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Definitely worth it


Lotsa good new demons and feats...
It goes into a lot of depth on a few of the major levels of the Abyss.
Also good treatment of the ways and physiology of the demons.
Finally it introduces a new species grouping of demon.
Written by Erik Mona and James Jacobs, how can you lose?
I'm only sad that there never was a Fiendish Codex III dealing with the yugoloths.

Chock full of goodness


Has some really good classes to expand your D&D game, as well as new feats and spells to expand on the standard classes.
Also has organization rules for joining an organization and the benefits therein.
I like the "character recreation" rules; haven't seen them in practice much myself, but a lot of potential there.
This book has the beguiler, and the knight classes, among others.
Good value for the money in my opinion.

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Styes Debut issue


Iggwilv and Graz'zt on the cover,
Fiend's Embrace by Steve Greer-a jaunt into a cold marsh in Greyhawk to retrieve a "Valentine's Day Present" from Graz'zt to Iggwilv....the two heavy hitters don't figure Directly into the adventure, but this is one of my favorite background setups.
There's also a great map in the adventure of the marsh done from a kind of "Google earth" perspective.

This issue also saw Richard Pett debuting his now legendary setting The Styes. It's simply a blast to read. It's steampunk mentality, or "the new weird" as I've heard the genre described, a grungy urban adventure in the manner of China Mieville and/or H P Lovecraft.
It works great with 3.5 D&D.
The Styes is vaguely written up, along with a map; it's designed to be attached to a major city. There's plenty to suggest further adventures there IMHO.
This is an inter-AP issue of Dungeon, so no Shackled City or Age of Worms involved.

Best. Module. Ever.


It's 1e, but this is prolly one of my faves ever, definitely my fave 1st level adventure.
I don't have the pdf so I can't comment on that.

It has pirates, and...at the end the characters end up with a ship. What more could you ask for?
I've played through this at least twice, and probably ran it eight times.

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Has got to be one of my all-time favorite Dungeon adventures. It's a huge adventure in Sigil, 2e., really interesting story about an extraplanar custody battle. It's a melding of an interesting idea AND a good adventure, and the Tony DiTerlizzi art all over the place makes it a must have.
This adventure fired me up on Planescape back in the day.

Breaking IS Fun!!!


I've heard a lot of people who I respect, such as Fake Healer, say this book is really broken. And I've never gotten the chance to use it, moreso from my rare chances to game than from any brokenness I believe,....
It's just a fun book, and a fun set of rules. I look forward to running with it some day; perhaps a Book of Nine Swords/Martial Arts style stressed campaign.

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Definitely a Classic...


One of my favorite sections is the "mythos history" section that details odd historical and mythos events down through the ages.
All around wild book.

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Buttloads of Beasties


I don't think this is all-inclusive of the C'thulhu creatures, but nothing else comes close.
It's great stuff.
Just about every creature has a mocked up photograph, painting, woodcarving, or newspaper clipping to go along with it. Part of what makes Lovecraftian horror so endearing to me anyway is that imaginary sense of history that is often woven into the mythos. I have fun with the book just for those pictures.

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All hooey, no dooey.


Great art. No crunch whatsoever. I looked through it at the bookstore and left it there.
What I don't understand is why this entire book isn't free web material, and Dungeon and Dragon magazine are pdf's now.

Total Dreamboat!!!


I think this is my single most favorite game accessory book EVAR. It has it all-The Dreamlands, the important dreamers, monsters, spells...
If you like stuff that's far from the beaten path or out there, this is the best example of that in existence.
I would totally bring this book with me on a Desert Island.

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Burnt Offerings


I haven't read it but I'm playing in it on a pbp and having a lot of fun. Cool twist on goblins, and a quasit that JUST WON'T DIE!!!
I hate quasits now.
Good times!!!