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Cascade wrote:
Gary Bush wrote:
Cascade wrote:
I'd offer to judge the special if I could get my son at the table...(he's only 12). We didn't get tickets either and have the slot open anyways.
There is a process for players to be placed with a certain gm.
I'm game...who do I talk to ?

We are at capacity for table space for the special, so I’d recommend just showing up with generics. There’s a chance you could still be seated if there are no shows.

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Pockets!!! I am so excited about this!!

Logan Harper She/Her wrote:
HeatherV wrote:

Hello! I had a pretty severe payment issue for order 36680207.

What would be the easiest way to get this corrected?


I'm so sorry your store credit wasn't applied to the order like it should've been! I went ahead and applied the $100 of store credit to the order for you as well as refunded the credit card for the $100 charge. Please allow some time for it to be reflected in your bank account and please let me know if anything still looks incorrect :)

Hi, Logan! I see it pending on my account now, so thank you so much for getting that taken care of quickly! That was quite a shock when I saw the charge and was lucky that it didn’t overdraft anything, but it was definitely a little stressful since I had to go out of town on Friday and had expected to have access to those funds. I really appreciate you doing everything you could to get it taken care of quickly. Thank you so much.

Hello! I had a pretty severe payment issue for order 36680207.

What would be the easiest way to get this corrected?

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I am caught up on all of the emails that I have as of 12:31 AM September 5. If you still have something missing, please send me an email and let me know so it can be corrected. :)

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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

Who else thinks that Heather, Clyde and Katie are awesome?


Thank you so much! That really means a lot coming from someone like you in the community. I have a lot of respect for you, HMM. :)

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Just FYI, only counting tables that have actively stuck in the reporting system, we’re cresting 516 tables for just PF2. That was me and 2 other people. So we definitely appreciate your patience as we have day jobs and families. :)

At this point, other than some PSA quests, anything missing is either a sheet I just don’t have for some reason or it was eaten by the site when we tried to log it. I am expecting to go through and attempt to further organize all the reporting sheets this week and will be scanning for anything out of place when I do that.

So if stuff is still missing currently, definitely send an email with as much information as you can (GenConLeads@gmail.com, subject heading “Reporting Error: system, scenario name”). GM information helps me more than players as it is easier to look for GM ID #s at the top of a sheet than it is to scan all 6 sign in spots for a player ID. When you’re reporting something to me as a player (and thus you likely don’t have a photo of the sign in sheet), it’ll take me longer to follow up on just because I have to physically be home to go through paperwork. So please don’t feel like I’ve forgotten you, I haven’t. I know you want your credits and I absolutely want you to have them too, because that’s a fair expectation. :)

Thanks guys. Big shout out to Clyde and Katie of the Queen City Lodge for helping with this monumental task, too.

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GM Wageslave wrote:

Just as a head's up... my Friday session of 2E actually happened on Thursday afternoon. I do not know if that is related to the reporting issues, but my friday morning session is still missing and I'm having a hard time finding the picture I took.

OrgPlay #145296

Look for session 407 under your reporting. I believe I logged that one in the last few hours. Hopefully it’s what you were missing. I remember specifically seeing your alias pop up in my list of reports this morning between 7am-8am EST.

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Marc Waschle wrote:

First off, KUDOS to Heather and the reporting team! The timelines, responsiveness, and reporting in general is head and shoulders above the last two years! I am happy to say that all my tables that I GM'd are entered and showing correct in the system

However, I am missing two games I played in and if they weren't 2nd Ed and worth ACPs I wouldn't bother.

I am missing my Thursday morning PFS2 1-01 Absalom Initiation, and Sunday mornings PFS2 1-03 Escaping the Grave. When I get home tonight I will send an email with the GM's name and # to hopefully help you find the sheets.

Thanks again for your hard work and responsiveness.

We just submitted a round of updates and corrections based on other emails that we had received, so there’s a chance that the missing session for 1-03 was submitted. I’m following up on the early Thursday morning sessions that were missed as soon as I get home which should then be done tonight before 11 PM.

It definitely helps me if you are submitting a missing report based on being a player if you give me the GM’s ID number so that I can try to find the sheet and make sure that everyone is getting credit. :)

Also, thanks for the tip about the save button giving me a session number before I close it out, I think that something I’m going to implement next year with all of our volunteers to help make it easier to track down information.

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No, it started at -103 or something like that, then it counted down and went back into positive numbers, lol.

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Hardware the Tech wrote:
Have you considered hitting the [Save] button first, making sure a session is created and assigned, and then clicking the [Save and go to New Session] button? It is a little more work, but you can know what session is assigned and if it saved correctly.

I haven’t tried that, but I’ll use it this evening and see if it works. I’ve been saving and exiting at this point because that seems to work at least. When I first started logging the reports it started all the session numbers in negatives, which I’ve never seen before, and I could not edit anything under those for the first day.

I know another volunteer is getting an error code about a session he’s not even reported under, so it’s been interesting to say the least.

I’m going to do my best and just try to make sure folks are at least getting their table credit where I can.

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ACP is not something I can report, that’s a website issue I cannot address for you. I have no ability to enter ACP, that is tracked by the site itself. Please don’t send me emails about ACP because it’s not something I can address, unfortunately, and it slows me down sorting through reporting errors.

Also, to be clear, I am ONLY addressing reporting errors for GenCon 2019. Anything from previous years needs to be addressed with your local captain, I do not have that paperwork or access to those events, so I can’t help you with them. I’m sorry, but it’s simply not something I can fix for you.

Regarding PF2 sessions outside Thursday morning/afternoon, it’s literally the site not saving them when they’re submitted. All reporting sheets are tagged with color coded highlighters for anything we have reported post GenCon. So outside of the instances where it’s been a sheet that simply wasn’t in my paperwork (and thank you for sending photos then as that’s the only way I have to document it), it’s seemed to be a bug where “save and go to new session” is not reliably logging the data, but also isn’t kicking back any kind of error for me to realize it’s happened.

I’m working through the emails I have now and appreciate your patience.

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I found a few sheets that got mixed in with some PF1 reporting sheets somehow, but they're all slot 2 sheets (so Thursday afternoon).

Those will be logged by Tuesday night this week.

I have noticed that the website seems to be eating some of the reports when they're submitted *without* giving any kind of error code, so there's no way for me to know when it happens. I've gone through the e-mails I had received up to Sunday, August 25th 11:16PM EST.

If you're missing a PF2 scenario from slot 2 of the con and that's the only thing you're missing, hold off until Wednesday evening if you can. :)

If you're missing something outside that time slot, I either don't have the reporting paper for it or the website ate it, so continue to send e-mails for those and I'll do my best to keep up with them and correct them.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hey guys, all of the reporting for SFS from GenCon 2019 should already be complete. If you notice something missing, or notice an error, please send an email to GenConLeads@gmail.com with the subject “Reporting Error: System - Scenario.”

If it’s an error on something actually reported on the system please be sure to include the session number because it will allow me to address your issue much faster.

As always, if you are the GM reporting an error or a missing session, I need you to include the photo of your reporting sheet that you should’ve taken before you turned it in at headquarters.

Sending an email will also get you a faster response than commenting on this post, I don’t spend a lot of time on the forums but I do check the email regularly.

Have a great weekend!

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All PFS2 games from GenCon should be reported (save for demo/quest). If you notice a mistake or something missing, send an email to the address in the original post.


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The Ghost of Balin Moonsong wrote:
Submitted a missing SFS slot via email, as requested.

Addressing that for you right now.

All SFS and PFS1 events should have been reported, so if any of those are missing please follow the directions above and submit them to me! :)

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Hi guys!

I’m handling the reporting for our second edition events that ran at GenCon this year. My goal is to have all the reporting done by Saturday 8/24/2019 in the afternoon (EST for my time zone). I have some other volunteers assisting me this Friday evening and the bulk of the work will be completed then.

If you’re aware of any reporting errors, please send an email to GenConLeads@gmail.com with “Reporting Error (system) (scenario name)” in the subject line. If you’re the GM please include a photo of your reporting sheet, corrections will happen MUCH FASTER when you do that. Better yet, if it has been reported and you see an error, include the session number in your email and I’ll be able to locate and address your error that much faster.

If you have questions, send an email to the address above. :) I’ll get that faster than I’ll see a forum post.

Your patience is appreciated! I just wanted to make sure I was open with a time line for expectations now that reporting has finally gone live on the site.

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Congratulations on your campaign coins, guys!

Congrats to the new 5 stars as well!!

Do we have a time line for the season 10 cards to post/be updated on the website? :)

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We had a blast today, and I think Dave would be proud and flattered.

The charity donations will remain open until Midnight EST. You can donate for raffle tickets until then. Please include what you would like your tickets to go towards in the comments.

Thank you all so much for helping to make our event an amazing success! You can donate by following the link below.

https://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.personalCampaig nDonations&participantID=1550792

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We are officially live on Twitch for the David Setty Memorial Game Day event! Catch us on Twitch by following the link below! :D


4/5 5/5 * Venture-Captain, Kentucky—Northern Kentucky

Hey guys, we are officially live on Twitch for the David Setty Memorial Game Day event! Catch us on Twitch by following the link below! :) You can also find more info about the charity and the donation link by checking the links on our Twitch channel.


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Finally got around to digging through some of my stuff.

I have...

Share the Wealth (Companions)
Pathfinder Apprentice
Fighting off Corruption (Ghoul and/or Hellbound)
Martial Tradition
Alchemical Versatility
Vanara (Race)

I'm looking for...


PM me to trade. I'll be attending GenCon Wed-Sun this year. I am not comfortable accepting scanned copies of a boon, or creating them, so any trades need to be done through the mail or in person.

Thanks! :)

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Chad Newman wrote:

To the best VL anyone could ever ask for! Congrats Heather!

And to David Setty, a constant volunteer in the area who is always there when you need him, congrats!

I do have a pretty amazing boss. It makes my job pretty easy. ;)

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NightTrace wrote:
Congrats to everyone! Also, I'm going to have to ask Heather if this means she'll be taking a moment to breath between games now! :P

Lol. Probably not!

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Oh wow. I was not expecting that before Origins!

Congratulations, Setty! I am honored to be on the list with you! It makes it that much better as you were one of the people that stepped up and helped me out when I was leading and needed backup GMs for tables.

I also owe Brent, Joe, and Chad, for being amazing teachers, and the local players in my city for putting up with me dragging them along for 150+ adventures!

You guys are the best. <3 Thank you so much!

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Congrats, Brent! :)

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So I ran this last Saturday at a con for a group in the sub-tier 3-4 range, with the Undead Crusaders in Ustalav. It was not nearly as lethal as I expected, but they had a pretty broken monk character in the group that did massive damage. They did manage to Diplomacy the final boss (who they ran into before the linked encounter, because they decided to take a weird path through the dungeon!). It lead to some really amazing role-play for the group, and a somber victory as they realized they had to destroy her to save the wards (which lead to more amazing role-play, btw). They loved Akina so much they really wanted to take her body back to the Society and demand the organization find a way to resurrect her, but I told them her soul/energy was part of powering the wards, so they would have to put her back in her tomb.

Having an occultist in the group that runs around touching EVERYTHING makes this scenario awesome for story-purposes. That's just my two cents. :)

I'm excited to run it again in the near future and explore the other two locations. I'm hoping the same group will come back with different characters, because I'll just have the VC talk about having already sent one team to the first location, and being pressed for time to get other teams out into the field. I figured that way it could almost be a mini-module for them, just told through different characters at each session.

Thanks for an amazing scenario, Andrew! :)

Are there any others that currently feature Venture-Captain Shevar Besnik as the one handing out missions?

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I like having the options, but I also have players that really do go out of their way to find non-violent ways to resolve things. I fully intend to pull on their little heart strings with the fallen crusader aspect of this potential plot, as I'm running her linked threat as her former lover (likely the one who buried her and guarded the tomb for a time). Since there aren't actual hand-outs for the vellum piece and whatnot, I debated actually writing something up for them... Something to give those NPCs more depth and story.

Granted, that's me deciding to take the plot and run wild with it, because I love that stuff, and have two Carrion Crown groups running right now.

If I had players that just murdered things all the time and never actually wanted to engage with story or understand the NPCs, I probably wouldn't make the effort. It's always felt like you have to play to your group's interests, and I'm lucky enough to have a lot of story-driven players in my groups (as I'm a story-driven GM/Player myself).

I'll let you know how it all plays out after Saturday. :) I've thoroughly enjoyed putting together a dungeon with the material that was presented to us, and I enjoy having the extra options with the Undead Crusader storyline. I've always loved the villains that didn't start out that way, though.

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This feels like a dumb question -- Is it possible to leave the lamp out in the Undead Crusader storyline? It mentions only picking 3 out of the 4 possible ways for the party to gain bonuses for the Diplomacy/Knowledge Religion checks, and the lamp is the 4th option. It is also exclusively discussed under each different location with a function.

Would it be weird to not use that option at all?

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I like that idea, Andrew. Thanks for the suggestion. :) It'll be interesting to see what my players decide to do with it. They're a group that commonly seeks to solve problems through non-violent means. They took it very seriously when I told them that Pathfinders are not murder-hobos. This wouldn't be the first undead creature that they've tried to resolve without weapons (and remarkably, they've succeeded a few times). It should be an exciting encounter either way!

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deusvult wrote:

But with undead? Only way I can see the notion even crossing players' minds is if they're using meta knowledge of the scenario's other arcs all allowing for a non-combat resolution.

I might have misread it, but it kind of feels like diplomacy is only an option with the linked threat in the Undead Crusader arc if you're using Akina (the vampire). She hides and ambushes the party, with morale stating that she fights to the death.

It does mention being able to accumulate bonuses against the linked threat. I'm not sure how to encourage that yet (though I am blessedly working with players that opted for Diplomacy in the final School of Spirits encounter too). I debated the idea of writing up actual text for that piece of vellum they find or a journal. Something that could make that creature seem more "human." I even debated having it as her former second-in-command or an unrequited love (to explain why it was tainted and so tortured by her return as an undead monster).

But I'm probably over thinking it. I think using the enraged Defenders haunt will probably help in that area, forcing the characters to think of them more as fallen heroes that are worthy of better treatment.

Thanks for the response, Andrew! I'm really looking forward to running this scenario. The only hazard change I've considered is the wind hazard in the archery training room. It seems like a great location for the Animated Training Dummies, but they are considered small, so the hazard would seriously hamper them in that location. I might keep it in the sense that the players could activate it, though. It helps make that room a fitting place for the tier 3-4 loot with the wand. :)

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1bent1 wrote:

What is the impact of using the the Tyrant's Recruitment haunt? Do the effected Pathfinders leave for the 6 hours which is the duration of the Suggestion?

I would also like to know the answer to this. I think the haunt is a really interesting idea, and I love the flavor, but I did wonder about the actual mechanical impact of it on the party.

I personally ended up opting for the Enraged Crusaders haunt instead, and instead to place it in C1 on my first run through of this scenario (it seems logical).

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I'm preparing to run this for the first time in a few weeks (at a convention, no less!). I have players signed up that I know personally, and they're in my home game for Carrion Crown. That makes this whole thing pretty exciting for me, as it all sort of ties in to things of interest to them.

It's a bit intimidating to prepare though, as it has a lot of random elements (maybe more because I'm doing the undead crusaders, so there are 3 additional elements to randomize in the dungeon -- though some just have "common sense" locations to me).

Since I'm going to have to run this at a convention, I'm actually copying and pasting the entire original Ustalav section, and going through and adding my elements to each room. It means all my papers will be in order in a single stack, instead of having so many random papers to sort through.

I have to ask -- if you were going to use one of the haunts as your random hazard (either the Tyrant's Recruitment or the Enraged Crusaders) where would you place them? I've considered the Barracks or Dining Hall for the Crusaders. I'm considering the entry hall or dining hall for the Tyrant (or even the Crypts at the back of the dungeon for that haunt).

Any input is welcome. It feels like there's a lot going on in some rooms for the Undead Crusaders already, so it's been interesting trying to space everything out, but also trying to avoid stacking monsters or other hazards on rooms that already have hazards.

Just reported a table for this scenario. Doesn't appear to show for table credit.

Otherwise, this was an awesome game, I really enjoyed running it!

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Paz wrote:

That's fine; the subtier you run the session at doesn't have any bearing on the level of PC you can assign the GM credit to. If you give credit for a tier 1-5 scenario to a 3rd-level PC, they get out-of-subtier gold and access to the subtier 1-2 items off the chronicle, whatever the levels of the PCs you GMed for.

Thanks! I just wanted to make sure I did everything right. :) I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions!

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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
If you need a handy list of scenarios, I use this one.

Thanks! That should be helpful. I just made a list of what I know that player has played in a word document and figured I would check it before prepping any scenarios. This will work well for helping me know what I've run and played as well since I will be running for one group, playing in another, and played a bunch of stuff at GenCon this year.

I did have one other question, if you don't mind. If you GM a scenario with multiple tiers, are you allowed to assign it to a character of a different tier than what you ran based on your players' characters? I went ahead and assigned Among the Living to a level 1 character I have because my players were all level 1, but I also have a level 3 rogue right now that is one game away from level 4. I just want to know if that would be allowed since some of the other scenarios I am running have multiple tiers.

Thanks so much for all your help!

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BigNorseWolf, that is pretty much what I have done. The player didn't know how to get access to that list until I showed him. I have now made a complete list (it's less than 10 scenarios, so it won't be too bad!) of scenarios to avoid running due to cross-over for that player. The newer players have never played any Pathfinder until that session, and they all pretty much played with pregens because they weren't sure they wanted to stay with Pathfinder long-term.

So far it seems like most of them will stick around and will be registering, so I'll have a regular home game to start out. I've personally been playing Pathfinder since 2010, but I've never taken the GM role until now. I owe that to a couple other awesome GMs I've worked with, including some amazing folks at GenCon this year. If I'm half-as-good as the GMs I've been learning from, I'll be pretty happy!

Thanks a lot for the encouragement and for answering my questions! :)

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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Correct. Only adventures with just the Tier 1 or Tier 1-2 ranges can be replayed for credit. If it has a higher tier range or multiple tier ranges, it cannot be replayed for credit.

Thanks, I just wanted to make sure that would be correct. :) That's a huge help!

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I'm really new to Game Mastering, and most of my players are also very new to Pathfinder, with one exception in our group.

The current guide that I've read through states:

"All Tier 1 scenarios and Tier 1–2 sanctioned modules are
available for unlimited replay with a 1st-level character for
credit. The sanctioned modules may also be played with a
2nd-level character once for credit in each mode. GMs may
receive another Chronicle sheet each time they run one of
the Tier 1 scenarios or Tier 1–2 sanctioned modules, but
may only apply a Chronicle sheet to one 2nd-level character
per adventure."

I want to make sure I completely understand this rule -- does this ONLY apply to scenarios that have NO other tiers as part of them?

Example: A lot of scenarios have multiple tiers available, and you select and run the level appropriate tier for your group, and that determines the rewards they get.

I'm asking because I ran Among the Living for the new group at tier 1-2, and it turns out our more experienced player had played it... 6 years ago, on a character he doesn't even use anymore, and couldn't even remember the game. So he couldn't get credit on his new character.

I have now showed him how to go back through his session history for each character he has registered and have pulled a list of scenarios that he's already run so I know to avoid those in the future.

I just want to be clear on my understanding though, so that I can answer questions for others in my group, and definitely make sure to avoid this happening again by accident if we have any other experienced players join us for a session or two at any point.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through all this. I hope it's not too confusing.