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Paladin can get them as well. 6th level feat for them.

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In my home games, I don't...and won't...use secret rolls. I have enough to do as gamemaster without rolling stealth rolls and perception checks myself for the 5-6 players I have plus the monsters/bad guys.

But my group is pretty good about metagaming, and if I make a whole bunch of dice rolls, I feel like I'm playing by myself. I'm not a fan of running NPCs either for that reason.

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Yeah, I have a character I played that was very impatient, very hyper, and wanted to learn everything. She ended up at the end of the game having about 5 classes...bard, ranger, paladin, wizard, horizon walker. Because she wanted to learn things that she thought was cool. She took a level of ranger when the ranger in the party took her to hunt. She took a level of wizard when she saw our party wizard kick ass by dropping a maximized fireball on a crocodile.

I've played her several times over the last 10 years because she comes out a little bit different each time depending upon the game we play and the characters in the party. She's unoptimized as the above example, she sucked as a wizard..., but she is by far my favorite, most memorable character ever.

And under this new system, I'm not going to be able to build her.

That's good that you were able to recreate him. I don't think I can recreate my favorite character.

I played a character named Cade that was very impatient, very hyper, and wanted to learn everything. At the end of the game, she had 5 levels of paladin, 4 levels of bard, 4 levels of ranger, 1 level of wizard, and 2 levels of Horizon Walker. The level of wizard was about useless...she had around a 35% spell failure plus more because she always had a shield out.

I've played several different reincarnations of her...what she learns and takes depends upon where the game goes and the classes of her party members, so with each game she's a bit different.. She took the level of wizard after seeing the sorcerer in the party kick ass by casting a maximized fireball on a crocodile.

Since the only way to multiclass is by the dedication feats plus you have to gain two other feats in that line before you can take a new dedication feat, Cade is not possible in this edition of PF.

This is my 6th year going, and I still made a major mistake. I didn't even bother to look at how many tickets there were for each game. The 2 Starfinder games I tried to get into each had 24 tickets. That's not a lot of people.

Oh well, we bought some generic tickets. Maybe we can get into one of the games that way.

I didn't get in to any of them. I tried getting tickets for my husband, a friend, and me and we didn't get in. Unfortunately my husband refused to play at 2 am. They filled up the slowest.

I play different characters for the most part. My last characters have been a barbarian who couldn't/wouldn't talk, an aasimar summoner whose eidolon looked like an angel, a paladin whose eventually going to take levels of ranger and bard (she gets bored easily and recently she started going hunting with another member of the party whose a ranger and also started telling stories at the local tavern about her exploits), a ranger whose using chakrams (just because I haven't seen a throwing character in Pathfinder Society) , a druid bear shaman, and a mystic theurge using oracle and wizard.

What is the same is my alignment. Always some form of good. Most have some personality quirk...the impatient paladin, the mute barbarian, the aasimar is lawful good, and so good she should be glowing.

But I do know what you mean. Someone who plays PFS with us has a lot of clerics; another person has a lot of tanks. Someone who used to play with us ALWAYS played some sort of wizard/sorcerer.

For me, I like variety :)

I have a question about the eidolon and speech. The eidolon entry in the APG says the eidolon 'can speak all of the summoner's languages'.

Can you have your eidolon take linguistics as a class skill and can the eidolon learn new languages that way? Or can he not learn a new language on his own?

And can the eidolon speak no matter what the form is?

I know there's all ready a discussion of great cleave vs mirror image, but what about a paladin's smite evil? If an evil wizard has mirror image up and I say I'm going to smite evil him, does it target a mirror image instead and is that smite wasted?

My cleric/sorcerer is about to go into the mystic theurge prestige class, and I have a question about how that affects domain and bloodline abilities. I want to make sure I understand how this works.

How does a level of mystic theurge affect cleric domain and sorcerer bloodlines? Do they totally stop advancing? And if I don't get new abilities from them, do the abilities I all ready have from them stay where they are forever?

"whenever a magus casts a spell with a range of “touch” from the magus spell list, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack."

Let me make sure I understand the question. Can a Magus use spellstrike, deliver a normal melee attack, take a 5 foot step, and deliver the spell effects? Is that the question?

If so I would say no. I was under the impression that spellstrike allowed touch spell effects to be transferred through a successful normal melee attack. In other words, the melee damage and spell effect are delivered at the same time in 1 standard action. In essence, you are using your melee weapon to deliver a touch attack.

If you allow it does that mean the magus can now use spellstrike to melee attack one enemy, 5 foot step to another enemy, and deliver the touch spell effects? Without touching them with their weapon or hand? If they touch the 2nd enemy isn't that two standard actions?

Basically the question was can I cast shocking grasp, deliver it through my weapon, and then take my normal attack? So that you're doing shocking grasp damage and doing weapon damage twice.

And apparently you can using spellstrike and spell combat together, we were not seeing that you could use them together.

And I think I found out the answer to the 5 foot question that you can attack, take a 5 foot step, and attack again. I finally found it in the book where it said you can take a five foot step anywhere in the round.

I find it amazing that I've played Pathfinder since it came out, and I'm still seeing players do new things.

LazarX wrote:
It sounds like you've got more fundamental problems to work out beyond the question of 5 foot steps.

Too many 'know it all' people in our group, including my boyfriend who was at the center of this argument (no offense Sean...and if it makes you feel any better, you do know a whole heckuva lot about Pathfinder rules).

EDIT: But I love playing with them all. Even Sean grew on me (and yes I'm posting this because I know you'll read this, Sean :) )

This is what happens when you have two people who each think they are 110% right. Well, someone has to be wrong, and in this case it was my boyfriend. No one knows everything; he had to make a ruling to keep the game from stalling. And unfortunately, it caused bad feelings.


Taking off all my messages that I can because we are bringing our groups problems to the boards....realized I was doing that before Sean posted, but after he posted, I couldn't figure out how to delete my message :(

These questions came up last night on our Wednesday Pathfinder game.

The easiest one that no one will get mad about: can you attack, take a 5 foot step, and attack again? I had never seen that done.

We played a Pathfinder Society game today and two different things came up that I couldn't figure out.

1) When something has DR 5/good or DR 5/---, does that damage reduction include spells or just weapon damage? If something has DR 5/- and someone casts scorching ray, would the ray do 5 less damage or does it not apply?

2) Can you take a 5 foot step, attack, and then take a move action...not to move, I know you can't do that, but to take a move action to do something else, like handle animal or open a door or load a crossbow, which all are move actions?

We're hosting a Saturday game day in Stillwater, OK on November 12th. We will be running First Steps, the 3 part Intro Scenario for new players and anyone else who wants to play a new 1st level character starting at 9am, plus we will have a session at 12pm and one at 6pm. Possible scenarios being ran are 2-24 Shadows Last Stand, #51 City of Strangers, 3-07 Echoes of the Overwatched, and some higher level tiers. We will make every effort to have multiple scenarios ready to go so everyone can play something they haven't played before.

Knights Arms
1505 Cimarron Plaza
Stillwater, OK 74075
(405) 533-3666

9 am (for First Steps scenarios)
12 pm (for 1st session)
6 pm (second session)

Contact: Gina Starr at

I have a sorcerer (I don't play spellcasters much) that has a bloodline (celestial) that gives a ranged touch ray heal to good creatures or damage to evil creatures.

My question is healing a character when he's in melee with the ray. If you read precise shot and if you read the text on firing into combat, it only applies to weapons.

So does the -4 penalty if you don't have precise shot apply to healing? To me, a healing ray isn't a weapon.

First of all, I'll apologize because I'm sure these questions are answered somewhere...I just don't have the time to search.

Replay rules: There's a lot of scenarios I've ran that I haven't played, but someone last night told me that if you gm a scenario, you can't play it afterwards for credit. Is that true?

List of Scenarios: I've ended up with four soceity characters, and it's hard for me to keep up with what scenarios I've played and gamemastered. Is there a spreadsheet out there somewhere with a list of scenarios along with levels?

ShadowcatX wrote:

On Wednesday nights I'm afraid not, I live in Henryetta and would have a heck of a time making it to Stillwater on anything resembling a regular basis.

I might try for one of the Saturday games. Are they being held at Ivory and Steel or is there some other game store in town now? (I went to school in Stillwater back in 2000 - 2003.)


I've read the guide so check that, and registered as well (though I haven't quite made a character yet).

My gaming stuff is on my laptop, I assume so long as it is all legal that's acceptable? Would my g/f and I be able to share the laptop?

There's a game store called Alternate Realities that opened in Stillwater about three years ago. Our first Saturday game is going to be the third weekend in May. In April, we're going down to OKC to play at Games HQ.

Laptops are fine for our games in Stillwater, although if you're running two characters off one laptop (like on pcgen), it'd be easier if one of you had a hard copy.

LazarX wrote:

Leadership is what you take when you essentially want an adventurer type to be your personal ally, a cohort.

A slave on the other hand is a Hireling, actually even less than that since he's in a coerced relationship to the player. Essentially slaves are in the same category as pack animals, Highly intelligent pack animals that may very well turn on you or escape if they have the right attitude and/or the opportunity to do so.

Such a character is under the control of the DM and should be played according to the context.

One has to ask the player or better yet the DM should be asking these questions on his own.... you're going to trust this person with guarding your person... when you sleep? when you two are alone?

Loyalty and ownership aren't two concepts that readily go hand in hand.

I thought there were rules for hirelings somewhere. I had a similar question by someone who wanted a dog to fight alongside beside him, and I thought we found rules for hirelings, but I can't find them now...

I'm running Legacy of Fire adventure path. I have a player who always plays something a little bit odd...usually evil. We gave him a hard time about it and challenged him to play something good. He played a paladin and wanted to run around Katapesh putting an end to slavery. That's not where the party wanted to go (or me...they have more important matters), and it got into a big argument over what a paladin would/could not do.

So the paladin died, and his next character idea was a magic user that played with dead things...had a few zombies and skeletons following him around all the time. Some people had a problem with that.

So now his new idea is a slaver magic user...he wants to have one of the slaves to follow him around being a body guard.

What's the rules for a player who wants to have a slave follow him around as a body guard?

I don't know if you can make a Wednesday night or where you live, but there's going to be a game in Stillwater, Oklahoma at Alternate Realities at 6pm every Wednesday. It's looking like very soon we'll be having 2 tables, and almost everyone is between the levels of 1 and 3. We're also going to have two sessions on Saturdays every other month. The first Saturday game will be in May.

Contact information is Gina Starr ( or Ken Miller (

We had a weekly pathfinder game for awhile with a gamemaster that was less than ideal (came to the game unprepared, did weird things with the rules and the characters, never reported our scenarios) which died. So we haven't played in any of the pathfinder society for quite some time until a few weeks ago at a convention, and it made us want to play again.

We're trying to revive that weekly game and have four different people who are willing to dm, but we have some questions.

1) Does the DM have to buy the scenario they're running from their account to get credit for dming it? Someone told us that you had to, but it's just easier for me to buy and print the scenarios than anyone else (one of the guys willing to dm has no internet access)

2) Is there somewhere you have to register as a dm?

3) This is just a clarification question, I think I understand it, but I want to make sure: You get credit for the scenario you run as a dm for one of your characters, and if you play the same scneario with a different character, you get credit for it, and it doesn't matter if you dm it first or play in it first. But then you can't ever get credit for that scenario again with any character after that?

Is that right? At the convention, someone there told me that you could replay a scenario with a different character if it had a different faction, but I can't find that anywhere...

KaeYoss wrote:
Gina Starr 248 wrote:
The last time I ran I had a player cast fireball against something that was immune to fire. He said he had a feat that allowed him to change it to a different type of energy. I looked through the books and I can't find the feat. Does it really exist or am I just missing it somewhere?

Wait, wait, back up a second there: The player claimed he had this awesome feat, you didn't know it, and you just took his word on it?

Did you know gullible isn't in the English dictionary? ;-P

Yes, I know what gullible means. This game is among close friends. It's hard to accuse someone of cheating when that person is not only a close friend, but a close friend who has helped you whenever you needed help. And I think he was mistaken, not actively cheating.

He uses PCGen, said that pathfinder rules are loaded, and he found that feat there. I'm not even sure he's even ever looked at the real book since he always uses pcgen.

The last time I ran I had a player cast fireball against something that was immune to fire. He said he had a feat that allowed him to change it to a different type of energy. I looked through the books and I can't find the feat. Does it really exist or am I just missing it somewhere?

Name: The player's name is Joe, I'm horrible about remember character names unfortunately

Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Level: 6

Location: House of the Beast

Circumstances: This group of players went to kill the carrion king, decided early on that most bad guys are on the bottom floor, so went down to the bottom without clearing the top levels. They killed the carrion king and the centipede just fine.

After they killed them, Rokova/Zayifid told them that the party needed to get the scroll for him; the party refused so he told them that he would just kill them for it on their way out.

The party was all ready hurt, so they had to rest as soon as they went through the secret door under the throne. Getting to the scroll, they had to rest at least two or three more times (ability damage hurts).

Zayifid/Rokova had more than enough time to call up reinforcements, and a whole bunch of gnolls were waiting for the party when they came out since all the gnolls were alive on top.

The paladin was unfortunately what happens when you get in between an unchosen and Zayifid.

We have a player at our regular Sunday gaming group who normal plays or wants to play evil(we take turns as dms and not all will allow him to play evil...I'm usually one of those).

When I started running my game, we challenged him to play a good character, so he's playing a paladin. I'm running the Legacy of Fire campaign, and so we're in the Katapesh region. Katapesh has one main law: don't interfere with trade, and in Katapesh slaves are legal.

Well, this player is having a problem with the fact that slavery is legal, has been arguing with me for the last two days that he should be allowed to do something about the slave trade, saying he thinks a paladin would have a problem with it.

I like running modules because I don't have to come up with any adventures of my own (not so much a lazy dm as an uncreative one...the pathfinder modules are way better than anything I could come up with), and I want to run my module, in any case, the party has other things to do, but this player is trying to insist on taking action against the slavers (which I don't want to deal's taking the story line somewhere I don't want to go..and the rest of the players aren't interested in going that way either), and saying he wants to switch characters if he can't...which I really don't want either (afraid he'll want to play evil, which is usually worse)

So here's our main disagreements..I'd like to have some opinions:

1) Will all lawful good paladins have a problem with slavery, even if it's legal?

2) Is raiding a slave trader in a place where slavery is legal against a paladin's alignment? It's against the law to raid a slave trader...doesn't a paladin have to obey the law?

3) The party is escorting a slave trader (unarmed, old, no way to defend himself) back to Katapesh. If the party is attacked and the paladin stands by and let them kill the slave trader with no move to stop it when he could stop it, is that an evil act?

4) Is there anyway to make this player happy without having to go through a war on slavery?

Vote now!

EDIT: His god is Iomedae. And I have no clue where he's from because he has no clue where he's from. His answer was 'I just bought the book, I'll decide'

For the most part, what I'm understanding, is that it's up to the GM.