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hooh, hah

Don't leaf me!


All things are part of the cycle. We are born, we live our allotted span and we die, only to be born again. Spring follows Winter as Winter follows Spring.

The leaves rustle gently in the immense forest, though no wind blows. Small woodland creatures run and play among the quiet boles

All is quiet, but dark clouds loom over water The Great Erl thinks as his spirit drifts amongst the currents of the Green

The trees rustle in the Grove as the little family leaves

The cycle turns, the old becomes new and the champions once again ready for battle

Animals of the forest gather the fallen stars from their craters in the leaf mold and bring them to Ygdrassil, piling them at the Root in a shiny pile

Star Song, it seems your final pieces have arrived ..

The trees rustle as if a gale disturbs them. The forest animals run for their burrows

Evil stirs yet again as the cycle turns once more The Great Erl mutters

The forest branches seem to part to allow Kiba quick egress. A slow voice echoes through his mind

He will become a great champion Kiba, and he will bring you much joy and honor. He will one day understand why you had to do what you did when he was younger. Be there for him when he needs it and let him forge his own path.

You will find the path Star Song. Believe in yourself.

The trees rustle as the woman leaves the Grove.

Evil looms on the horizon Star Song

The spirit of the Great Erl enfolds LJ. She finds her connections strengthening geometrically

Trust yourself Star Song. Trust the power of Life.

lynora-Jill wrote:

I'm not really sure how to do that. I can draw on the power of Yggdrasil to connect to someone through the Green if they are inside the Grove, but I don't know how to reach beyond that.

It is merely an expansion of your power Star Song. Yggdrasil can connect you to any place that the Green has purchase. Look deep within your self then cast your perception out into the Green. Search for the soul fires of your loved ones. They will draw you to them.

lynora-Jill wrote:
... Is there any way to warn them of his potential escape?"

The Erl's spirit pulses gently

You have the power to connect with your loved ones Star Song. You just need to reach out and use your spirit to connect to them..

The Erl's spirit sends out waves of contentment

She is secure in their care. There is currently only one who is still a threat to her wellbeing: The Harlequin

LJ can feel a tremor in the web of life surrounding her

Even now he tests his bonds and attempts to escape his captors.

LJ feels the spirit of the Great Erl close to her.

Star Song. Your child is well. She is with the Champion of Earth and your grandfather, the Scion of Air. They strive to bring you back to the realms of flesh.

The trees rustle

The Green sits on a foundation of Stone. Our roots reach into it. Let your spirit open Jack Hammer and let the Grren help to reconnect you to the Web of Life.

Jack Hammer wrote:
I...I cannot...see within the Green...

JH feels a vast presence

Open your mind. All are welcome in the Green

JH can suddenly feel the life all around him. He sees a glowing form of whirling stars in front of him

lynora-Jill wrote:

Yes, battle....Her expression becomes vague for a moment before her attention returns to him. "Erl, tell me please, Jack Hammer...did he survive?" She waits fearfully for the answer.

He is nearby, at the base of Yggdrasil's root. He grieves for you. If you reached out through me you could contact him.

Lynora-Jill feels the web of the Green reaching out to encompass her. She sees JH and his squirrel friend in the Grove

lynora-Jill wrote:
She smiles as her form coalesces before him. How are things in the physical world? I'm afraid my awareness is currently quite limited. It's nice to have someone to talk to.

The Great Erl's glowing form radiates happiness

I am glad you have still not moved on to your next incarnation. There is still much greiving from the many lost in battle.

The trees rustle. The Great Erl sinks deeper into the Green. He sends his spirit towards Yggdrasil's Root.

Star Song. Do you linger? He sends out into the bright glowing web of power.

Kiba wrote:

You can sense that he is alive, but he hasn't returned from the RP thread.

The trees creak and sway in the wind

He is away in the fields of Roleplay friend Kiba.

The Eighth Runelord wrote:


He sounds very weary now.
By your leave, Erl?

The trees rustle

May the spirit of Wooly Rupert look favorably on your lifepath Runelord.

The Runelord realizes the entish council actually joked with him

Dwell not on what might have been, celebrate what is. Fare well and may the future you seek be realized as you wish.

The Eighth Runelord wrote:

... I would that things were otherwise.

The trees rustle. There is a sense of quiet sadness

Spring Sapling was important to all of us, Runelord. She was a herald to us here, a speaker for those who cannot speak in far off councils. She gave her incarnation to pull another back into the Green. It was her fate, though it came through darkly until the Spear of Life appeared in the Tree Emperor's hands.

The Harlequin is a herald of chaos. His actions are hard to predict. His slaying of Starsong dismayed us all, but we will go on. Lynora-Jill still travels within the web of the Green. Nothing is ever lost. Even Spring Sapling will appear again some day when her current tasks are finished.

The trees rustle gently

If you feel you need to go protect your own people that is understandable. But remember that we are all stronger when we stand together rather than stand apart. The Grove is always ready to stand with those of good heart and noble purpose.

The Eighth Runelord wrote:

The Eighth Runelord arrives, formally dressed in his very best robes, and stands waiting to be acknowledged by the Great Erl.

His expression is grim.

The grove rustles

Runelord. What brings you to our Grove?

The grove rustles

The Black fades and the Green renews itself. Such has it always been

lynora-Jill wrote:

A tear runs down her cheek.

"Yet more misunderstandings. I only hope this one can wait. I will not survive the upcoming battle. Even I can see that far ahead. How permanent that death is remains to be seen."

Lynora-Jill feels a calm mind speak to her

Starsong, there is no death. Death is not the way of the Green. All endings have new beginnings. Only those who fear to begin again step off the cycle into the abomination that is the Black. Take comfort that whatever happens you will be fashioned anew, and the cycle will continue.

The trees rustle

The child grows and the parent worries, just as thir parents worried in turn long ago. Soon the new shall stand with the old and ready themselves to start the cycle anew. So it is with the Green.

The forests shakes

Warden. The Place of Winds is in peril. The Oracle has fallen.

Warden. You have manifested because of this breach of the Balance. The Black has gained Board powers. The gems upon the Herald's helm are millenial gems. He wears three, and they feed him concentrated Board power. His mistress must as well. They feed off the very fabric of the boards. They prosper if threads die.

The skys clear as the Grove regains its normal calm

An agent of the Black. One that can travel without disturbing the Green by his passege.

Even the normally calm tones of the Great Erl seem to be shaken

The forest whips as if there is a gale. Clouds pile up in the sky, rapidly blotting out the sun. Rain begins to fall, faster and faster.

A loud voice booms out from the Grove, mentally and sonically


Roots begin to pop out of the ground. Trees begin to mob the Tsar. He slices through them like a knife through warm butter. Animals from the forest: Boar, bears and elk rush him, only to be cut down. Lightning bolts strike him, Saint Elmo's fire crackles along his black armor as he carves a pitiless path through the defenders.

The leaves rustle

We hold with the Green here Warden. This forest is dedicated to Yggdrasil, the World Ash.

In the distance the Warden can see the monumental wood root of Yggdrasil soaring into the sky.

We are on peaceholy ground. You may hunt, but only for sustenance, never sport. You may set a fire with fallen branches, but you must never cut a living tree. Agents of the Black are not allowed here, but they have been known to flout that law...

The leaves rustle as the Great Erl chuckles

All those who serve the Balance, the Board and the Green are welcome.

The leaves around the Warden rustle, but no wind is in evidence

Anger and fear are as root and branch, parts of the same whole.

The grove rustles

You will have to forgive the orb for his rudness. He has suffered at the hands of agents of the Black. He is tainted with anger.

The Board Warden wrote:
Perhaps summoned is a better term...

The grove sighs

You have come not a moment too soon Warden. A force rises that corrupts the very fabric of the threads. We feel her siphoning off power as she progresses.

The warden feels a strong presence in his mind

Greetings Warden. You are here to ward the threads from the menace of the Black?

Yeah I'm getting the bug too

You are welcome defender of the faith. Ware the pale girl. She is closer than she has been. We sense her like a canker.

wind bends the smaller branches of the massive trees in the Grove

He went with some of the champions to destroy the Records Room, and defeat the Goddess of Dangerous Knowledge for good. He was left behind to set the fuse on the explosive, but when he attempted to leave something happened and he was destroyed.

The Grove rustles

Judging from his discussion with the champions he was headed to see what happened to Acme

The Witch Hunter General wrote:

The Witch Hunter General arrives at the Grove of Ancients. He glances around at the ancient trees, and addresses them and the grove in general.

I have been attempting to follow my Flunkie's trail, to determine what may have happened to him, and after a false lead in the Abyss, it has led me here. As far as I can know, this may have been the last spot that anyone saw my Flunkie. Is anyone in a position to confirm whether he made it here, what passed if he did, and where he may have gone afterwards?

The grove sighs in the wind. WHG hears a slow deep voice in his mind

Your flunkie did arrive here defender of the faith. He was very upset about the passing of the metal elemental Acme. He left in a very agitated state.

Holy Hanna! 54 new posts!

The trees sigh and wave in the breeze, bemused by all the ephemerals bustling about

A gentle voice wafts over the Green

Anger and arrogance has always been the provenance of the Black

The Great Erl's voice echoes in Sunny's head again

Thank you for your help Sun God. If you wish to aid Alaina, you must forge a link to her via your divine power. She needs to be the herald of a power, else she will fade back into the Green

Sunny feels a slow ancient mind speak to him telepathically

You sense the lingering presence of Calistria, Sun God. She was the goddess of Alaina, the female now encased in the wooden chrysalis yonder. She rests after her mistress severed connections to her. She is very weak

lynora-Jill wrote:


I understand. I know how painful and difficult it is to lose that connection. Would it be all right for me to stay and watch over her for a time?
LJ looks even more exhausted than she did back at the Oasis. It is somewhat doubtful she could safely fly back in her current state.

The voice chuckles ..

Indeed, if you wish you can sink into the Green and talk with her.

Lynora-Jill feels an ancient powerful presence in her mind

The wasp goddess has forsaken her, Champion of the Wind. She must now dwell in the Green and heal for a time

As the Tree Emperor attempts to wake his grandchild, a thought from the Great Erl reaches him

::Tree Emperor. The Wasp Priestess has arrived near the Grove. She is close to death. Her form is badly torn and she readies to go to her next incarnation::

The large tree sighs and sends slow thoughts to Emperor7

Beware your passion doesn't lead you astray Tree Emperor. Remeber that Spring Sapling will endure in some form no matter what happens. It is the Way of the Green.

The trees sigh as Rio departs

I fear that this storm will fell many saplings ere it is spent ...

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