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Bluddwolf wrote:
Valkenr wrote:

I think GW should either shorten or extend the Landrush, and not tell us when it is going to end.

Just kill the looming uncertainty of last minute upsets. I see no reason why each guild shouldn't be submitting honest pick-lists and having their full membership listed now.

There is nothing wrong with someone making a surprise finish, or a surprise entry and finish for that matter.

It is easy for someone who's own settlement is not subject to getting bumped to ask that others present their honest picks, don't you think?

Finally, no one actually competing for their locations have a "full membership" list. Again, not being one of the three that don't have to compete, we are still recruiting and making contacts with smaller guilds as vigorously as we did in week one. We will recruit for our settlement right up to the last minute of the land rush.

I imagine Bluddwolf that anyone hoping to have a strong presence in this game should be recruiting aggressively even past the landrush. I've seen too many organisations and guilds, homes of mine and others, fall to pieces from an inactive playerbase unwilling to commit the time to play or find others who will play. There will always be strength in numbers.

I am pleased by these developements.

This was the first one used, I'd recommend everyone use this for future claritys sake.

Like it has never been before.

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There are no massive communities looking at this game at this time.

The Goons, or anyone like them haven't shown much interest in these games based on my research. I could be entirely wrong, or missed a couple of them.

As far as what happens if we're invaded? There will be ways and means do deal with such occurances. Making blanket statements of allegience against a mega guild might not go over so well.

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We have had enough drama on these forums. If you have concerns then find evidence before you accuse upstanding members of this community.

Lets not start pointing fingers over every g*! d!*n tiny little issue regardless of the validity or relevance of those, perceived or not.

If you have evidence that indicates TEO has been doing something nefarious I would be delighted to see it, until that time please hush and leave things well enough alone. God knows this community has seen enough unmitigated and targeted hatred these last days.

I have created a handy list for the people who are wondering for more information on the settlements involved in the Norther Coalition.

Here is the link to the list, I'll keep it updated as things develop, should anyone else choose to join. I'd appreciate if you put it in the OP Xeen ;)

Let me know if I made any mistakes creating the list.

Darcnes wrote:

More than tired of this topic, and the names it includes, arguing points long since worn out. There is no benefit to continuing either side of this discussion, and only more harm will come of it.

As for claims that no calls have been made to drop this or take it to PMs, you may want to "Retract this statement. Now." as this has been asked for, multiple times, by several people, throughout the duration of this topic, in whichever thread it is occurring. The calls you see now are simply more of the same by the people that are tired of seeing this crap brought up, regardless of who did it, and concerned about the continued damage it is going to inflict to all sides.

Show me a post before thursday from someone who is not a member of PAX who asked for this to be dealt with over PMs and I will happily retract my statement.

"Take it to PM's"

Again, criticisms that can also be directly leveled at Nihimon.

I have no wish to be seen as "Rightt".

I just want people to see that there is no difference to how the belligerents in this thread are acting.

Let me reiterate - There is no difference in the behaviour exhibited by either side of discussion, Nihimon however is adamant that he is out for the heart and soul of the community when he was the one who chose to air his dirty laundry in public. I didn't see anyone decrying him to take it to PM's then.

The level of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance I've observed from this thread is astounding.

Thats just part of what I take issue with. Everyone whos participated in this heated discussion has even blame to take.

KotC Carbon D. Metric wrote:

My only input here is the following.

I've never once seen big N personally attack an individual, only ever a persons arguments. Openly bullying someone for their opinions only tarnishes the attackers personal reputation, and discourages otherwise potential voices to silence themselves out of fear of reprisal, and that is unequivocally a BAD thing.

Every single justification people try to level in Nihimons favour are things that can just as easily be applied to the "big N" himself.

Saiph the Fallen wrote:
Saint Caleth wrote:
The key point here is that it got personal. It took a week of things becoming and staying personal to get Gologotha's leadership this pissed off. That shows impressive discipline in their response from where I am sitting.
Discipline? There was no discipline before in the way they bad mouthed Nihimon for having his opinion and now they are continuing the grudge in new threads, I definitely don't consider that discipline. If you know in your hearts of hearts that you're innocent, put a stop to this show and move on. Now that would be impressive discipline indeed.

Do not try to paint us as the bad guys. The second we started defending ourselves everyone has been crying ceasefire, where were the calls to end the drama when we remained unresponsive? Had we not spoken up against those who are bismirching our good name that thread would still be a gigantic circlejerk of hatred directed solely at the Pax Gaming Community on the part of Nihimon and his cronys.

Furthermore, Nihimon started this in an unrelated thread. We just made a new thread to make it official.

Also? Deleting your post? You need to be faster than that.

Kakafika wrote:
Gol PotatoMcWhiskey wrote:


And yet, despite us not engaging in Nihimons crusade against us he continued to lobby for our removal from the landrush board despite us dealing with all issues the community had.

The very SECOND we responded to the correct community issues Nihimon completely changed his tune and started attacking us.

Please, don't get involved unless you can back your s!!# up.

[Edit: Quoted wrong person]

Golgotha still hasn't dealt with all the issues the community had.

Really, all the posts from Pax, one after another, suggest that there is no issue and therefore Nihimon must have nefarious purposes. This is patently untrue.

Own up that not everybody thinks what you're doing is right. Quite attacking people for having a different opinion than you.

Pot, Meet Kettle.

Summersnow wrote:

As a general rule I've always believed someone who expresses as much outrage as you have and spends as much time justifying themselves as you have almost always did something wrong and knows they did something wrong.

These continual posts and threads of yours do nothing to further your cause, the people here have already made up there minds and nothing you say can change there minds.

All you are doing at this point is hurting the overall health of the game by chasing away any undecided people coming into these forums by creating a toxic, unhealthy, UNATTRACTIVE environment for new players.

Please try to be the better person and let these stupid threads die and bite your tongue for 30-60 days and deal with this IN GAME where it belongs.

We left the thread for a week and yet we were continuously attacked. We tried to take the high road, but they refused to let it die. Now we refuse to let it die.


Thats hilarious.

Golgotha didn't post a single message outside of information clarification in that thread for an entire week. I encourage you to go read it.

And yet, despite us not engaging in Nihimons crusade against us he continued to lobby for our removal from the landrush board despite us dealing with all issues the community had.

The very SECOND we responded to the correct community issues Nihimon completely changed his tune and started attacking us.

Please, don't get involved unless you can back your s@#& up.

[Edit: Quoted wrong person]

Banditry is not restricted to Evil characters. Lawful characters can presumably participate as long as they find the right place and circumstances to "justify" it.

Lawless territory, Chaotic lands, and the lands of evil I could see potential for even Lawful Good players to participate in "banditry".

TEO Papaver wrote:
While I agree that critical thinking dictates that one has to assume that a claim is false until proven true and it's always a good thing to assume innocence untill proven guilty I'd argue that the one who attacked and vilified was not "the community"

That is a fair statement.

I didn't feel it was important to name specifics as everyone who has had the misfortune of having to witness this hate-train knows whos involved and where they stand on the issue.

Apologies for lumping the entire community under an umbrella.

I agree, we could use some more stickied threads.

However I think this will be less of an issue when the new forums are available since there will most likely be subfora we can organise community information into.

If the community has the incontestable right to slander and villify Golgotha and it's membership then we have the incontestable right to defend ourselves.

That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Or, if you need it more simply.

The onus is on our attackers to prove their claims, the onus is not on us to disprove them.

Forencith of Phaeros, TSV wrote:
Gol PotatoMcWhiskey wrote:
TEO Alexander Damocles wrote:
Massive Quote wall...

I feel like I need to start quoting myself.

Nihimon is on a petty crusade against Pax.

I'm just having fun watching himself dig his self righteous hole as deep as it goes.

Nihimon is doing what he feels is his duty as a member of this community to "crusade" not against anything rather for the stated intents of the devs. I think Nihimon feels the "crusade" itself is part of the stated intent of the devs...specifically that the community police itself.

This is obvious.

Stating otherwise, that Nihimon is "attacking" anyone for any other reason, purpose, or goal, is unreasonable if you have spent any time at all with Nihimon.

I bet that if anyone wanted to test my assertion by spending some time with Nihimon, that could probably be arranged in TS.

That said, I wish this had not occurred in a RA thread.

Substantiate your claims, or retract it.

TEO Alexander Damocles wrote:
Massive Quote wall...

I feel like I need to start quoting myself.

Nihimon is on a petty crusade against Pax.

I'm just having fun watching himself dig his self righteous hole as deep as it goes.

Release the hounds

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

It's being put on the Roseblood Accord because Nihimon, unlike myself, clearly fears making new threads. Here, Nihimon, I'll show you how it's done.

I think that the accusation does need to be substantiated, as it is extremely serious and the primary basis for Nihimon's statement about general Pax policy. That quote does not seem like an indication of wrongdoing.

That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

Monty Wolf wrote:

Since this is posted by the op of this thread and this is the official Roseblood accord thread, I take it Pax is being called out as not playing to the standards required by the accord?

Is that the smoke of war I smell?

Can you declare war on the delusional? I'm sure thats in bad taste, even for an evil character.

Nihimon wrote:
Lifedragn wrote:
the Pax/UNC position that it's okay to do anything we can get away with as long as there's not an explicit rule against it that's clearly defined by Goblinworks.
Nihimon, I think it may be a little premature to claim that this is an actual position of their whole group. We've had a single instance so far that exists in that gray area. It does not seem to be enough to make a trend. If you feel they have acted as such in this event, you have every right to speak up as you have been for this one event, but I think it would only be appropriate to allow a bit more time to pass and more examples of behavior to make a judgement call on their company-wide policy. They may not come out spotless, but they may look better than you see them to be at the moment in this one issue.

A prominent member of Pax Gaming and of this community for whom I have a lot of respect - especially because of the extremely civil tone he used in his Private Message to me - asked me about this same thing. Being who I am, I wanted to make sure I was remembering correctly, and could back up what I'm about to say with proof before I said anything.

Ryan placed three restrictions on us:
1. If you, as a Guild, won a Settlement in LR1, don't create a second entry for LR2;
2. If you, as a Player, voted for a Guild that won a Settlement in LR1, don't vote for a different Guild in LR2; and
3. If you, as a Player, intend to play as part of a Guild that won a Setttlement in LR1, don't vote for a different Guild in LR2.

Pax Gaming violated ALL THREE of those requests.

I understand folks might look at any one violation and say there were special circumstances, or it was an honest mistake. But when all three are violated, I think it's clearly a matter of policy. I won't rehash requests 1 or 3, but I think some folks may be under the impression that Pax Gaming didn't violate the 2nd request. In fact, they did....

Nihimon, remember that time I talked about a petty crusade based on smearing the Pax Gaming Community?

You're doing that thing again.

1: Pax is not a guild. Rule not broken.
2: No one from Aeternum who voted in LR1 voted for LR2. Rule not broken.
3: Granted we did make this mistake, it was a misinterpretation of the rules and we corrected this error. Rule breaking was not hidden as we didn't know we were breaking a rule so correct me if I'm wrong then no rule is currently broken at this time.

Thats three strikes Nihimon - You're out!

I don't know how many times I can reiterate it.

Three people out of 60 accidentally voted for the wrong settlement. Policy my left ass cheek!

Give it up Nihimon, you're starting to sound like a spoiled child who when big daddy Dancey didn't back you up throws their tows out of their playpen.

Don't spread lies and vitriol about my Company and community.

GrumpyMel wrote:

First off, the thread was pretty mild compared to many I've seen on other MMO forums. However, I can understand the level of angst some in the PAX community. Feeling like you are being attacked by others as a player and having uncertainty about whether your are going to have something you are emotionaly invested in taken away from you is not fun.

Secondly, I also think the communication from GW on the issue was not as good as it should have been. One thing I've learned over the years is that no matter how clear you think you are being, if the people who are your customers still don't understand are not being clear enough.

I read everything in that thread including all the communication from GW and there definately was a significant period of time when I thought GW was looking at the opinions posted in the thread with the consideration of having them influence a decision by GW as to whether it would remove Golgotha from the leaderboard. Clearly that was an unfounded assumption and misunderstanding on my part.... but I was also clearly far from being the only one. As someone who wasn't part of PAX, it wasn't a big deal to me....but I'm sure it was very uncomfortable for the folks with something actualy at stake. What was needed was a very quick response to definitively clear that misunderstanding up, letting people now that they could voice thier opinions but it wouldn't have any effect on what GW would do in this case. Ryan, you did that...but IMO, it was too late in coming.

Ryan, I respect you greatly but I also think you guys haven't been as clear at communication as you seem to think you have on quite a few issues, including this one. Consider that a form of constructive crowd-forging from a player and a customer... not an attack on you are GW. I certainly appreciate the hard work that you all do and the difficulty of running an enterprise like this. Thanks!

If nearly everyone made the same conclusion then it wasn't a misunderstanding. It was a miscommunication.

Thats a disgusting insinuation against the free people of Golgotha, Nihimon.

Take your petty crusade elsewhere, you're simply affirming that this is some kind of grudge on your part.

I'll happily take 5 settlements, but I'm ok with just 1 aswell.

We need to be vigilant an open with the developers with exploits like this.

We joke about the heart and soul of the community but issues like this could potentially destroy the faith in the game.

Reading this thread, I'm worried we're a bit top heavy on Good aligned companies and settlements. Hopefully we'll balance out a bit in time. Thanks for keeping this thread going by the way Cheatle - great resource for new and old players alike!

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The world doesn't revolve around American Politics. :P

Fine Gael - Center Right
Labour Party - Center Left
Fianna Fáil - Center Right
Sinn Féin - Left-wing
United Left - Far Left
Socialist Party - Far Left
People Before Profit Alliance - Left-wing

And those are just the political organisations that have seats in Parliament.

Of the three new political parties formed in the last decade two of them have seats in Dáil Éireann!

The more you know!

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Does it strike anyone else that Deacon's post is kinda funny?

"Join up today, we're looking for vicious murderous bastards who take names and kick asses if you're an underhanded bandit you're welcome in these walls*

*Positions also open for our marching band and event management team."

Kakafika wrote:

Twisting words, erecting strawmen... has it really come to this?

Everybody has made their feelings known, loud and clear. Let's try to remain civil with eachother; or even if you feel that it's already been lost, let's move towards civility.

EDIT: That doesn't mean I don't expect to have to look over my shoulder for you in-game =P

My purpose was never to harm The Roseblood Accord. My entire purpose - and I have no doubt everyone will make up their own mind as to whether or not I'm being honest - was to try to encourage the players of Pathfinder Online to choose to foster a community where the actions of the players are held accountable rather than ignored.

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

Nihimon wrote:

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Roseblood Accord is made up of a number of relatively small guilds that are all committed to positive gameplay and want to help each other succeed.

We are not affiliated with any mega-guilds. We're just players who are really interested in Pathfinder Online, many of us having very high hopes that Ryan's vision of "lots of meaningful PvP; little meaningless PvP" can work, and that members of the community will voluntarily refuse to adopt the attitude that "everything not forbidden is permitted".

We hope this message is getting through.

Current membership of the Roseblood Accord dwarfs any individual settlement by the hundreds.

"Relatively small" is a fairly fun statement to me.

Ryan Dancey wrote:
Gol Morbis wrote:
What did you expect?

I expect you to listen to and consider what it means that there are pages and pages of people calling for your removal. You're not acting in a vacuum.

Would you like me to count them? I'd be happy to do it for you if you're still unsure as to how many actually had an issue.

Nihimon wrote:
Bluddwolf wrote:
Common sense dictates, vague statements can not be honored and should always be ignored.
This is exactly what I'm trying to get the community to stand up to.

The ramblings of the delusional.

You've hurt the community more than helped it with your participation in this thread.

Nihimon wrote:

Setting the precedent that a "multi-guild gaming community" is not a Guild for the purposes of this Land Rush will have consequences, especially if any more "multi-guild gaming communities" show up. Every mega-guild is set up the same way Pax Gaming is. You're saying it's perfectly fine for them to have as many entries as they want.

My purpose was never to harm Golgotha. My entire purpose - and I have no doubt everyone will make up their own mind as to whether or not I'm being honest - was to try to encourage the players of Pathfinder Online to choose to foster a community where the requests of the developers are honored rather than ignored.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you backpedal the downhill slope you have set yourself on will be your demise.

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Pax is glad to be announcing our Third settlement - Pax Fidelis.


As a member of Golgotha, I am saddened to see my friends from the Fidelis guild leave the Empire of Xeilias.

However I am also boosted by the joy that my friends have found a home that will support the style of gameplay they want to pursue.

Best of luck to Ozems Vigil and their Chartered Companies supporting them.

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Thod wrote:
But I'm personally happy enough that they removed any LR1 voters for PAX Aeternum from their roster

No LR1 voters in Aeternum voted for anyone but Aeternum. The votes that were retracted were 5 votes that hadn't been used in the original Land Rush. We have addressed that situation and consider it resolved.

Just thought I'd clarify an error.

I'm hoping some of the smaller communities will band together to form mid sized settlements that can participate more meaningfully in the landrush. This would be good for the health of the game in my opinion, more competition at the top and mid end of the leaderboard can only bring a healthy level to the balance of power.

Tyncale_Callambea Free Agent wrote:
My new Callambea alias/avatar. Would you consider this an evil smile or a jovial smile? So hard to find a jovial merchant face in all those hundreds of avatars.

I think you're a used cart salesman and I wouldn't trust a man with a cheeky smile like that!

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

It kind of does.

I'm a bit troubled at how Pax's members would take personal OOC offense to IC events, but...well, they aren't alone in that. Some people just don't separate that stuff as well, and it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch.

I can buy them being two separate groups, just like we're all a bunch of separate groups under Paizo's banner. It's not exactly any different from the similarly minimalist Roseblood Accord—"We generally won't f%*+ with you guys."

Oh, I'm sorry - Are you referring to an in-character Aeternum/Golgotha war?

I already have plans for that, or at least some form of in-character skirmishing between our settlements, and others in the Empire. Border tensions, ruffians and such. Good excuses to practice for when a real conflict may happen.

As for what actually happens OOC? I have no idea, thats murkier than I could imagine. Split ups can be nasty though, I've seen enough of them first hand throughout my gaming career.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Just because I'm curious, I'll kick this one off myself.

Pax is clearly one community of friends. They seem to take cues from each other and back each other up on the forums, even to the point of wanting to make sure the other settlement gets land at the start. Despite this, do you believe it likely that Pax's PFO companies could end up going to war with each other at some point?

My definition for "one group" is simple: The group's 'factions' will not undertake actions which might harm other members of the group (and when it does, like in the PFS, it's a sign of something that is going to destroy the one group and create multiple smaller groups).

Yes, they could.

As for it being likely? highly unlikely.

If it were the happen the internal fallout would be of epic proportions. Friendships and ties between Aeternum and Golgotha are strong, since these last few months we have been playing games together in the interrum before PFO launches forging friendships.

The most likely scenario would be Golgotha would break away from Pax Gaming, splitting its membership who would be absorbed in some way into Aeternum.

The war would likely be brutal and short, with whoever had gained the greatest power during the process of the game coming out on top and having to reforge a new empire.

Hopefully that adressed your concern.

I formally request anyone who, despite the evidence, believes Golgotha is the same guild as Aeternum to bring forward their concerns.

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My interactions with Ozems Vigil have been nothing but positive! I look forward to trading, chatting and laughing with them! :)

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Awesome, I look forward to feeling a goblins blood drip onto my sword and falling through the inevitable world holes that every alpha ever comes with! :D