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A DM at a recent event in town advised me that the ability for rogues to apply sneak attack damage vs undead had been revised. This was in the middle of a game, so I nodded, continued playing, and had fun.

I have since searched the message boards and the errata, but have yet to run across that revision.

Could somebody please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

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I can't wait for this book to come back into print. Living in the States, it was difficult (as in, nearly impossible) to get Cook's stuff when it went through its first print run. His first novel was split into two smaller books for the American market, and I don't even remember if The Walrus & the Warwolf made it to the bookstores over here. I got my copy during a trip to England.

I should have picked up the rest of the bloody series when I was there.

My copy of The Walrus & the Warwolf made a journey to China in the backpack of a friend. He spent 6 months there, and he said he read it over and over. We would quote passages back and forth to each other in college.

Courage, said Drake to Drake.

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Robert Brambley wrote:
Also, from Braveheart - the notion certain class of people being lawfully allowed to bed a newlywed of persons in the various provinces or colonies. Imagine Cheliax doing this to maintain their bloodlines in various colonies.

Here's a link to that custom:

Quite an interesting read. Another case of fiction being used as fact, and being accepted by the majority of the populace (I assumed it was real also, until doing a bit more research about it). Sounds like something that would come from the Ministry of Truth, doesn't it?

This has been a truly fascinating discussion, by the way. I'm going to adopt some of these thoughts into my Korvosa campaign.

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houstonderek wrote:
Six hours later, and I'm still giddy about that movie. Damn it was good fun!

I absolutely agree, sir! Saw this with my wife, who is far more familiar with canon than I, and she gave it her enthusiastic support also. Great acting, great action, and the story held together very well for me, despite my lack of knowledge about mining vessels and missions to Romulus.

It must have been good. Not a single person in a packed house was using their cell phone or talking!

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Varisian tattoo adds +1 to your caster level for one school of magic (I don't remember if you can have more than one tattoo...)

That's the only thing that leaps to mind.

Bonuses to caster level can also be taken care of with magic items (I'm looking at you, Crown of the Kobold King!)

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Heck yes it's possible to change, Paul. If you're self aware enough to realize that you have character flaws, then you can do something about it.

There are quite a few ways to go about it, but for my money, you can't beat therapy. It is very difficult to remain objective about your life. Having a context-neutral third party assist you can be invaluable. If you are not used to opening up to people (you had mentioned coming from a family that isn't used to talking about issues), then a therapist can help you there, too. Some things are too important not to bring in a professional. If money is an issue, there are many therapists who work on a sliding scale (I managed to afford one while working in California, on minimum wage, for example).

I wish you the very best of luck. You have a son, a wife that loves you (and therefore a friend), and the awareness to know that there is something about you that you don't like and want to change. I'm positive that you can manage that change!