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Incredible Book


Amazing amount of detail on every location in Sandpoint (down to their street address). Lots of NPC statblocks and quest ideas for each establishment is great.
Also includes a lot of info for the hinterlands around the town.
AND an amazing 2-sided map of Sandpoint and the Hinterlands.

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Not Half bad


Overall, it's a good book, the entries are creative and interesting. I like that there is a lot of new equipment, and also like that some setting information is included in the descriptions. But a few things knock it down from 5 stars to 3 stars.

For my tastes:

1. Book is too short for the price. $40 for 160 pages? Compare to PF Bestiaries at nearly same price and almost double pagecount. I got a subscriber discount so it made it slightly cheaper, but if AA2 is same pagecount, i'll probably skip the hardcover and just get pdf.

2. Too many races, not enough monsters. The core rulebook already has 7 races, plus all old PF races, I would prefer more monsters, and then slowly add in races as the game evolves. (Perhaps a larger page count could have kept the same # of races and added more monsters too).

3. Artwork is of slightly lower quality than PF products. Just my personal tastes here. I know Skittermanders are the new hotness, but to me the artwork is ridiculous and can't take them seriously at all.

4. Lack of statblocks for dragons, elementals etc. Having to create these means a decent amount of work. I'm sure it will get easier as I build more and more but if they add in another 16 pages and then you could save the customers the work of having to generate these.

So, I give it 3/5.