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No spoilerz please I probably can't see it til 2019.......but if I hated Force Awakens (somewhat jokingly referred to as "A New New Hope" only somewhat) will I hate this too? I liked Rogue One so it's not the "female Luke Skywalker" thing at all man.

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still kickin

"Why you kill trolls? They eat your mother?"

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Q: "Son, who shot first?"
A: "Greedo did."

I'm sorry, son. I failed you.

Just posting this as a warning: teach your kids before its too late.

I asked a techie friend about it elsewhere (facebook) and some said "sequel," some said "ess queue ell," and then people started going at it a little bit. It cracked me up because the damndest things can stir up s!@#.
So I said, "hell. I'll just wait until my Prof. says it then say it like she does."

Like, in school they told me to pronounce "finance" like "shark's fin" instead of "dang but Jo Bob's old lady sure is fine," also I was cautioned about "new kyew lurr...."

So I was just wondering and all.

I am still hoping this is b@#%!&!&.


they seriously need to do an indiegogo for this.

I think King Star King is pretty metal.

It's NSFW.

Stuff has to be NSFW to be metal.

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The spider spinning his web for the unwary fly. The blood is the life, Mr. Renfield.

Great. Let's unleash Patient Zero.

Blue balls

I assume you won't require the flagging of 112 posts,......

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oh, David,....is there no end to your wisdom?


I thought I put in an order for the non mint city of locusts on Saturday; I checked today and it's still in my shopping cart; did I do it wrong?


Land of Flowers

Topless woman destroys St Pete McDonalds; then eats ice cream out the damn machine!

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I hate daylight savings time!!!!!

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Arcane Eye doesn't let the caster see if the caster is blind, right?

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usa today

his son fbooked that Fred Phelps is on the "edge of death."

Somebody totally needs to show up at the funeral with signs.....

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make website look like a 13 year old made it in the nineties.

This is awesome.

Totally levels that guy's karma for inventing dynamite.

mind blown

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You'll be missed, dude.

The recent financial crisis calls into question the EMH; according to some real smart guy at Yale.
In fact, unjustified faith in rational expectations and market efficiencies might have been one of the causes.
so, now what?

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Ice T's podcast


He talks about a DnD audiobook he recorded.......among other stuff.

Oddities: San Francisco

Anybody seen this? I watched season 1 on Netflix; very cool.

archer learns the old techniques. Faster than Legolas.

b!%!!, please!

if they're going to eff up one of the best X-Men stories ever, I ain't seeing it.

This is worse than that Bat Man debacle.

I just watched this; it was really really good.

I think, though, there would be roaches and rats.

If this works I can start a thread, I just can't open any existent ones.

I guess I won't be able to read this one either, so don't talk bad about me.

heh heh.......heh heh heh.....

I can't seem to open subforums with internet explorer (I guess that's what it is; it says bing or something)
or start threads, but I just now tried it on firefox and it works.

So, anyway, I guess as usual I solved my own damn problem. I just felt like sharing, cos I know at least one other person who couldn't open subforums as well.

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Fatberg Menaces London

I reckon, Placido Domingo done wupped some Nessun Dorma ass right here, brow.

This bloke's really startin to brown me off!!!

Can't seem to figure out how to review Rasputin Must Die.

Where is the tag to "review this?" or whatever?

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let's go. who's with me?

Saw this on the HP Lovecraft Historical Society on fbook looks fun:

"How many of us have done time in Arkham Sanitarium? What were you put away for?"

Me,......it was a horrible mistake. For you see, I am completely sane.

Where do I get a hat like George RR Martin?

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dang dang, danga dong dingy dingy dinga dong donga daaaaaaaay

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I....I've seen this place before,......in a dream, I think....

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major tom video in outer space

got this from "the Jade" on facebook.

creature spot

got this linky off of Monte Cook on facebook.
It's pretty neato.

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live feed

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