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My question is how are you getting them back reliably?

They banish on use and you can only go to the box for items if you don't have any available among the group.

DO they just not acquire items during the adventure so they can always go back to the box? Or have you house ruled this (I've considered doing that just so more of the banish stuff gets used)

Lisa Stevens wrote:
xebeche wrote:
I'm a little disappointed that my Bard deck didn't ship with the rest of my September (and August) subscriptions, but that only feeds the excitement to finally play in the Adventure Card Guild.

Actually, all of the class decks ARE shipping with the September subs. The only thing that has changed is the street date for the B&M retail stores.


Mine didn't ship with my September Subscription.

Joshua Birk 898 wrote:
Seltyiel may become good later one, when you do things like ditching attack spells to boost your roll against ships and barriers or recharge a pirate/swashbuckling car to draw 2 cards, but for S&S base set and AP1, he is an awful character. 'Okay' is a very generous rating.

Seems to me a lot of people are upset because of the lack of a d10 or d12. Looking through his stats are not that much worse than most and with a blessing can make a lot of checks.

My guess is it just takes some creativity. I would consider not using many attack spells at first. He has four weapons/armor and proficiency in both. Use spells for utility now and rely on his weapons to win combat.

Haven't been able to play S&S yet so my opinion doesn't count for much, but from a creativity and flavor standpoint I think Seltyiel shows a lot of promise.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Gary Johns wrote:
Honestly I'm not concerned about the delays, and I'm good with the cost ... I support paizo to support Paizo. I was just concerned about being charged and absolutely 0 communication for over 2 weeks.
You saw Vic's response yesterday?

That's why I used was in the past tense. I was charged on The 7th... communication happened on 25th. Not complaining was just voicing a concern. If asked I'd have been fine with them putting my with September Shipment.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Not all those things are true at the same time, at least not for everyone. They might be true for you but consider...

1. Cost more than retail price. That depends on where you buy it. I know the closest retail store to me charges MSRP ($59.99 for the Base Set, $19.99 for a deck box). So the Base Set + Character Add-on would have been 79.98. The sub costs me $47.99 for the Base Set, $15.99 for a deck box. With shipping, that is $63.98 So it saves me money. Now, granted I could get it for less from Amazon. I've got a Prime Membership, so I'll even exclude shipping. Say I could get the Base Set for $45 and a deck for $15 (which would be good prices according to camelcamelcamel). That is $60. So Amazon saved me $3.98.

47.99 + 15.99 = 63.98. How did you get $0 shipping? Mine is $20 + Bringing total to over $80 well above amazon, in fact actually above my FLGS.

Honestly I'm not concerned about the delays, and I'm good with the cost ... I support paizo to support Paizo. I was just concerned about being charged and absolutely 0 communication for over 2 weeks.

EDIT: Well with Taxes included probably better than my FLGS.

popplebottom wrote:
Finally got some forward movement on my shipping this weekend after being charged on the 7th. Frustrating but stuff happens. My only concern is that I don't want to be charged shipping twice on the items that were pushed to next month.

I have that concern as well.

Mine says complete. Tracking number is just shipping label printed though. Been that way for days.

There is a thread about it here. But in short yes closed and empty locations count.

The recharge discussion is what I was getting at earlier. Its wordy at set in with the rest of the text. I would rather "Recharge" be defined in the rulebook an only the pertinent info be on the card.

Recharge: Wisdom/Divine 12

Saves space and no english language issues. I know how to play the game already so no big deal to me.

Most of the time though all you have to do with PACG is say what actually makes sense for the game. Our guesses are correct most of the time. I've been very impressed so far with the design.

I actually dislike the change to spells it forces me to scan text to find the recharge value. I generally have them memorized rather quickly so not that big of deal.

I however think you turned something that was clearly separated to part of wall of text (after all I don't check the recharge till after I'm done using the card which means I'm reading the card twice now, once when I use it and once when I recharge).

I would have went the other way with a Recharge : Divine 12 or something like that.

Vic Wertz wrote:
isaic16 wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:

I think simpler is better.

Also, don't worry about the words here—worry about the concepts.

Finally, we really don't want people to accidentally remove so many Blessings of the Gods that they can no longer build a proper blessings deck—I'd err on the side that leaves more of them in.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but isn't the whole point of this alternate rule that you will never remove cards from the box? And instead, you just re-draw as needed? In that case, there should be no chance of Blessings of the Gods being removed.
You make an excellent point. :-)

I know it takes some of the randomness out but we play with a set deck of blessings based off percentages. (we include all the blessings it doesn't make that big of a deal) When you need to use cards from blessing deck we discard them and pull from the box. (I have different backs on the blessing deck) It was saving us a little bit of the set-up maintenance. It also made sure we always have a mixture of all blessings in blessing deck since they can't get pulled and put in someones deck.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Ok. How about this: You get to to remove and draw if you get another removable card a number of times equal to the adventure deck number minus 2. And for Elites it would be - 4.

So for Basics: During Hook Mountain Massacre you could discard and draw 1 time. For Fortress of the Stone Giants, 2 times. For Sins of the Saviors, 3 times, for Spires of Xin-Shalast, 4 times.

For Elites: During Sins of the Saviors, 1 time. During Spires of Xin-Shalast, 2 times.

And you take the lesser value of any card you draw. So if you were playing Spires of Xin-Shalast and drew a baisc, discarded it and drew an Elite, you've already discarded 1 time, so the Elite showing up means you can only discard 1 more time (total of 2). And if you drew Basic, Basic, Elite you would have to take the Elite since you had already discarded 2 times by the time you got it.

Is that too complicated?

I like this one. Not complicated to me at all.

I recognize this doesn't qualify as quick and dirty but seemed like a good place to put it.

I haven't thought this completely through yet, and to some extent its not as exciting but this is what I would want.

One expansion box that gives me a set of randomizers like you use in games like Dominion and Thunderstone.

1) These cards could be used with every base set.

2) Less shuffling of my base cards saving me possibly from sleeving them

3) Other than set cards (Henchmen etc) Randomizers would be used to create the location decks.

4) They could be as simple as draw an item from the box or specific like draw a monster from adventure deck 2.

5) Certain scenarios could customize the randomizer deck to make some outcomes more likely.

6) In the specific case (draw item from adventure deck 3) you can keep your cards seperated by Adventure deck.

7) Randomizers might be used in other ways to add variety to the game.

My biggest issue is culling cards. My guess would be modify the randomizers as you advanced to include more later stuff.

I may even just proxy this myself and do it.

OberonViking wrote:

Kyra has the Holy Water so that when you trade cards freely before the game begins she can try to insist that a weaker melee character can take it so that she doesn't have to heal them when some zombie pops up under their nose.

I wonder if Thieves Tools could be used in the same way - the rogue already has a good Disable check...

We generally have her hand it off (The holy Water). The other use though is it has the divine trait so can be used with her discard ability.

Ezren doesn't get to explore again just because he used an arcane spell. He gets to look at the top of his deck an if its a spell put it in his hand.

If he acquires a card with the magic trait during an exploration he can explore again. (Which sometimes can be rediculous!)

Mogloth wrote:
The advanced roles will not become usable until early next year. We still have 2 more expansions before then.

I get that. Was just a question that someone had while choosing a character.(What therie character will do in the future is still important) So far there is no sign that armors discard. Was just curious.

As a guardian Valeros gets the ability to recharge armor instead of discarding it. So far though armor is not ever discarded.

Does this change later or should this ability do something else?

rune_74 wrote:
Funny I just checked my email, they need a pic of the card...will have to do that tonight:)

Is it the long swords? Two of mine are smudged. I didn't really worry about it though.

Charles Adams 757 wrote:

Are the extra cards more of the same from the base set? all new? a mixture?

If a mixture how many new cards (outside of the character cards) are unique versus the base set?

If you look at the character record sheets on paizo site they have a C next to all the cards that come from the character addon. I think there is like a good 10 or so that are unique to the addon. Like the monks fist item and some animal companions for the druid.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Nope—you don't recharge that Force Missile at the end of the check, you recharge it immediately after playing it—and, as above, at the time you're playing the Force Missile, you can't play the Glibness.

This ruleing brings up a couple of questions.

1) If its imediately after playing that you re-charge does that mean that cure can recharge itself from the discard if you fail the re-charge check? I suspect not, because the effect has to happen first.. but that seems a little wonky since the effect of Force Missle only sort of already happened.

2) More importantly since the check happens after playing the card can't you play cards that affect that check? Meaning play Glibness to affect the re-charge not the combat? Or has it been ruled that re-charge is not a check? So I can't use a blessing to get an extra die or lem or Lini's powers?

Tethior2 wrote:
Gary Johns wrote:
Most of the rules make sense with the "spirit" of the game and was how I interpreted them till I read the messageboards.
Yeah, cards which just need clarification I wouldnt bother with, but the recharge check being wrong on Detect Magic, and the Warhammer missing the MAGIC trait, Scorching Ray saying "BASIC" - they are the ones I would 'fix'.

Warhammer still seemed obvious to me. The other two definitely could use a re-print. I can see having to explain those everytime I introduce a new magic user to the game.

I think a corrected cards in some manner would be cool but I'm actually OK. Most of the rules make sense with the "spirit" of the game and was how I interpreted them till I read the messageboards.

I would like to speak up for testers everywhere though. When you have been testing something through several versions you start to get an understanding of the product. After a while you don't see something that newer people might because you have grown with the product and you like the developers just have a feel for how it should work.

I honestly think with a few minor exceptions they did a really good job. I suspect some of the doubts I do have will make more sense when we have seen more of the cards.

I have to agree with this interpretation, with one question. Then wouldn't Blessing of the gods add d4 + 2 instead of another d4 whne you use it?

Is the wording consistent, because if it is the implementation should be also.

Wouldn't sleep be kind of useless if you can't use it after an encounter is revealed. I mean how do you use it before the encounter is revealed?

Or is it you just can't use it on someone else after the encounter is revealed? Which to me still doesn't seem right. Has that been ruled on somewhere?

The process you have above is for the encounter not the check. The last step in the manual (pg 12) Is resolve the encounter not step.

I interpreted the check as the roll and once it was successfull or not the check was over.

Taking damage is a step that occurs after the check. The wording to the Take Damage step is phrased as "If you fail a check" In my interpretation meaning its over.

I realize you are looking for an official answer so I will leave it at that.

I may be missing what you are asking. It seems clear in the link you provided.

In the link you provided and on pg 12 of the rule book it says. "each player may play no more than one of each card type" A spell is a card type so you can only play one.

I pointed the first part out. The second part is different. (The part about the check) I just figured I would consolidate it all while I was at it.

Have a few questions about this one.

1) As was mentioned in the thread I responded to this is weird to be in Harsk's deck because not only is it elite but its a strength/melee weapon.

2) In addition to that its a strength/melee weapon that requires dex/range to acquire.

These two things together make me thing something must have changes right before printing. Unless maybe that finesse keyword will somehow explain it.

There are several weapons that are only distingushed from others by having the finesse keyword.

TClifford wrote:
Yea, Harsk also has the Starknife on his list, but that is an Elite item.

Which puzzles me because not only is it elite its a strength/melee based weapon. He'd be better off with a dagger.