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I second the skald suggestion. You have a lot of buffs and utiliy while still being able to hold your own.

There is a unique magic sawtooth saber that grants a lot of cool abilities. I can remember its name off hand.

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I never really thought of it that way but you are right Magus is the most mechanically consistent class. Barring crazy deviations most characters will all fall into the same range

Metamagic rods of merciful spell

Dragon Style. lets you ignore difficult terrain and allies.

I shapeshift into the Gulf Stream and throw the hurricane hilariously (or tragically) off target.

Since you decided to chose which one best fit based on RP it would all depend on the character who is doing the choosing.

Mechanically though yeah Wizard pretty much always works.

Chainsword has rules thanks to Iron Gods. Ive also seen 3pp and homebrew for a duckfoot

You could add further explain your character left Cheliax. For example he could have had a rival or a falling out with the local clergy/government.

Another way would be to put another spin on it. As described your character sounds like a Byronic hero. Instead he could talk all about truth and justice but only be in it for the money

Keep in mind Enlarge person does state the targets weapon is also enlarged. So if the PC has a large weapon it should resize with the PC.

Picking up Martial Flexibility can add a lot of decisions and potentially change how you fight each combat.

If you plan on dipping Far Strike Monk I would recommend two levels for Evasion. As for Sacred Fist or Standard Warpriest I would recommend standard Warpriest as you trade a bunch of abilities for reduced Monk scaling.

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Kalindlara wrote:
Ghufufin wrote:
I've never heard that before do you have a reference?

Core Rulebook, page 153. Table 6-8 has an asterisk that tells you to divide the armor bonus by 2 for Tiny or smaller creatures.

Hope that helps. ^_^


I've never heard that before do you have a reference?

Thanks. Ah yeah I picked the Deity just for flavor for the whole Sun Wukong kind of thing. No Deity has rope dart as a favored weapon so you can basically pick any to use with this build.

Investigator seconded as skill monkey extreme

Saving Finale as long as you are performing someone gets a free reroll. Works really well with Lingering Performance so you don't lose your bonuses.

Warpriest is pretty versatile and can crank out some mad Deeps when set up right.

The cloak when activated only lasts for 10 minutes once per day. As per the text you can not even split up the interval. Great for a dungeon crawl but after ten minutes it does nothing.

**Edit** I don't see anything in the item by RAW that stops you from reactivating the item but you might get some table variance on that.

No the duration is the additional enhancements a Warpriest can add to his weapon and armor. The problem with the Rope Dart is that is an Exotic Weapon that has bad damage and weird properties.

On the bright side Warpriest excels at making weird weapons work.

So a 5th Level Vanara Warpriest of Kofusachi


HP: 4d8+18 (38)
AC: 22 (10+7+3+1+1)
Flat Foot:18
Touch: 15

F +6 4+1+1
R +6 1+4+1
W +8 4+3+1

Rope Dart

+8/+8 d8+4

with a swift action Divine Favor
+11/+11 d8+7

Quarter Staff

+5 d8+3

Str 14
Dex 18
Con 12
Wis 15+1
Int 10
Cha 8

1: EWP Rope Dart
BF: WF Rope Dart
3: PBS
BF: Precise Shot
5: Rapid Shot

Aura, Minor Blessing, Sacred Weapon d8, Fervor 2d6, Channel Energy, Sacred Weapon +1

Items of Note
+1 Rope Dart
+1 Breastplate
Cloak of Resist +1
Ring of NA +1
Ring of Prot +1

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Here is a framework you can base a build on. By no means the best or the most effective but one of the ways to do the most damage as a Psychic. Basically comes online at level 7 when you can turn most of your spell slots into Furious Mind Thrust 3 (which deals a respectable 9d8+6) thanks to Undercast Surge and Magical Lineage. Further on you can pick up rods of metamagic to increase your damage Up until that point you can spam Magic Missles or use the standard encounter ending spells like Color Spray or control like Hold Person or Id Insinuation.

1.Magical Lineage (Mind Thrust 3)
2.Your Choice

1 Spell Focus (Div)
H Greater Spell Focus (Div)
3 Logical Spell
5 Furious Spell
7 Spell Specialization (Mind Thrust 3)

Phrenic Amplifications:
Overpowering Mind
Will of the Dead
Undercast Surge

Egads! What terrific trials in Trunau! Another rousing report with promises of perils to come! Excellent...

An exciting report on what sounds like an invigorating battle. One imagines if you prove valiant enough in combat you might recieve many free drinks in the tavern.

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A trident is a one handed piercing weapon which does a d8 and you have the option to throw it. Or can you can use a scizore which does a d10 but i honestly can't take it seriously.

Nope sorry just double checked it. A Sohei can flurry in light armor but not with a shield and you lose the monk ac bonus and flurry if you use a shield so its a terrible suggestion.

Only other thing that occurs to me is a fighter with 16 or higher Dex plus dodge and shield focus which nets you an AC of 17 at level 1. Not amazing but I can not think of any mechanic that works with your concept except for domain abilities (ie ice or wind armor) or such.

Sohei Monk and either take feat for shield use or dip into Phalanc fighter for the ability to use a polearm one handed.


To make it easier to hit you since you are clearly a masochist. Why else would you play the archetype. Jk. From the look of it the archetype suffers from seriously rushed/ poor editting. Where the mechanics no longer match up with the intended design goals.

Well frankly its flat out impossible since anything with Freedom of Movement cant be grappled and swallow wbole requires grappling. If a PC gains FoM after being swallowed i dont see it changing their options too much. I have always seen the restriction on weapons as a lack of space.

I would find out who made the permanent anti magic field on the shop and deal with them instead.

And ready for a terrible suggestion? Your character is evil and the shopkeeper is being a real obstactle. Just remove them. When you do just make sure its fully stocked. Fair warning since this is the bad option be prepared to: deal with some even greater BS, make a new character, or stop playing in the game entirely.

If you have the time and gold I recommend picking up a scroll of Greater Heroism if your group can find one as it would make your Barb immune to fear. If you can't get one I would recommend stacking bonuses to saves to try to avoid the fear effect.
Displace is a great spell if the enemy focuses on big hits as it can just make them go away.

Haste is never a waste. Beyond that its all depends on the circumstance. If you have any more info on the fight, the character, the party he is in and the tactics of all involved, more specific suggestions can be made. For example, if you are fighting a dragon Resist Energy can be invaluable but against a Minotaur it wont do squat.

A thrilling write up as always. It still astounds me how well coordinated your group is. So what's the total death count including hero points?

Awe inspiring write up as usual but i have one question, why didn't the Sorshen clones have spell storing on their weapons?

Thinking up new concepts is always a funny process... Here are some concepts I had for Giantslayers:

A Mountain man that hurls the giant's rocks back at them
A dwarf cavalier that follows classic knight tropes
A Crazy gnomish fighter that uses the ripsaw glaive
And a thrown weapons slayer

From what I have heard having a mount can work out quite well in this AP.
Hopes this helps spark some ideas.

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Yea but is it worth the feat?

Amazing write up as always thanks Turin it sounds like the final fight should be an exciting one. Have you managed to get your hands on the fig for the BBEG it looks quite impressive.

Not one but two updates! I must have been mad to miss them! A great read and hooray for unnecessary slaughter!

The mobile fighter archetype lets you full attack as part of a move action and split your attacks

GM is the case here. I just dropped that bomb recently and I wish I recorded the reaction. Shocked silence followed by bugged out eyes and an immediate demand from a plauer for a housrule. I am not playing an arcane caster so I just chuckled.

Interesting. As always Turin I pick up some devious new idea from your group. Thanks.

Great write up as always Turin! Sounds like an exciting fight!

Can you explain how you can Vital Strike with Disentigrate? I thought it took a standard to cast and a standard to Vital Strike.

Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler works too

I'm not really sure what you are asking for here. I get that you want to be the party face still but I am unsure what you mean by "Tactician". In regards to getting the most out of your high Charisma Sorcerer would be the easiest option (Paladin and Oracle both being religious types).

Well Shaman's are not proficient with shields so and have 3/4 BAB so TWF would be a little too feat intensive. Your best best for the Mammoth Shaman would be just to use a longspear at least for the AoO's but you can use your Spirit Power as a nifty combat option as long as you have a decent Charisma score.

If you don't completely dump Charisma or end up with a decent Intimidate check Nightmare Weaver is worth a mention. It is not the ideal feat from an optimized Magus standpoint but it quite awesome from a flavor standpoint (i.e. disappearing into the darkness with an ominous laugh).

Potentially the Dex and Cha are nice boosts and the Darkvision is a must with Nightmare Fist. Any race really Darkvision would probably be a good idea.

Nightmare Fist is a chain of feats that focuses on fighting in darkness you create.

You could totally use one of Annie's lines from League of Legends:"Have you seen my bear Tibbers?" Then once you summon your Eidolon your character can shout "There he is!"

I had a similiar concept it was a halfing synthesist who literally cast a big shadow.

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