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...or the next patch is about to deploy?
...something completly different?

anyways, i can´t currently connect to

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Hello everyone,

This will be my first go at actually trying to formulate a system, hopefully you´ll find it promising.

I gave the problem of implementing TN as an active alignment (oposed to something you are while being passive) a lot of thought, this is what i came up with.

Note: i don´t think this will be in the mvp, and it doesn´t have to.
But i think a solution for the following should be found before druids will get implemented.
Although i won´t play one, the possibility to play a TN druid in a meaningful (and the alignment is a big part of that) way should be there.

The Problem:
The extreme parts of the alignment grid are kind of easy to define; in a very minimalistic way:

- good is helping others
- evil is being egoistic
- law is conformity
- chaos is individuality and freedom

These are black and white pairs.

It is possible (and already has been done) to identify certain actions in the game that belong to either of these extremes.

TN on the other hand is refraining from acting in any of the extreme ways. It is a lot harder to define actions in the game (that can also be coded) that will qualify as TN.

So to simply integrate TN the same way as all other alignments is much more difficult.

My proposal:

You follow a certain religion/philosophy.
To do so you will have to follow a list of commandments and avoid a list of sins.
Failing to do so will make you unbalanced.

You acted contrary to your believes. This left you in a state of inner turmoil.
Every time you commit a sin or brake a commandment of your belief system you accumulate unbalance points disequilibrium/imbalance/maladjustment).
These points add a percentage to all alignment shifts.

So if you are balanced and commit murder for which you´d go 1,000 points towards evil, you´d go 1,200 points towards evil if you were unbalanced:20

or something like that.

to become balanced again you need to atone.

if you are unbalanced you need to atone to get your inner peace back.
to do so you have to refrain from sinning and concentrate on actions that your belief considers "positive".

What is it good for?

Well, apart from, hopefully, giving TN something to actively influence their alignment it would be a system that works for other belief systems as well.
i think it could be used by gw to promote/disincentivy certain activities, even more so if you don´t have to be a priest character to choose and follow a religion/philosophy.

TN is a very narrow alignment, it is the thin line between the extremes of the other alignments, actively following it should be a hard thing to do. This system might make it a bit harder to do so as it becomes easier slip into another alignment if you are not careful.

What is missing?

I still haven´t thought enough about actions that will make you more TN.
For that i think the following link will provide a lot of information about the TN

Taken from the linked page:

The True Neutral Sins

1. Trying to persuade others to take a stance on a moral or ethical issue.

2. Failing to assist a friend or ally.

3. Killing for any reason other than survival.

4. Breaking your word to a friend or ally, unless life is threatened.

5. Needless torture.

6. Making a sacrifice for someone unrelated to you.

7. Refusing to kill when important to your survival.

8. Betraying an ally or friend, unless life is in danger.

9. Showing mercy to a dire enemy.

10. Taking sides in a conflict that doesn't affect your survival.

From that list what i think might be coded are 2,3,5,6,7,9 and 10 but i´m no programmer so, what do i know. Additionally, at least for druids, stripmining should be a sin for TN - summoning abominations and creating undead should probably be too.

The problem here is that these are mostly actions you should not! do to stay TN.
Activities i can think of to make you TN, for a druid or follower of the green faith at least, would be:
-destroying undead and abominations
-hunting necromancers that create undead (heinous flag=should be no problem)
-hunting stripminers -> maybe they could get a defiler flag that druids can detect?

As you can see the whole thing is still a work in progress, but that is as far as i got on my own.

Now i look very much forward to your input :)

p.s. as this is a possibility considering the number of threads in this forum, if anyone else had the same idea before me, please point me towards the thread.

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Hi everyone.

i couldn`t find this anywhere so far, so here goes.
I know that there are several comunity-initiatives to pass the time till EE
either by chating on TS or playing different games together.

So, i thought it might be helpful to know who is in what timeszone, and, if you have that, at what times you are usually on.

Could be a way to help plan meeting someone online, or whatnot.

a useful tool in this regard is this here: World Meeting Planner.

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Hi everyone, i have been on this forum quiet a while now, mostly reading and seldomly posting anything.

What i noticed from the sideline of a lot of discussions is that there is lack of nonsense about what some where often used words actually mean.
And because there is no one true definition a lot of people use `there own definitions'.
IMHO this has lead to a lot of unnecessary conflicts, frustration and anger.

so, i was thinking if there is a way to get these misunderstandings out of the way to allow for less emotional and more goal oriented discussions.

i think we should try to put together community definitions of the most controversial words, starting with:


The problem with the word Griefing, IMHO is at least twofold.

1. there is a wide range of what 'individuals' perceive as griefing.
To some it begins when there character is killed, once.
to others nothing short of account hacking qualifies as griefing. ->This, i think, is one of the main reasons why discussions about griefing tend to get heated.
2. i think there is a lot of mix up between, 'grieving' the term to be defined here and 'actions that make cause someone grief'.

a lot of people, mainly of the evil-RP-crowd have expresst there concern that the second will be labeled 'griefing', thus rendering the kind of game they’d like to play impossible(f.e. murder, theft,banditry).
i too, don’t think these actions should be labeled 'grieving'. at least not per se. It will be another thing if it keeps being repeated. But the same goes for endless bounties in my book.
That is something that gw has to decide upon. if you kill me 5 times in a row, i`ll report it and you get punished, zhen gw thinks what you did was griefing. If not, then not.

To me 1. is 'an action or series of actions done with the intend to cause distress in others'
That would be my definition for now.

i know that intend is something that can never be proven unless the Griefer admits to it (by boosting in chat f.e.)
on the other hand, as gw will decide what they will see as griefing and what not, the point how they’ll decide that isn’t our problem.
What we should define is what we as a community think is unacceptable behavior worth punishing.

-OK, have to get back to work for now
so far thanks for reading this text-wall and looking forward to working this out with you all :)