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damnitall22 wrote:

The redneck boy we let test drive dumped all of his friends out of the back while trying to go mudding while flying.

they waren't my frends i ment too do that

Bulmahnaut #3 wrote:
Like chicken.

Bah. You say that about every species.

Berselius wrote:

Never ate 'em that way. How they taste?

Sebastian's mother was an ogrekin. I know dese tings.

Full stop!

Dragonborn3 wrote:
You may also be a paizo nerd if you have aliases that you are not using in pbps but are still active.


Jal Dorak wrote:
Why will you kill the Ogres?"

Truth. Why you kill ogres? Me not bad. You ... not bad-tasting.

Me eat loser?

Sharoth wrote:
Oh, James! I actually want SIX cookies! ~RUNS for my life~

Cookie monster!!

Homo neanderthalensis in the house!

Dear Mr. My-wand-has-more-charges-than-your-wand,

What did we ever do to you? I keep reading threads in the PRPG playtests where all design decisions are being subjected to the question of whether or not they can stand up to a fully-buffed wizard staring down from the other end of the corridor.

Thinking about improvements to the fighter? Not enough unless it helps him to withstand the heat of a fireball.

Sneak attack damage being debated? You have to be able to take out the mage in one hit or he'll make jokes about your mother while teleporting out of there.

I have to ask, wiz, when did you become such an a%+*!~&? I remember a time when you were a valued member of the party, protected at low levels and quite impressive at high levels. I remember when magic users like yourself were happy to get fireball and after each blast would get big smiles on their furry little faces. Buff spells? Those were a way for the wizard to thank the fighter for protecting them all these years.

Now, it seems, that wizards hang out in long hallways buffing themselves while waiting for honest, hard-working PC fighters to walk dumbly up the corridor just so they can mock them while testing area spells that might be better used on goblins.


Sebastian wrote:
I aspire to be a grognard.

Feed me pony; I adopt you.

FabesMinis wrote:
I thought it was funny.

Grog ... nard ... funny.

Tarren Dei wrote:
... uncomfortable. (Doesn't mean I don't want any or that I'm a neanderthal if I enjoy looking at them.) ...



Once again members of the Paizo community are dismissing the possibility that we 'cavemen' had a viable and coherent culture. For shame!

CEBrown wrote:
CourtFool wrote:
We're here because we like Paizo. If people are here because they hate WotC, then they are here for the wrong reason.
I came for the female elves in chainmail bikinis.
Me too! They make great snacks...

Stop eating the elves! Or the chainmail bikinis!!

Ggr-rog-nard never get enough PbP!

Alex Draconis wrote:
As for grognards, oh ya since I played first edition a couple times and enjoyed ZORK when it was initially released that makes me a caveman.

Mr. A. Draconis,

Please keep your belittling asides about 'cavemen', or, as we prefer to be called 'Homo neanderthalensis', out of your debates over 4e. Any further snide and insulting references to our species will require further action.

A. Caveman

DMcCoy1693 wrote:
Tarren Dei wrote:
Did anyone notice she's not wearing any pants?
Do we have any YouTube evidence of this?

She said she parts her robes, didn't she?

Pants? What are pants?

SirUrza wrote:
So I was wondering, the wizardess on the cover of Dungeon 143.. does she have a name and does she actually have an appearance in the magazine or was it just awesome Wayne art that couldn't be passed up?

Sir Urza,

Please remember to accompany all references to fantasy goth hotties with a hypertext link for neanderthals like myself who struggle with this interwebthingy.

Many thanks,

cwslyclgh wrote:
Set wrote:

Instead, we 'grognards' should be compared to neanderthals, rubbing colored dirt and berry squeezings on the walls of our dank caves, willfully refusing to accept modern artistic concepts such as proportion or perspective.

There is no evidence of Neanderthal art. Cave paintings were made by Cro-Magnons (identical to modern humans).

Good sir!! Are you completely unaware of my own fine works 'Tallest tower of Beer Bottles EVAH!', 'Cars on a Lawn' and 'Cigarette Butts Arranged to Look Like Mother'? This notion that neanderthals contributed (and continue to contribute) little artistically is predicated on the notion that we have 'died out'. We're not dead, just look around. As we once huddled around the fire for story time, we now gather in our living rooms around the digital fire of the television screen.

I say good day sir!!

Kruelaid wrote:
Everyone who has posted on this thread please report to your nearest reprogramming booth immediately.

Reprogramming? That's kind of what the toad-licking was for...

el_skootro wrote:

I made it with Ms. Toad once. Things were getting hot and heavy, and then everything got really weird

El Skootro

Toad-licking. You so stole that from us. Just saying.

Set wrote:

Wait, Kermit can regenerate? But that totally invalidates the entire first Muppet Movie with the whole frog legs restaurant sub-plot!

If verbally apologizing is out of the question, I would accept a small dish of frog legs as a gesture of repentence ... er, ummm, ... I mean 'goodwill'.

The Jade wrote:

::Places a fly on Ungoded's tongue and lets him sip at some pond scum.::

::Sticks out tongue and waits hopefully.::

Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was good friend of mine.
I never understood a single word he said but I helped him drink
his wine. He always had some mighty fine wine.
Sing it:
Joy to the world
...all the boys and girls now,
joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea
and joy to you and me.

Set wrote:
Instead, we 'grognards' should be compared to neanderthals, rubbing colored dirt and berry squeezings on the walls of our dank caves, willfully refusing to accept modern artistic concepts such as proportion or perspective. There is no chance that any neanderthal will take offense at this characterization, as they are all dead, and none of them are likely to buy 4E anyway.

Actually, good sir, I find this characterization of we neanderthals as doubly offensive. Not only have you constructed an 'us'/'them' binary with negative traits being assigned to those you imagine as 'other' but you have maliciously attacked our artistic endeavours--which, one should note, continue to impress and influence artists of various schools. As for your commment about proportion or perspective, I refer you to the recent work by a Pablo Picasso. He stole that schtick from us.

Furthermore, ponder this, good sir, while we resided in dark and dank caves throwing bones around and telling stories because of a relative lack of choice, you are besieged by a variety of entertainment options but gather with your fellow homo sapiens in dark and dank basements and do approximately the same thing.

I await your apology, Mr Set.