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Oh shoot. Firefox is botched, last post i had for 3 weeks was Rannarix's. nothing on gameplay. Checked every day too.

Well, back to brave browser then, sorry !!

Good thing Tiger told me i wasn't posting, this is sick.

Hi guys,

I'm looking for Malevolence, Age of Ashes, or extinction curse on PBP.

I can play any type of character, even if i tend to like support characters the most :D

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It's a very nice book, great job from the authors and illustrators !

Thanks for this wonderful content !!

Now we just need to have it sanctioned for PFS usage, this fine work deserves to be used in society play !

Well, here it is !

My shadow monk, Virihane of Ridwan, a half-elf Kuthite monk who came from Varisia and was moved to Ridwan for training.

Unfortunately, i didn't manage to go fetchling.

General feats are probably a mess.

class details:

1. Gorilla stance + Ki strike (Natural Ambition)
2. Crushing grab / titan wrestler
3. Ancestral paragon (Arcane tattoos - Shield)
4. Quick Jump / Flurry of maneuvvers
5. Ornate tattoo (Mage Armor i guess)
6. Quiet allies / whirling throw
7. Canny Acumen (Perception)
8. Foil sense / Clinging shadows initiate
9. Virtue-forged tattoo (elemental absorption)
10. Swift sneak / shadowdancer dedication
11. Incredible initiative
12. Powerful leap / meditative focus
13. Shadow pact
14. Wall jump / shadow's web
15. Cloud Jump
16. Water sprint / Quivering palm
17. Heroic presence
18. Legendary Sneak / Shadow Master
19. Toughness
20. Golden Body (if available if not impossible technique), Quick Swim

If anyone has feedback on this, i would love it :D Thanks !

Elstar mmhs

"Probably the Otygh that triggered the kobolds traps. We should be wary of more traps"

Perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

Elstar follows the group cautiously.

Should we follow closely ? He might be in trouble without us

Hi guys,

I Would love to join as well if possible ! PBD/PBP would be the best way for me to be able to run quests as my daughter gives me a hard life if i try to free a 5h chunk of time haha.

1) Character name: Elstar Shadan
2) PFS#-Character#: 2399512-2002
3) Character Class & Level: Witch (winter) /Beastmaster 2
4) Faction: Vigilant Seal

I have roll20 format but i can convert

I've missed it :( just started PFS2e aaah.

Make another one please :D this seems like an awesome bundle.

Paizo's books are so cool too, so well written and illustrated.

Not to mention that the rules are close to perfection, the right evolution from the 3.5 system (and PF1e) which weren't very balanced.

Thanks Paizo for creating the best d20 system to date ! With a rich world, rich classes and a superb community.