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Angol Ceredir - 15th-level elven abjurer/artificer, a paranoid wizard and custom stone golem guardian that are ready for anything

Araonna Chorster - 15th-level human death oracle, leads an army of non-evil undead, including a purple worm zombie that functions as a makeshift "ground-craft carrier"

Dayer Rann - 15th-level human master archer, a man whose accuracy and damage potential knows no equal

Deacon Rann - 15th-level human trick archer, famed for his combat versatility and trick shots

Durin Wrang - 15th-level half-elf eidolon rider, a powerful summoner with close ties to the natural world

Fultor Spellbreaker - 13th-level dwarven berserker, skilled in the arts of crushing wielders of magic and those that protect them

Gilgeam Grayhem - 15th-level human mage killer, a solem and pracitcal wizard known for his many quick and decisive victories

Haloy Wrang - 16th-level half-elf possessed being, arcane warrior trained by both powerful summoners and magi alike

Helegûr - 15th-level aasimar ice witch, a sorceress widely feared for her simulucrum spies and absolute mastery over the north

Kang Makhai - 20th-level human destroyer of armies, a magus transmuter of legendary power

Kirom Lancaster - 15th-level human duelist, reputed to have never been cut by an enemy's blade

Lily Oleander - 16th-level half-elf plant druid, as pleasent as poison ivy to her foes, this sensuous druid's kiss is poison

Moving Castle - CR 11 colossal animated object/construct for the truly wealthy homeowner

Myconid - A strange race of fungoid men little known to the larger world

Myrmidon - CR 7 troll fighters, an elite unit of highly trained soldiers who use their regenerative abilities to become nigh unstoppable

Nudel the Protector - 15th-level half-orc nature guardian, a barbarian druid with an affinity for hard-hitting dinosaurs

Obrist Lang - 11th-level human phalanx guardian, an oriental phalanx skirnir that fights alongside identical animated armor and is capable of wielding polearms one-handed

Paegin - CR 10 gnoll sorcerer, diabolist sage and leader of gnolls everywhere

Pollivar Mormont - 16th-level halfling giant slayer, small in stature, big on bringing suffering to evildoers

Raven King, The - 18th-level human shadow herald, undisputed lord of fletchling-kind

Roshgog - 15th-level half-orc fire mage, leader of his tribe and undisputed master of cleansing flame

Sela Kurn - 15th-level human grand vizier, undisputed mage duel champion and master of deceit and magic

Seregon - 20th-level human juggernaut, a legend whose naked skin is said to be harder than the oldest wyrm's scales

She'er Falen - 15th-level fire genasi, a sorceress with a fondness for cute animals and fiery explosions

Shioji Petilom - 16th-level halfling mage-knight, a great hero who readily laughs in the face of evil

Sloy Garak - 15th-level tengu pontiff, powerful sorcerer and religious leader

Yiankun Lee - 15th-level halfling sorceress, a spellcasting adventurer said to have learned her magic from an enclave of medusas

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