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I do wish we could pre-order the PDFs.

1. Does Swarm Strike get things like Thrown and Reach based on character level or Nanocyte level?

2. Where it says, "if you have both hands empty, you can add 2 x Level," did that mean 2 x Nanocyte levels? (The main root of my confusion.)

3. Assuming that question 2 means class levels (which I doubt) how does that interact with the Operative's Death Strike?

4. Does Aesthetic Warrior's special Weapon Specialization affect Swarm Strike?

I ask these question cause I had an idea of making an Operative dipping into Nanocyte 2 for Swarm Strike and Soldier 1 for Aesthetic Warrior.

Oh, yes, definitely Outlaw Star. They have so many similar tropes to Starfinder. There is even magic guns that use spell ammo that's basically acts like a spell gem, only you don't need to know how to cast the spell. Some of the more powerful spell ammo though can deal harm to the caster.

I recommend Fifth Element, Ice Pirates, Titan A.E., Treasure Planet, Arena (1989), Soldier (1998), Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (movie and series), Galaxy Express 999 (or pretty much any space opera by Leiji Matsumoto), Cowboy Bebop & Space Dandy, Voltron: Legendary Defender (that's the Netflix version), Samurai Jack, FarScape, etc. Like I could probably pull out a bunch of different movies and shows if I sit here long enough.

Oh, and these are just the sci-fi stuff.

So I was looking at Aesthetic Warrior and notice that you can deal lethal damage with. However, if you're a Vesk or some other similar species you instead get the Stun quality (as well as a few other), so for you to deal nonlethal damage you have to spend a move action to set your teeth to stun. This seems like a weird design choice. Why didn't they just say "you can deal lethal or nonlethal damage" instead? Wouldn't need to add the Stun quality at all.

Because beating someone to death with your fists is an aesthetic choice.

I just want to point out that it says in shields

SF:COM p.124 wrote:
Shields that allow you to use them to make unarmed attacks can have weapon fusions added to them, treating their item level as their weapon item level, and can be made of any special materials that can also be used to make melee weapons. The effects of these modifications are applied to unarmed attacks made with the shield.
and that Gather Qi says
SF:COM p.90 wrote:
You condense your body’s qi into a beam of superheated plasma, allowing you to make unarmed attacks at range, with a range increment of 30 feet.

Plasma Blast isn't a spell, it an enhancement to unarmed attack.

Honestly, it would have been so much cooler if you can channel the Plasma Blast through any melee weapon. Let me be the youxia I want to be!!

As for Bountiful Qi. Would be nice if they would just give us the enhanced version of each ability for free, or maybe give an ability that allows us to spend points to enhance one ability.

Oh, and one last thing. It's not anime inspired. It's based on Chinese fantasy. Anime inspired would have given us flash step instead.

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Wait, are there really no Kobold stats? Don't they specifically mention Kobolds in Pact Worlds under Triaxus?

So player in the group is picking up an Animal Companion, and I'm playing a Champion. I'm wondering does the animal have an alignment for the purpose of such Champion spells like Litany of Wrath. Does it go off the owner's alignment or is the animal considered neutral for all alignment effects?

Took me a moment to realize things. Okay, that's pretty awesome thanks.

So I'm wanting to play a Champion of Tsukiyo cause I have to be difficult like that (mostly difficult on myself). I've found some 1e stuff on him but missing certain stuff and it's not really a 1 for 1 translation.

Literally the only thing I'm sure of his his alignments (LG, NG, LN, though I could see CG being acceptable), having the heal font, most likely has Darkness and Moon in his domains (possibly Dream as well, not sure about the fourth), and longspear for his favored weapon. No idea what he'd have for Cleric spells (not that, that's important for my needs), or his Divine Skill (I'm think Occultism cause spirits). His Edict seems to be about an interpreter for spirits, those with madness, and to help people accept those not like them. I'm guessing his Anathema is xenophobia and forcing change on those who do not wish to change nor judge those who wish to change.

Anyone have suggestions?

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What is even the point of these feats if there are better ways to get the same thing and for it not to become obsolete after a few levels?

I just want to make a Rogue with a whip but I have to dip into Fighter just so the whip isn't trash.

Seriously, there are a number of cool effects by they only work if you're using them with quick alchemy. You're punished for preparing your academical items in advance. You can't use Deliberating Bomb in bombs you've prepared, you can't give potions use Merciful Elixir on your potions you've prepared.

Also, Smoke Bomb is still terrible and would be better as an actual bomb instead of an additive.

Not sure why this was necro'd but...yeah, it would make sense for robots to be able to eat. Eating food for resources, energy and building materials, is more convenient than plugging yourself in and shoving UPBs in some slot on your chest, especially if those things might not be immediately available.

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Honestly I hate presistent damage. Just makes the combat more muddled than it already is. It took us the longest time just to figure out what a flat check is, and the fact you can only reduce to DC 15. Oh and you have to take special action to do it, and bleeding requires a medicine check to do it. Potions don't remove any presistent damage, neither do any healing spells I've seen. Just gut it out of the system.

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They need a way for us to amass more than 3 points, and clearly definitive rules on how acquire them base on our ancestry, background, and/or class. My Bigbelly Goblin, Goblin Renegade, Rogue should be getting hero points for eating strange and exotic things (like a sea serpent, a red dragon, the eyeballs of our enemies, a bag full of twigs, etc) and successfully stealing stuff from NPCs (but not players cause we don't want to open up the mess that's player versus player).

It doesn't even give the Flat Footed condition. The only bomb that seems to do that at all is Bottled Lightning.

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Okay, so basically you have four turns to be revived the first time you get dying, two turns the second and third time you get dying, and you're dead the fourth time you gain dying. So basically good luck surviving low levels.

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I really don't understand why Strike can only target creatures and not objects. I was looking at Climbing Bolt and as far as I can tell you can't use them at all, unless there is a creature wearing plate armor on a wall you want to climb.

Universal Empowerment should have just been part of Empower Bombs. Cool, I can build these bombs and they're weaker than the ones I can just pull out of my bum for free.

Also why are there so many feats that require you to create a thing using Quick Alchemy?

With RAW there doesn't seem to be any way to use the Climbing Bolt. Strike only works on creatures. There is no maneuver that lets you target an object including a wall. So how are we even suppose to use the Climbing Bolts if there is no way to attack a wall with them?

Hm. Is there anything that says we can't apply Potency Runes to bombs? They are technically considered weapons. Just be a pretty expensive way to have a stockpile of powerful bombs.

You'd think they'd at least have a Finesse Striker feat under the Rogue Archetype. Or have Finesse Striker instead of the Sneak Attack die as part of Rogue Dedication.

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I don't understand why the Fighter is a better bowman than the Ranger.

Also, there should be an option that allows Rangers to be a half caster like the Paladin. Rangers should be to Druids that Paladins are to Clerics. (I also wish Rogues had a half-caster option to make them into Arcane Tricksters.)

I just wish they would change the restriction from Lawful Good only to any Lawful or Good. Cayden should have Paladins, Pharasma should have Paladins, Asmodeus should have Paladins (the Hell Knights should be considered Paladins).

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Do wish that Empowered Bomb could work on normally crafted bombs. I get they wanted to prevent people from kill the dragon by just throwing endless level 7 bombs at it or something, but would be nice to just have a stockpile of bombs in a bag of holding.

Well you could take the realistic approach to two weapon fighting. Each attack is made with a penalty to attack rolls, damage is divided in half, and the damage is not combined for purposes of bypassing damage reduction, but hey you only spend one action on it. The way fiction presents two weapon fighting is all fantasy, it's a super impractical way to fight with exception (weapon and shield, and sword and parrying dagger).

Honestly, the way double slice as presented it's very useful. Two actions to make two attacks with -2 (or no penalty if your off hand has agile) which if both hit you get to combine the total damage in order to by-pass damage reduction, and the attack shares all properties of both weapons for purposes of weakness and resistance. With weapon and light shield (or even a heavy shield if you don't mind the -2) you can spend your turn using double slice and raise shield.

Chess Pwn wrote:
The dedications say so. Fighter is now str or dex 16, rogue is dex 16, wizard int 16 and cleric wis 16

Right. Apparently my brain blanked every time I read it.

EDIT: Okay. So look through it, the prerequisite shouldn't be set up so high. Mostly basing this in the Pirate Dedication feat and the Grey Maiden Dedication feat. Seems like the requirement should be 12 if the Dedication feat is for level 2, while it should be 16 if the feat is level 6 (bet you Pirate and Grey Maiden were made after most of all the other archetypes).

I'm confused. Where does it say you need meet an attribute requirement. The only requirement I read is needing to be trained in a specific skill and you can't take a new dedication feat till you've taken two other feats from the archetype, and due to the removal of the Signature Skills mechanic that prerequisite is removed.

EDIT: Ignore this. I rarely looked at Dedication feats and apparently my brain blanked whenever I read the attribute requirement.

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You think that's bad? Sorcs can at least get something. Alchemists get nothing. It's the most empty pick you can pick from Alchemist's first level feats. Especially when you compare it to the two bomb feats you can pick up instead.

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Familiars in general feel like they were just tacked on. Like in one instance it says they are "tiny animals" and in another it says "if they are animals" which is kind of confusing. I'm guessing it should have been "tiny creatures" so you can have little quasits or a tiny slime. But it really just doesn't seem to benefit alchemists at all.

Starfinder Core wrote:
If you use a mnemonic editor, you can undo 2 character levels’ worth of decisions about which class levels you took, which feats you selected, how you applied any level-based increases to ability scores, how you assigned new skill ranks, and so on. All decisions you made as a result of advancing over the previous 2 character levels you gained are undone. You then make new selections, including new class levels, feats, skills, and the like, as if you had regained the 2 missing character levels. Go through the normal process of advancing your character through each of these 2 levels.

You UNDO DECISIONS, not levels. If you're level 5 and use the mnemonic editor you undo all the decisions of level 4 and 5, if you use it again you're still just undoing all the decisions of level 4 and 5.

I was more concerned if the spellshot would only work on targets carrying a technological device.

Ravingdork wrote:
Grave Knight wrote:
The problem with that is there is no 60 charge battery. It's 20, 40, 80, and 100.
I'm starting to see how a developer made the mistake in the first place. :P

Well there is some thought that weapon was made before Core came out and they added the Diasporan Rifle in without revisions. Apparently there is a similar rifle in Armory that have capacity of 20, 40, 40, 80 (they're levels are also 3, 7, 13, and 18). It feels like the Diasporan Rifle should have been more like that in terms of ammo, or it was suppose to use flashlight batteries with a sort of internal magazine (like some weird combination of a repeater rifle's magazine and a cylinder flashlight that takes two d batteries).

Not in the FAQ, so unless there is an update for the books that haven't been uploaded yet.

I did find a 10 charge battery, kind of. Flashlights apparently come with one, but doesn't seem like there is a way to purchase it separately.

It probably is a typo. The way "silencers" work is by venting the gas and reducing the velocity of a projectile so it doesn't make that loud cracking sound when fired. Makes more sense for it to be for Projectile weapon types and not Railed. Like how do you silence a tesla gun other than through magic? Better yet, silenced sonic weapons...

The problem with that is there is no 60 charge battery. It's 20, 40, 80, and 100.

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Is there a rule clarification for the Diasporan Rifles, specifically the Tactical, Ultra, and Imperial rifles? All three use batteries that don't exist, with the Tactical requiring a 10 charge battery and the Ultra and Imperial requiring a 30 charge battery.

It seems weird they're Organize Play legal but they have weird batteries.

This is more of a question of who has to have the "technological device" for Arcing Surge to work with Spellshot. Am I still the one required to have the device or does it have to be the target of the Spellshot who needs the device?

Yeah, for some reason Paizo seems to like the gear milling idea from Diablo. You even see it in their "Sci-Fi" fantasy setting (Starfinder). Meanwhile D&D is trying to move away gear milling and the over reliance in magical gear in general. And then we have 13th Age, another interpretation of d20, it's your class and level that determines your weapon's damage die.

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I'm not sure why they decided bastard swords are giant rapiers (or why they think they need to continue the bastard sword, longsword, greatsword trope when in real life all three of these weapons are the same weapon).

You can thrust with a katana. While making them one handed makes no sense considering they're not balanced weapons. But, you can definitely thrust with them, the thrust is a pretty basic technique. Though unless the sword has a weird design you should be able to thrust with them.

As for the comment about no knife having backstabber. What the hell does it even mean for a weapon to be a backstabber weapon? Like what is the defining trait for that. Agile seems to be small weapons. Finesse seems to be light weapons. Parry seems to be basket hilt weapons. Just feels like a quality they threw in for the sake of having such a quality.

Oh, and the way it reads. The Elven Sword and the Katana should just be the same weapon. 2 handed d8 with Momentum (not that I'm sure what Momentum even means, sounds like another quality created just because, unless that's suppose to be like a mercury sword or something).

rooneg wrote:
Sir Malt 241 wrote:
Agreed, should be 1d8 S with the traits versatile p, two-hand d12.
I suspect it won't have Versatile P because they don't want it to just be a straight up better Longsword. Agreed it should be 1d8 S though, that has to be a typo.

Well considering in real life the bastard sword is literally just the longsword called by another name.

But, hey, they also say katana are a one handed weapon (they're not, they lack the balance to be effective single handed).

Honestly, and this is just my opinion, the weapon chart needs to be cleaned up. Remove all the trope weapons (and not just the double weapons). Variety should come from like a modding system so we can have dual knives with basket hilts that adds the parry and twin quality.

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Mergy wrote:
How do rogues actually get master in Perception? Can it be increased by skill increases? I thought it wasn't technically a skill.

The Evasion class feature gives you master in Perception.

Why is Blind Fight a level 6 class feat when you can't pick it up until after level 7?

Honestly it's weird they get a Charisma boost considering 1E and Starfinder they get a -2 to Charisma. They probably should have been boost in Dex, Con, Free and a flaw in Charisma instead of Wisdom.

My only guess is they wanted them to be amazing Rogues and somehow that translated in someone's mind that they should have Charisma cause rogues.

This is missing the Starfinder tag.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Grave Knight wrote:
I just wish they would tell us if it's delayed or not.

It's delayed.

The page no longer calls out Fall 2017 as the timeframe.

Yeah, I noticed. Was hoping for a new, more specific, ETA. Oh well.

JetSetRadio wrote:
What does PRD mean?
They probably meant SRD or System Reference Document. Paizo has an SRD for Pathfinder with a slightly more personal name of Pathfinder Reference Document, and they'll probably call the Starfinder version SRD only instead of System it's Starfinder Reference Document.
pithica42 wrote:
It hasn't technically passed yet. Fall 2017 doesn't end for another week.

Eh...kind of. While astrologically speaking winter hasn't come yet, but ask a meteorologist and he'll say it's been winter for the past 20 days. That being said it's cutting very close.

I just wish they would tell us if it's delayed or not.

Why can't we take a Guarded Step as part of Trick Attack?

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Spike Spiegel is definitely an Operative with the Daredevil specialization. Either has the Outlaw or Bounty Hunter theme.

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