opponent because it would be ruthless, intelligent, and without scruples. An opponent who doesn't want to fight you, but simply rob you blind, wipe out your friends and family when you can't defend them all, destroy your reputation, and then murder you with poison when you've sunk to the bitter depths of despair is not something for crossing blades with.

So, of course you'd rather choose another god, especially a demonic one who loves the thrill of combat! Norgie's type want to murder you, they don't want to FIGHT you. And that's a very different mindset to play.

Book "When I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?

They'll come at you sideways.
It's how they think. It's how they move.
Sidle up and smile. Hit you where you're weak.
Sort of man they're like to send believes hard.
Kills and never asks why.

Mal "It's of interest to me how much you seem to know about that world."

Book "I wasn't born a Shepherd, Mal."

Mal "Have to tell me about that sometime."

Book "No, I don't."

Malcom Reynolds and Shepherd Book, Serenity (2005)

Very nice. You rock.

I would definitely purchase a new NPC codex with all the new classes in it. I like this idea.

Bumped it to see if I can get a few more suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Most of me still thinks that Signature Deed is still worth taking and dodging panache was actually the third choice on my list.

I realize it doesn't work very well against creatures with reach of 10ft or greater, but it's great from a dueling character standpoint. Staggering them or knocking them to the ground seems like it might help more in a group setting.

I'll keep that one in mind. Thanks for the advice mang.

I've been playing a homebrew campaign over the last year and we had already come to the conclusion that signature deed worked with the swashbuckler before the errata came out. I had plans of using that deed for opportune parry & riposte, but obviously the errata put a kink into that plan.

My character is now 1st level master of many styles (crane) and 9 levels of swashbuckler. I'm leaning towards using signature deed on targeted strike or the bleed attack once I get there and I'm curious what people's opinions are now on which deed is best to take regardless of the one's I zeroed in on.

Also I'm debating at 13 whether to take greater weapon focus and greater weapon specialization or critical focus and critical versatility. Would either of those two be better? Is there a better option to take? (Current feats are: slashing grace, weapon focus-scimitar, steadfast personality, leadership, weapon specialization-scimitar, snake style, combat reflexes, extra panache).

Thanks for all your advice guys.

We are kinda doing fumbles the way Wheldrake listed.

Our table confirms fumbles similar to the way you confirm criticals. When a fumble is rolled you have a second chance to hit the opponent, if you hit then there is no fumble and if you miss then the fumble is confirmed. It seems to work for us so far.

And as a reply to the OP's problem. If you would rather stick with the AP then I'd suggest interjecting a way for the players to solve their problem. I don't know much about RoW and that may not be possible, but generally you can just write something that's off script to make it happen. It's fun when it works and feels completely natural.

Lemmy is spot on. Very good post. I agree completely with your suggestions.

ErrantPursuit wrote:
You said you didn't need more combat feats, and then listed some combat feats. I might suggest Channel Smite for fun. Too bad you cannot grab Unsanctioned Knowledge.

I guess I should word it differently. I'm not against a combat feat. I just think he is pretty tough already. I'm just trying to figure out what would be best for him and see what people might have for suggestions. I'm having a tough time deciding.

I'll take a look at the channel smite feat and unsanctioned knowledge to see what they are. Thanks for all your help.

I forgot I had made this thread. It's nice to look back and see where my character was and where he is now. I can't believe it's been almost a year since the last person posted on this. Thanks for everyone's help BTW. It was very helpful in making my decisions.

The character has just attained 15th level and I'm having a rough go on deciding what feat to take.

Someone mentioned above that my paladin is a spell caster and he is not. The Chevalier archetype gives you a really cool mount, but you lose the ability to cast spells.

Somehow our story got REALLY big along the way. The knighthood my character joined decided they would attempt to release the Whispering Tyrant. With the Worldwound active and Lastwall continually fighting the orcs, the numbers fighting had just plain dwindled. Lastwall was fighting a losing battle. The majority of the knighthood thought if they could release the tyrant and control him then they could get more crusaders their direction to deal with the threat in Belkzen. This logic backfired. My character and the group rebelled against this decision and the entire party was killed, but resurrected 7 years later to find Ustalov and Belkzen completely under Tar Baphon's control. Lastwall was under attack when the group was resurrected. Lastwall eventually fell. The group fled south in attempts to garner support and create another crusade of some sorts. The group rebuilt a temple in Cassomir in the country of Taldor. It was an old temple to Aroden. I'm probably going way too deep for asking about a feat...

Here is what I have. What do you think I should take on or off my list?

14 pal /1 fighter
str 24
con 16
dex 20
int 12
wis 10
cha 24
for 23
ref 18
wil 18


+3 Holy Flame Longsword
+4 Mithral Shield of Bashing

uber awesome griffin mount.

feats the character has
1 Focused Study (Sense Motive,Diplomacy)
1 Two Weapon Fighting
1 Improved Shield Bash
3 Power Attack
5 Double Slice
7 Shield Slam
9 Improved Two Weapon Fighting
11 Shield Master
13 Leadership (I normally never take this as its cheese, but it worked with building a temple and increasing efforts for the war)

The character is pretty tough, so I don't know that he needs any more combat type feats, but improved critical longsword or bashing finish aren't bad options.

I could take endurance. It seems rugged and lets the character wear armor while sleeping.

I could take iron will. With the thought of fighting someone as crazy difficult as the whispering tyrant. An extra +2 would give him a 20 to will, which would be helpful.

The Summoner has been outlawed in our group.

I'm looking at the Magus right now and they seem pretty cool. I looked at the arcane archer and they seem really cool too.

I will look into the spell slinger. I've never heard of them before.

I will also take a deeper look at transmutation.

Having those stats just seems a waster to put them towards just a teleportation conjurer.

Thanks for all your help.

By chance two of our group have rolled a 50 point character and a 41 point character. I rolled a 23 point character and was going to play a teleportation conjurer wizard. The ability it offers sounds REALLY cool and its been a long time since I've played a wizard.

However, the DM took pity on me and rolled stats for me and I now have a 42 point character to play around with. I don't even know where to begin with that. It seems like you can do a great deal with it. I'd like to remain an arcane caster of some kind with it, but I'm not opposed to multiclassing.

My stats are as follows:


I'm asking for any ideas or thoughts on what I should play. Builds? Feats? Combinations? I appreciate all the advice.


To be perfectly honest with you I wasn't sure what I was going for. The research I did suggested that I play a two handed paladin or archer paladin. Those two seem to be the most optimal for damage. It just sounded more fun to be a knight that fights with sword and bashes his enemies with a shield. I thought briefly about a fighter and ranger, but decided paladin fit the character story better.

My original plan was to wield scimitar and shield. By level 11 he might be able to swing a +5 bashing shield and with shield master it would really kick some rear end. Add in a keen scimitar and I would be adding in awesome criticals as well. ROLEplay always comes first, however, and the story just changed on me. It's not necessarily a bad thing and the story is quite interesting. I switched the focus from scimitar to longsword and trudged on.

Is it worth it to change out the weapon focus for power attack? Right now I'm thinking I'll go with the focused study. You can't complain too much about getting a feat that will offer you 3 skills focuses in the long run. Sense Motive and then what? Diplomacy? Intimidate? Ride? Perception? Can't decide. The unfortunate part is that would make my feats look like this:
11 Shield Master
13 Power Attack

That seems to be a long time to wait for power attack. Aerlyinth is right though, the character does seem to be not very strong in regular combats as opposed to other characters, but he rocks against the BBEG's.

Changing things around to take Shield Slam at 5 and ITWF at 7 is really not a bad idea at all. I was going to wait and pick that up at 9, but going early is not a bad idea.

Power Attack is definitely the way to go for two handers for sure. Aelryinth put a good perspective on the whole power attack though. It's definitely situational, but it can pack some real punch in those limited times. It makes you more flexible.

It was given to the character as induction in to a knighthood. Pretty cool story.

As far as I know all books other than 3.5 books are allowed. We had real trouble with balancing those out. They are allowed, but on a VERY rare basis.

Originally I made the character with a scimitar focus, because personally I just love the crits. However the DM gave the character an item familiar that is a longsword and it matches the goddesses preferred weapon. Story wise it works, but power wise the scimitar would have been better. The sword is currently only +1, bestows the alertness feat when held, and has 10cha,10int,10wis (well 12 in one of those, but I don't know which one)

Right now the character has a light mithral shield of bashing +1. I'm not opposed to doing something different, but I can't see it working out with needing to keep the longsword. (Not to mention the character can upgrade his own longsword)

Heya Folks,

This is my first post on the boards. While I've done my research on this topic, I'm still finding it difficult to pick a feat which just became open for me. I'm currently playing a sword and board TWF human 1 fighter/6 paladin of Iomedae.

Somewhere around the divine bond (5 or 6ish) I was able to get a griffon as the mount. The DM allowed me to switch the build to the chevalier archetype. This opened up a feat, because I had taken mounted combat at level 5 and it then became a free feat added to my list. Here is what I have right now:

Str 20 (+2 belt)
Dex 20 (+4 from Book)
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 10
Cha 18 (+2 bump from Desna)

1 Weapon Focus Longsword, TWF, Improved Shield Bash
3 Double Slice
5 ?????
7 Shield Slam

Chevalier free Feats:

Mounted Combat, Ride-by-Attack

The longsword the paladin carries is an object familiar. I've narrowed my feats down to three. I'm open to suggestion beyond that. I'm just trying to figure out one that will work best.

1. Focused Study: ARG was not out when the campaign started and the DM gave me permission to rework the character to add that in. It's a great story feat, because I'm playing the character similar to a witch hunter in Warhammer (yes I know Inquisitor would have worked better). It would allow me to put skill focus in Sense Motive and Intimidate or Perception or Diplomacy by next level.

2. Longsword Specialization: This gives me a +2 to damage with my main weapon, but I get nothing for the shield. Because of it being an object familiar I can take the specialization.

3. Power Attack: Everything I read says this feat is a "must have", but I'm not entirely convinced. By next level I'd be taking a -5 to hit with both weapons and gaining +6 to damage. It works REALLY well against creatures I smite and situationally when I just hit with the longsword, but isn't a -5 too huge a penalty to burden for normal full attack?

I'm just looking for any suggestions on what to take. I've bounceed it around and I just can't decide. If there is something else I should take, feel free to throw it out there as well. Thanks for all the help.