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One of my favorite scenarios so far.


I've run this scenario a few times as a GM, and it's a favorite every time. I love that they allow options for all types of characters (combat heavy or those that prefer the diplomatic routes). The NPCs are memorable and the reveals from the Player Handouts are awesome. If you're not strong at role-playing as a GM, the primary NPCs can be a little challenging, so definitely give them some thought and a good read-over before you run it. It will make the game that much better for your group.

I haven't had a group walk away disappointed with this scenario yet, and that's saying a lot. It also brings in a monster element that doesn't seem to be common in PFS scenarios, but is in Adventure Paths. For players who only have a lot of Scenario experience, it touches on some new things AND teaches them how to handle a potentially lethal encounter. This information is amazing for players who will go on to play in full-length Adventure Paths, and for GMs who will be running those games.

I will run this any time someone in my area wants to play it. I'm really glad this was one of the first scenarios I ever ran as a GM. I have no regrets about my experiences with this one, and it's remained a strong favorite for many of my local players.

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There were way too many moving parts in this Special for the typical time-crunch you end up facing. I was on the player side, and while my party made it through (and with only some minor difficulty that had more to do with a GM that lacked rules knowledge than actual encounter difficulty), it was a terrible special.

Really cool concept... poor execution. There was way too much going on, and story-wise, it felt like we got very, very little from it. Beyond essentially being Pathfinders in space, it kind of felt like we had no idea what was going on half the time. It seemed very difficult for the GM to communicate the important story-aspects to us. Couple that with the fact that our GM wasn't clued in on some really basic rules (climbing rules using ropes, for example), and this ended up being a snooze fest for us. It's been my absolute least favorite special so far, and was the first special some of my friends played in (I honestly hope they believed me when I told them other specials have been WAY better, and to give it a chance next year). The combats were pretty meh, and the skill checks felt really repetitive.

I love the massive feel of the specials, but you don't have to add a ton of extra pointless encounters/skill checks to make it interesting. In my experience, most GMs do better when they can worry more about the story and less about having to prep a ridiculous number of encounters and random elements that may not even come in to play.

Overall, tone down the randomness of the encounters and perhaps the number of them, and reduce the repetitive skill checks. Give the GMs a chance to actually communicate with us beyond rushing us off to the next encounter. If I just wanted to grind exp, I'd go play WoW. As a fairly new (to Society) player, I feel like I got way more out of the specials last year.

Here's to hoping for something amazing at GenCon 50.